Thursday, April 5, 2018

Facebook rewards trolls by putting a block on Legal Schnauzer URL, suggesting the company supports police who beat up women and break their bones

The beginnings of severe bruising on Carol's broken arm,
courtesy of Missouri cops.

Does Facebook support police brutality? Based on our experience over the past week, the answer appears to be yes.

Last Monday, I published this post about the injuries my wife, Carol, sustained when deputies in Greene County, Missouri, brutalized her during our unlawful eviction in September 2015. The post features photos that show in grim detail the beginnings of severe bruising on her left arm -- plus a lump likely caused by pooling blood and a bone fragment pushing against the skin -- including the photo above. All of the photos were taken at the Cox North emergency room in Springfield, just moments before X-rays revealed a comminuted fracture (broken in two or more places) that would require trauma surgery for repair.

What happened the day after the post went up? When I tried to publish a Legal Schnauzer post on Facebook, I received a notice that my blog URL had been deemed "spam" and "unsafe." I notified Facebook at least three times that it was mistaken; the post clearly is not spam, and my blog is published from a secure URL, so it is not unsafe. A number of readers also have alerted Facebook that it is wrongfully blocking Legal Schnauzer's URL. This has been going on for nine days, as of today, and my blog URL still is blocked as being "unsafe."

What is going on? It appears that police (or pro-police) trolls have whined to Facebook about my post that reveals their handiwork, falsely claiming it is spam. Facebook's policy evidently is to take the word of any troll who wants to attack someone who poses a threat to them -- and then to take forever to correct the mistake, or maybe neglect to correct it at all. Another blogger sees the attack as being Alabama based, and he might well be correct -- or it could be a joint Missouri/Alabama operation. (See below.)

With this sort of ignorant policy in place, is it any wonder Facebook has lost at least $80 billion in market value from it's ongoing data scandal?

Facebook is a big company, with more than 2 billion users, so we understand it might take awhile to fix a problem. But if the company is capable of applying a bogus block to a URL in a matter of hours (or less), why does it take more than a week to correct the error? And why can't a supposedly hip and up-to-date tech company develop a policy that at least makes a modicum of sense -- and does not reward trolls, those who abuse the FB platform?

At this point, we can only conclude Facebook supports police brutality -- and disfavors accurate and hard-hitting journalism that unmasks certain cops as thugs.

How did we reach that conclusion? We invite you to check out the "block notice" we received from Facebook, which still has not been corrected after nine days. It's at the end of this post.

We invite you to contact Facebook and ask why the company supports police brutality. Please feel free to share any responses you get.

Here is a take from Dael V. Escher, at, in a post titled "The Foibles of Facebook censorship":

Facebook buckles to fascist demand from Alabama blocking this blogger.

Try posting this link on Facebook: it won't work no matter how you try.

Why? Because there are fake news supporters reporting this link on Facebook who live in Alabama.

Roger Shuler and his wife have been on the outs for years and treated like trash even though both had university jobs. (Carol's job actually was with an insurance company, and before that, she worked 18 years at Alabama Power.)

Check out Roger's blog and story. It is a long one: 
He was arrested and jailed for almost a year without a warrant in America.

Why? Because he blogs about Alabama corruption. Yea, that's where Jeff Sessions came from, our "new" Atty. General.

I keep thinking about the silly insurance commercial "General" when I say it.

Roger and his wife supported Don Siegelman when he was under attack there and because of them trying to get the truth out in every which way, they have been condemned to a life of penury and forgotten.

Many times I have tried to bring this to the attention of contacts on social media, and it seems  to mostly fall on deaf ears.

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