Monday, April 2, 2018

We've discovered a third pending court case for my nephew, Noah Hayes Shuler, giving him court dates -- in three separate cases -- over next month or so

Noah Shuler
My nephew, Noah Hayes Shuler, has a third court case, public records show. That gives him three alleged offenses between May 22, 2017, and Feb. 25, 2018. The kid has more court dates than "Bugs" Moran. Before long, we'll be seeing bumper stickers: "Honk if you've arrested Noah Shuler."

The latest case is Village of Indian Point v. Noah Hayes Shuler (18SN-MU00018). Indian Point is a village near Branson, and Noah was driving there -- has anyone thought of taking this kid's car away? -- when he was stopped and ticketed for "operating a vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility. That's a fancy term for driving without insurance. (Ticket is embedded at the end of this post.)

A court date was set for March 20 in Stone County. Like Noah's possession of drug-paraphernalia case, the insurance case has disappeared from -- so it's impossible to know how it was disposed, or if it was disposed.

This sounds like the kind of case where Noah could pay the fine via mail and be done with it. But his father -- my lawyer-brother David Shuler -- has entered a not guilty plea in a speeding case where Noah was clocked at 88 mph in a 60 zone, so maybe he will fight this one, too.

Oddly, no traffic violation is listed in the Indian Point case. It seems an officer would have to observe a traffic violation in order to stop Noah and determine he was driving without insurance. But no such violation is listed on the ticket.

Here is a roundup of Noah's recent cases:

(1) Speeding (exceeded speed limit by 20-25 mph), May 22, 2017, Springfield, MO -- next court date: April 6, 2018;

(2) Possession of drug paraphernalia, Dec., 30, 2017, Sparta, MO -- next court date: April 12, 2018;

(3) Operating a vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility, Feb. 25, 2018 -- court date: March 20, 2018

Funny thing . . . I grew up in about as law-abiding a family as you can imagine. I'm not aware of anyone in my immediate family who has ever had legitimate criminal charges brought against them.
I'm not even aware of speeding tickets -- and if there have been, I'm pretty sure they were the kind where you pay a small fine via mail. None of this driving 88 in a 60 zone.

But  here is a nephew with three court dates -- for three separate incidents -- over the next month or so.

His father is a lawyer. Guess that's a good thing.

(To be continued)

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