Thursday, March 22, 2018

My nephew, Noah Hayes Shuler, and his girlfriend, Aubrynne Russell, jump at the chance to avoid a trip to jail for mugshots and other indignities in Sparta, MO

Noah Shuler and Aubrynne Russell
My nephew and his girlfriend, looking at likely drug paraphernalia and speeding charges after a traffic stop in Sparta, Missouri, apparently were reluctant to be taken to jail for fingerprints and mugshots. So when a police officer offered them a proposal that would avoid that unpleasantness, they jumped at it -- almost in comical fashion.

Noah Hayes Shuler, the son of my lawyer-brother (David Shuler), already had a pending speeding case where a state trooper clocked him driving 88 mph in a 60 zone -- and that case is set for a hearing on April 6. Noah's girlfriend, Aubrynne Russell, also has a record of traffic-related charges (more on that in upcoming posts); in fact, she's already had her mugshot taken. Perhaps that's why the two of them were reluctant to go before the jailhouse camera. So, when Sparta police officer Loren Nystrom offered them a way out of that, Noah and Aubrynne jumped on it.

The Sparta PD's narrative report for Case No. 17-12-1722 tells the story. (The report, in full, is embedded at the end of this post.) From Officer Nystrom's narrative, with a primary crime/incident listed as Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (City Code 210.540 or RSMo 579.074) against Noah Hayes Shuler, 3825 E. San Poppi Ct., Ozark, MO:

On Saturday, December 30, 2017, around 2015 hours, I stopped a 2013 black Cadillac for speeding, bearing MO license of WM9T8Y at State Highway 14 and [Vanilla Bean].

Upon initial approach, I could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. After checking for warrants through dispatch, I pulled the driver and passenger out of the vehicle. I told them I could smell the odor of marijuana and that I was going to conduct a probable-cause search. I told them if they told me where the items were I would issue citations and allow them to leave the scene, pending a court date. The driver, Aubrynne Russell, asked if she could show me where it was at. I told her if she knew where they were at, she could do so.

As you can see, it didn't take Aubrynne long to react positively to Officer Nystrom's proposal. Noah had the same reaction:

Aubrynne went straight to a couple of boxes and opened them up and provided me with a rubber green colored marijuana pipe, with burnt residue inside it. Also with the pipe were two sandwich bags with a little marijuana residue inside them. I also located a sandwich bags with marijuana residue inside it, located in the glove box. 
I asked Aubrynne who they belong to, and she said her boyfriend, Noah Shuler. . . . At the same time, Noah yelled out, "It's mine." I issued Noah a Sparta Police Department Uniform Citation for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Marijuana. I gave him the Sparta Municipal Court date of 02-08-2018 at 1330 hours. I then released both subjects and returned to the Sparta Police Department to place the evidence in the temporary evidence locker. 
Nothing further. 
Officer L. Nystrom 615
Sparta Police Department

The original court date was continued, and hearing now is set for April 12. James Randal Howell II is listed as the prosecuting attorney. Aubrynne Russell is charged with exceeding the posted speed limit by 11-15 mph.

(To be continued)

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