Tuesday, July 28, 2020

In an avalanche of errors, fake protesters appear in Birmingham neighborhood -- at the wrong house -- to "demonstrate" against publisher of banbalch.com

Protesters at the wrong house in a Birmingham neighborhood

A group of mostly black fake protesters recently appeared at a suburban Birmingham neighborhood, apparently with designs on terrorizing a "white man" -- banbalch.com publisher K.B. Forbes -- and his family. But the demonstraters' plans went slightly awry; they went to the wrong house, at the wrong address, and terrorized the wrong family. Oops!

Security footage of protesters van
Why was Forbes targeted? It's probably because he has dared to report, accurately and thoroughly, about various misdeeds at the scandal-plagued Balch Bingham law firm. But the "protest," apparently staged by paid actors (paid by Balch?), left a family -- the wrong family -- so shaken that they intend to move. From a Forbes report at banbalch.com, under the headline "Buffoons! Balch Stooges Terrorize Wrong Family at Wrong Address; Family to Move":

Last week, we, the CDLU, had a joint phone call with federal and local law enforcement. We told them that we did not know if we should laugh or cry.

We are shaking our heads in absolute disbelief.

Are Balch Bingham stooges really this stupid, really this incompetent?

On July 4th, a van load of phony protesters attempted to stage a fake demonstration against the “white man” in front of the family home of our Chief Executive Officer. (More on the “white man” in a minute.)

Problem is they terrorized the wrong family at the wrong address. The stooges allegedly blocked the family’s driveway with the rental van and were shouting at them and holding signs allegedly denouncing the “white man.”

When we spoke to law enforcement officers who had actually gone to the scene, they told us the mother and her 13 year-old child, who witnessed the incident, were shaken, traumatized, and terrified, and that the mother was a nervous wreck, absolutely “petrified.”

As the family was being terrorized, she would not hang up the phone until law enforcement arrived at her home, according to deputies.

The "protesters" did manage to terrorize somebody; it was just the wrong people. Our bad!

When we met with the innocent family almost a week later, the poor mother was still visibly upset, in shock, and suffering from trauma and tremendous fear. She and her husband let us know that after 14 years living in the neighborhood, the family was moving because of the traumatic incident. The family strongly felt they were targeted and harassed for being white, and wish to remain anonymous fearing the alleged agitators could retaliate.

The July 4th protest against the “white man” was actually the second act of the orchestrated campaign to defend Balch, according to investigators.

The first act was a Facebook Live video on July 2 from Carlos M. Chaverst, Jr. where at the end he rambles about the “white man” K.B. Forbes and his home, while labeling him WYPIPO.

Forbes, the Chief Executive Officer of our organization, the CDLU, is the son of a Hispanic immigrant, and has spurred several Civil Rights investigations.

Obviously the Balch supporting stooges did not know who Forbes was, and did not care because they probably were paid for their fake outrage.

Law enforcement still is trying to sort out what happened and who is responsible for orchestrating it -- but they already have significant leads:

While investigators were searching for the culprits behind the phony protest that terrorized and traumatized the wrong family, Bill Britt of the Alabama Political Reporter published his 1,500 word flop on July 9 portraying Balch as a victim.

Britt’s foolish and mocked narrative affirmed that the campaign defending Balch was orchestrated.

After uncovering who rented the van, from where, and when, investigators were able to connect the dots all the way to the most ardent Balch stooges at the highest levels in Alabama.

Balch Bingham is the sister-wife of Alabama Power, one of the largest employers and most powerful entities in Alabama.

The usual suspects, consultants, and goons appear to be involved in this disaster, this cluster.

We obtained the Facebook Live video of the Balch supporting stooges terrorizing the wrong family. And the video alone is an embarrassment.

          * The stooges have no idea who they are protesting, calling Forbes on social media  and on    the  video by: Forge, Forges, and Forger.
    * The stooges appear to have no idea where they are, protesting and shouting at the wrong house, the wrong address.

    * The stooges’ fake protest is for less than 2 minutes, and the live feed continues for an additional 2 minutes after the phone is dropped inside the rental van.

    * The stooges left before law enforcement had arrived.
    Last week, after Josh Moon amputated his brain for Balch in the fourth act of the orchestrated campaign, we, the CDLU, had a joint phone call with federal and local law enforcement about the terrorizing incident against the innocent family and related acts.

    We told them that we did not know if we should laugh or cry.

    And we also learned that Facebook Live personality and WYPIPO detector Carlos M. Chaverst, Jr. had been arrested by three different law enforcement agencies.

    As AL.com reported:

    In Hoover, police on June 4 obtained a warrant for Chaverst for inciting to riot, which is a misdemeanor crime. The charge stems from statements made by Chaverst on social media May 29 which authorities said threatened property damage in Hoover, police said. The Facebook Live, in part, said, “We’re going to burn that (expletive) up. We’re fixing to make Hoover our little (expletive).”
    In Homewood, Chaverst is charged with second-degree bail jumping. Under Alabama law, a person commits the crime of bail jumping in the second degree if, having been lawfully released from custody, with or without bail, upon condition that he/she will subsequently appear at a specified time and place in connection with a charge of his/her having committed any Class C felony or any misdemeanor, he/she fails to appear at the time and place. Is this the person Balch Bingham boosters wanted to attack the CDLU in hopes of gaining sympathy?

    Have they truly lost their minds?

    Sadly, some partners at Balch Bingham, their stooges, and defenders appear not to be able to understand why the firm has become the laughing stock of the legal community while losing major clients and millions in revenue to competitors.

    Terrorizing the wrong family is just one more reason to add to the list.


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