Thursday, December 5, 2019

AG William Barr hints that cop critics should not receive police protection, suggesting thugs with badges should be free to wreak havoc in communities

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said earlier this week that if some communities do not start showing more respect for cops, they might not get police protection. (See video above.)

Barr made the remarks while presenting the Third Annual Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service in Policing. Are Barr's comments pure nonsense? We would say yes, given that he seems to be suggesting that citizens whose taxpayer dollars fund law enforcement might not receive protection if they fail to bow sufficiently to cops. Barr also seems to ignore widely reported incidents of cops trafficking in violence against citizens, rather than offering protection. Finally, Barr's remarks are wildly out of line with the Schnauzer household's experiences with officers, which we have reported on frequently here at the blog -- and we happen to be white liberals who have been attacked by cop thugs while living in two bright red states, Alabama and Missouri -- even though it is clear black Americans receive the brunt of police misconduct.

Before I started reporting on political and legal corruption in Alabama -- much of it tied to statewide political figures, such as Jeff Sessions, Luther Strange, Bob Riley, Rob Riley, Bill Pryor, and Doug Jones -- my wife, Carol, and I had sparkling clean records and never had experienced a significant encounter with cops. Now, we both have been physically beaten by cops and spent time in jails -- me in Alabama (for five months); Carol in Missouri (for a few hours, with her time reduced because she needed a trip to a hospital for treatment of a broken arm, courtesy of cops.)

How goofy are Barr's remarks? Well, he somehow managed to compare the experiences of today's cops with those of military troops returning home from Vietnam. A report from NBC News provides details:

During a ceremony to honor police officers, Barr said crowds applaud departing troops and show their approval for individual service members in airports, but police get no cheers when they roll out of the precinct and get no ticker-tape parades when they come home.

In the Vietnam era, he said, the troops who served in that conflict bore the brunt of people opposed to the war.

"The respect and gratitude owed them was not given, and it took decades for the American people to realize that," Barr said. It's good to see troops today getting the proper recognition, he added.

"But I think today the American people have to focus on something else, which is the sacrifice and the service that is given by our law enforcement officers. And they have to start showing, more than they do, the respect and support that law enforcement deserves. And if communities don't give that support and respect, they might find themselves without the police protection they need."

Civil-rights groups were quick to take issue with Barr, as NBC News reports:

"Support and respect are earned, not given as the result of a demand from those who carry badges and guns," said Jeffrey Robinson of the ACLU. "Attorney General Barr is telling communities across the country to bow their heads in respect to police even if those same police are violating their rights and killing people without justification."

Vanita Gupta, who headed the Civil Rights Division under President Barack Obama, said, "The idea that the attorney general of the United States, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, is recommending abandoning communities as retribution for pushing for police reform or criticizing policing practices, is profoundly dangerous and irresponsible."

Carol and I disagree with Vanita Gupta's assessment. If cops were to abandon our neighborhood, we would applaud their exit. Neither of us ever has suffered significant harm at the hands of a so-called street criminal. Cops, on the other hand, have broken into our homes twice and beaten both of us -- leaving Carol with an arm that needed about eight hours of trauma surgery for repair. We have yet to see cops make a community problem better. Multiple times, we've seen them make problems worse. Here are a few "highlights" from out experiences with cops:

* When Mike McGarity, our criminally inclined neighbor, started repeatedly trespassing on our property (along with his kids and guests), we first tried having a rational conversation with McGarity, letting him know that the trespassers from his property were not welcome on ours. When that proved fruitless, I contacted an attorney who sent written warning, and we eventually called the Shelby County Sheriff's office. We asked the officer if he would visit McGarity and explain the law to him, since we weren't able to make him understand. "We don't do that," officer Michael Greene said. "We just write reports."

* In 2013, after I reported on Rob Riley's relationship with lobbyist Liberty Duke, plus Judge Bill Pryor's ties to 1980s and '90s gay pornography, Alabama deputies started swarming our property, with officer Chris Blevins eventually breaking into our home -- without showing a warrant, indicating he had a warrant, or stating his purpose for being there. -- beating me up, dousing me with pepper spray, and  hauling me for a five-month stay in jail. At the time, I was the first U.S. journalist to be incarcerated since 2006, and the only one in the western hemisphere to be jailed in 2013.

* In September 2015, Missouri deputies conducted an unlawful eviction at our duplex apartment, pointing an assault rifle at my head and slamming Carol so brutally to the ground, and yanking on her arms with such force, that they induced a comminuted fracture of her left arm -- the kind of injury that normally is seen in car crashes or other forms of intense trauma.

* Alabama cops brought a bogus resisting-arrest charge against me, and Missouri cops brought a false assault charge against Carol -- claiming she assaulted one of them, instead of the other way around. Those incidents led to court proceedings, where we watched cops lie repeatedly under oath, with at least one clear instance of perjury.

As for William Barr, it's not fully clear what he meant with his recent remarks. From HuffPost:

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for clarification on who specifically Barr was referring to when he mentioned “communities” and what he meant by people finding themselves without police protection.

But American Bridge, a liberal super PAC that first flagged the comments, said the attorney general was referring to communities of color that have historically had a contentious relationship with law enforcement due to police brutality, mass incarceration and racial profiling.

“The Attorney General isn’t being subtle and that shouldn’t surprise us considering this administration’s record,” American Bridge spokesperson Jeb Fain told HuffPost in a statement. “When it comes to communities of color, he sees justice and equal protection under the law as subject to conditions.

“Barr’s words are as revealing as they are disturbing ― flagrantly dismissive of the rights of Americans of color, disrespectful to countless law enforcement officers who work hard to serve their communities, and full of a continuing disregard for the rule of law.”

Would Barr have much concern for our experiences with cops? Probably not, based on the HuffPost report:

The attorney general has proved before that he does not support the more humane criminal justice reform that’s coming to states, counties and local jurisdictions across the country. Since taking over as attorney general in February, Barr has maintained the “tough on crime” approach that President Donald Trump has adopted.

In August, Barr told the Fraternal Order of Police ― the country’s largest police organization ― that there should be “zero tolerance for resisting police.” The attorney general gave an emotionally charged speech going after local prosecutors he accused of making police officers’ jobs more difficult because of their more progressive approaches to criminal cases.

“There is another development that is demoralizing to law enforcement and dangerous to public safety,” Barr said in his August speech. “That is the emergence in some of our large cities of district attorneys that style themselves as ‘social justice’ reformers, who spend their time undercutting the police, letting criminals off the hook and refusing to enforce the law.”

Barr is also behind the Justice Department’s push to reinstate the federal death penalty, something that hasn’t been put to use since 2003. The attorney general scheduled five executions for this month and the next, though a district judge ordered a preliminary injunction while some of the people Barr wants to put to death legally challenge his workaround for reinstating capital punishment at the federal level. The injunction was upheld this week by a federal appeals court. The Justice Department has asked the Supreme Court to make a ruling.


Anonymous said...

Barr is so full of crap. How is he going to determine which communities have proper respect for cops and which ones don't?

Anonymous said...

Another sign hat our national intellect is sinking into the toilet.

Anonymous said...

This sounds almost as stupid as the stuff Trump himself says.

Anonymous said...

Barr has no common sense. Most fifth graders would know not to make such stupid comments. And this is our chief law enforcement officer?

Anonymous said...

Trumpies have no respect for the rule of law. They want to make up their own rules as they go along, as in "It's up to us whether to comply with a Congressional subpoena.

Anonymous said...

Barr's comments sound like part of a broader plan to turn the U.S. into a police state.

legalschnauzer said...

@1:04 --

I think you have a point. The mindset seems to be "cops can do no wrong." That's a dangerous mindset to have when it's clear cops can do a lot wrong.

Anonymous said...

A judge has ruled against Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott in a lawsuit he filed against State Auditor Nicole Galloway over a whistleblower complaint.

The whistleblower, who was a former Greene County employee, alerted Galloway about the possible misuse of public resources surrounding a sales tax.

Sheriff Arnott wanted to see the redacted complaints filed by the whistleblower, but Galloway refused, saying it would identify the person.

In a statement, Arnott says he never tried to learn who the whistleblower was, he just wanted to be able to investigate any crimes or problems in the Sheriff’s Office.

legalschnauzer said...

@4:31 --

Thanks for sharing this important info. As we have reported on Legal Schnauzer Sheriff Arnott and DA Patterson are as corrupt as any "public servants" you will find. It's about time the people of Greene County woke up to that fact.

BTW, do you know who the judge was in the case? I don't see that info in the KTTS article.

Again, thanks for helping to shine line on the crookedness that eats at Greene County.

legalschnauzer said...

For those who might not be familiar with crooked Missouri sheriff Jim Arnott, here are two of many posts I've written about him. His thug deputies are responsible for breaking my wife, Carol's, arm:

Anonymous said...

"A Missouri judge on Wednesday ruled that Auditor Nicole Galloway did not have to release a written complaint from a former Greene County employee who complained about potential misuse of public resources to advocate for a 1/2-cent sales tax.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott sued Galloway late last year, asking for redacted written complaints submitted to the auditor's office by the original whistleblower. Galloway's attorneys argued releasing the reports — even if they were redacted — would expose the individual, who did not consent to her name becoming public.

In his ruling, Judge Jon E. Beetem agreed with Galloway, saying the law protects the anonymity of individuals who come forward to expose potential wrongdoing. He wrote that releasing even the redacted documents would expose the person who complained."

legalschnauzer said...

@9:28 --

Thanks for update and info about judge.

Anonymous said...

Bad Judge!

An anonymous person filed the complaint about Judge Dawn Gentry, a family court judge in Kenton County, to the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission on Nov. 18. The accusations include:

Having sex with two staff members in the courthouse.

Drinking alcohol in the courthouse.

Coercing staff to help her with her campaign.

Retaliating against those who did not support her.

Holding pretrial conferences in child abuse cases without all attorneys present

Falsifying time sheets.

legalschnauzer said...

@1:38 --

Great story. Thanks for sharing. Looks like the judge had a threesome with staffers and basically turned her ourtroom into a frat house. Hah!

Anonymous said...

So this kinky judge is from Kinfucky?

legalschnauzer said...

@1:52 --

Yep, and I'm guessing she's a Republican, although I don't know that for sure.

She probably touts her "pro family, pro life, pro God" bona fides at election time.

Her name is Dawn Gentry. You can Google that name and all kinds of juicy info comes up.

Anonymous said...

legalschnauzer said...

@10:48 --

John Merrill took time out from his busy social calendar to attend this event?

e.a.f. said...

well that will turn out well, no police protection because the tax paying citizens criticised the police. I say it could turn out well because usually when Americans are criticising their police its because the police have shot and killed a tax paying citizen for little or no reason. It could actually cut down on the death rate of people of colour.

Barr doesn`t understand the concept of democracy or understand the American Constitution. Even I living in Canada know the first line in the American Constitution gives people freedom of speech. Perhaps some one could instruct the idiot who is the A.G. of the U.S.A. that includes criticising the police and any one else they want to. Of course Barr doesn`t appear in my opinion to have much of a grasp on things like democracy. he is after all the a.g. to dtrump, who doesn`t appear to under stand the American Constitution and why it was written as it was. Both might want to consider a move to Russia. They might be happier their and so would most Americans.

It is simply amazing to see a democratic country go down the toilet as fast as the U.S.A. has. If any wonders how German got to where it was prior to WW II, now you know. The U.S.A. is on the same track.

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. --

I hear ya. Every time I hear Trump whining about something on TV, I think, "How did we sink this far, so fast." We actually have young people growing up, thinking this is the way a president talks -- like a third grader. And please don't get me started on the clowns Trump has appointed to federal courts, which were a sewer to begin with.

We need to annul his presidency, top to bottom, but that will never happen. I doubt he even gets impeached, certainly not removed from office.

e.a.f. said...

With the Republicans holding the majority in the Senate, Trump won't be impeached. However, it will send him a message. It could be interesting if one or two Republicans voted for impeachment, but they'd have to be very brave or care more for their country than for their political careers. That in my opinion, is the problem. American politicians don't have any guts. They're afraid to "offend" the leader.

When Australia out lawed rifles/guns one of the State Govenors who supported it, said he knew he and others would be defeated in the up coming elections and were, but they had no regrets abut their decisions. that takes political guts. Putting your country before your political career. Jon Stewart interviewed him on his show.

Anonymous said...

Barr is one of these bizarre freaks who find themselves enabling outrageous conduct by the Government (layers of secrecy have been constructed in a successful effort to "win and lose the drug war" while also "winning and losing the war on terrorism" which is slated to run into perpetuity as an entitlement program for losers, slobs, and power tripping dangerous clowns).

Trump bears responsibility for hiring the idiotic filth.

Barr, at a young age, was an operative tied to Iran-Contra-Cocaine Distribution by deep state spook scum. Somehow, those facts just aren't focused on by those tasked with advising and consenting cabinet level appointments.

It's all a big shit show now: the Authoritarian idiots have emerged from the dubious cover they constructed as good solid citizens to reveal the true face of the Gov hot dogs and superstars who see themselves as "the only people who know what's right, and have the power to do something about it".

Of course......any evidence proving the stupidity and hypocrisy of the police state HAS TO BE SPUN BY FBI (in a press release msm story) that "anybody focusing on past Gov scandals" is obviously a future radicalized terrorist threat.

These idiots, think the civilian world is a slave world, like the US Military is, was, and promotes. They want to come into the civilian world, with a military ranked system attitude?

What folly is that?

In red state South Dakota, extrajudicial murders of cops, lawyers, etc....coincides with contract family pet hunting parties on our property at night? That's Sheriff Milsted-Aaron McGowan's unspoken policy at Minnehaha County State's Atty-Sheriff Dept.

I'm not making this up: it's a lot worse than you could imagine.

Broken bones and home invasions by idiots is just one outrageous felony on a spectrum of dominance: eventually, the gloves come off and political assassinations and torture in US citizens homes becomes normalized and internalized by every pig, fed, vigilante, judge, prosecutor, public defender, journalist.

That's how Sioux Falls, South Dakota..........operates post 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the grandstanding slob power tripping punks (The Authoritarian Personalities) wants everyone to kiss their fat ass because the superstar pigs see themselves as so important and superior to everyone else.

These nutty criminal lowlifes with Authoritarian Personality defects are famous for uncorking their criminal volcanic rage at anyone who challenges their dork power trip: there can be no debate or dissent or informed decision making by the citizenry, before civilians have to turn a blind eye to police state corruption, incompetence, and felonious chicanery.

The scandals and corruption of the police state are barely understood or appreciated by all the chickenshit slime ball punks.........who foster and support the dubious support for these jack asses.

AT every level of law enforcement, there are scheming jack asses who see themselves above the law by invoking scapegoating and over response towards "extrajudicial punishment"....while also enjoying the hypocrisy of selective enforcement so that idiots with badges can avoid any sort of criminal/civil responsibility for their obvious defective attitude, acts, omissions and mind set.

There is no bigger threat to the community, then the dorks claiming to be policing the community (especially the nutbag weirdo dork filth known as DOJ's Community Policing networks).

Who needs warrants?

Who needs due process?

Who needs courts?

Powertripping slobs hungry for more power, certainly don't need rules, laws, policies, or guidelines.

Special superstars...........won't admit that they happily believe that "they are more equal than others" and need more obedience from slaves and sheeple.

Idiots who fought Communism in Viet Nam, ended up embracing Commie style gang stalking?

The biggest slob punk jokers I had the displeasure of dealing with.......were always wacko dork Gov tit vultures sucking off a Gov entitlement program that was protected by dork pigs. For thirty years, the local slob pigs ran secret operations off paper. No warrants, but plenty of frame ups, breakins, and illegal abuse of invasive surveillance tech.

One of the most dangerous slob idiots I came across, was a nut who committed several serious felony crimes using the GPS coordinates from the vehicle tracking device deployed against me, by mere civilians. When confronted with these crimes, a punk lying dork named Sheriff Milsted and his county states attorneys all chose to cover it all up.

That's how tough guys and superstars operate: secret abuses and conspiracies to obstruct justice are rigidly internalized for decades by fat ass pretenders who think they can rationalzie criminality as a power trip for jack asses.

Public service? What public service? Ever public servant I met was a selfish rat punk joker more than happy to cover up large scale Heroin trafficking and/or any state or fed RICO crime.

How these idiots delude themselves is cause for concern.

Group Think and cowardice seems to be covered up by Denial and scapegoating.

When the Government at every level is this subverted and hypocritical, you can't help but realize that "just about every dubious conspiracy theory or suspicion" that implicates Republican conservative type MOST LIKELY TRUE but hidden BY A LACK OF CANDOR, CONCERN OR ACCESS TO THE INFO NEEDED TO DEFINITIVELY PROVE THE SUSPICION.