Thursday, July 9, 2020

Joann Bashinsky, of Golden Flake fame, regains control of her own finances, but ugliness in Jefferson County Probate Court cries out for federal probe

Joann Bashinsky (center)
Joann Bashinsky, heiress to the Golden Flake Snack Foods fortune and one of Alabama's most admired philanthropists, has regained control of her financial resources after an effort in Jefferson County Probate Court to have her declared mentally unfit and placed under a conservator.

The move comes after the Alabama Supreme Court, taking a dim view of actions in the trial court, overturned appointment of a temporary guardian and conservator. From a report at

In its . . .  ruling, the Alabama Supreme Court (ASC) criticized decisions made by Bashinsky’s former employees, their lawyers, and the probate judge. The state Supreme Court said the probate court Judge Alan King’s decision to not give Bashinksy time to get a lawyer at an October 2019 hearing was “unfathomable.” The court also ruled that Bashinsky’s “basic due-process rights, were egregiously violated.”

For Alabama's highest court to issue such a stern rebuke to a trial court is highly unusual and suggests even the ASC could smell the foul odor wafting from the case. The ASC opinion clearly hints at ugliness in the trial court, apparently centered around Judge King (now retired), Conservator Greg Hawley, and Balch Bingham lawyer Amy Adams, with much of it caught on audiotape. That's why the Bashinsky matter should not be over; it should be thoroughly investigated, and if corruption is found, the qppropriate parties must be held accountable. Writes Publisher K.B. Forbes at

We, the CDLU, reached out to federal investigators . . . asking them to probe The Birmingham Triangle, writing:

“We believe now is the time for the FBI to probe all transactions, track wealth building, and conduct a forensic audit of all conservator estates and the personal finances involving Judge Alan L. King, Balch Bingham’s Amy Davis Adams, and JeffCo Conservator Greg Hawley.”

Coincidently, at the conclusion of their decision, the Alabama Supreme Court mandated the following:

“We… require the temporary guardian and conservator to account for all of Ms. Bashinsky’s funds and property….”

Even the seven Alabama Supreme Court justices can read between the lines, and understand that liquidating assets and pocketing fees and commissions under phony “emergency” orders appears to be more important to some than defending or truly protecting the elderly.

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