Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My nephew, Noah Shuler, and his girlfriend seemed anxious to avoid jail and mugshots, and that could be because she's already been down that road with a DUI

Aubrynne Laine Russell
(From whogotarrested.org)

My nephew and his girlfriend, looking at likely drug paraphernalia and speeding charges after a traffic stop in Sparta, Missouri, jumped at an opportunity that would help them avoid a trip to jail for fingerprints and mugshots. That might be partly because the girlfriend, Aubrynne Russell, already has had her mugshot taken -- well before her 20th birthday.

Noah Hayes Shuler, my nephew and the son of my lawyer-brother (David Shuler), faces possession of drug paraphernalia charges under City Code 210.540 and RSMo 579.074, so he's likely to go through the fingerprint, mugshot routine at some point. He already seems familiar enough with it to know it's not pleasant -- especially if you spend time behind bars until someone comes to bail you out. (Incident report is embedded at the end of this post.)

[Note: The entry at case.net for City of Sparta v. Noah Hayes Shuler -- Case No. 17-12-1722 -- disappeared on March 8, one day after I contacted my brother, David, via email, seeking comment for this story. The "judge" listed on the case -- Republic, MO, divorce lawyer Andrew Todd Brown -- is listed as one of my brother's Facebook friends. Of course, that might have disappeared, too. A court date had been set for April 12. Why has the once public record in Noah's drug-paraphernalia case vanished? We intend to look into that.]

Perhaps Noah's knowledge of the jail booking process comes from Aubrynne's experience with it. According to the Web site whogotarrested.org., Aubrynne Laine Russell, was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DUI) last fall in Springfield, Missouri. She was 18 years old at the time.

Russell also was ticketed for speeding (1-5 mph over the limit) on Dec. 20, 2016. She pleaded guilty, and David Shuler represented her. She is charged with speeding (10-15 mph over limit) in the Sparta incident. That makes three charged traffic violations in roughly 15 months' time.

Public records list Aubrynne's address as 1436 N. Glade Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. Her Facebook page says she has attended Greenwood Laboratory School (which Noah also attended) and Missouri State University (which Noah apparently now attends, after starting out last fall at William Jewell College).

The charge in the DUI case was 106-205, and here is the technical description of the offense:

106-205 Driving while intoxicated or driving with unlawful blood alcohol content-SPRINGFIELD

Our unpleasant experiences with law enforcement in southwest Missouri have involved the Greene County Sheriff's Office and its monstrously corrupt chief thug, Jim Arnott. Aubrynne's case came under the Springfield Police Department. From whogotarrested.org:

Aubrynne Laine Russell was arrested on 07 Oct, 2017 in Greene County (Missouri). She is currently 18 years old. Aubrynne Laine Russell was booked by SPRINGFIELD POL.

Here is an oddity about Aubrynne's case. The Web site gives no disposition of the case, and the record does not appear at case.net, which is the electronic repository for case court records. The Missouri State Court Administrator is responsible for maintaining the records, and it's unclear why Aubrynne's DUI case does not appear -- or why Noah's drug-paraphernalia case has disappeared.

TV station KRCG in Columbia/Jefferson City reports that case.net has been improperly used at times to hide public records. Jean Maneke, a Kansas City-based communications lawyers has written that state law allows courts to remove records "for good cause," and that invites chicanery by unscrupulous judges and lawyers.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

A DUI when you are 18 years old. That's quite an achievement, one to be proud of.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:41 --

I should point out that she was arrested for DUI, but we have no record about disposition of the case. Not sure if she was convicted, or perhaps the case was involved in some other way.

Anonymous said...

Noah probably had heard his girlfriend bitch about having her mugshot on the Web, so he had a reason not to want his taken.

Anonymous said...

This chick, and her druggie boyfriend, sound like real class acts.

Anonymous said...

If she was arrested in Springfield, that might be a municipal charge. Not sure if case.net lists municipal charges.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:07 --

I wondered about that, too. The Sparta drug charge against Noah is a municipal charge, and it was on case.net until someone had it removed.

Anonymous said...

The evidence suggests to me that someone, likely Noah, dumped MJ out of the three baggies into the car. This almost certainly was a possession case, not to mention a possible dealing case, beyond paraphernalia.

Anonymous said...

Notice you've caused quite a stir on Facebook.

legalschnauzer said...

@11:46 --

Yep, my Facebook account has been attacked and blocked -- probably by pro-cop and pro-Trump/Sessions trolls -- because I posted photos yesterday of Carol's injuries after cops broke her arm during an unlawful eviction.

Anyway, I could not place today's post with one link to Facebook, so I did it in bits and pieces -- and that seemed to stir people up. Didn't know that many people supported drunk drivers.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Facebook stuff. Bunch of people assume your nephew and this chick are going to get married. What kind of stupid shit is that?

legalschnauzer said...

@11:49 --

Yes, I had to LOL at some of that -- like they will hate me and won't invite me to their wedding. Hah! Whether they get married or not is of no concern to me, but they both are working on nice criminal records.

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl, but she needs to get her act together.

Anonymous said...

Strange that documents on these cases keep disappearing. There could be legit reasons for that, but as an attorney myself, this kind of thing looks bad for the profession. It looks like the records were removed because defendant is the son of a lawyer. If someone has been tampering with public records, that is a crime in Missouri, so I would say attorneys in these cases need to be careful. You don't remove records just because defendant is a lawyer's kid.

Mark Hayden said...

No jury will ever see the bruises on Carole arm. The and threat of prosecution is a form of coercion that works on the poor the fearful and the ignorant to obtain a plea bargain. Just using threat of prosecution consumes defendants money. Even if someone was not guilty they are financially taxed by the threat of prosecution.

legalschnauzer said...

Jurors, or anyone else, will be able to see the broken bones (which are way worse than the bruises) in X-rays. And those are set to be a big part of the civil case we will file shortly.