Monday, June 12, 2017

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Michael Mullis, with snazzy career as wealth manager but a messy personal life, appears at extramarital-affairs Web site

Michael Mullis
A Birmingham-area wealth manager, who has been ranked among America's top 1,200 financial advisers by Barron's magazine, appears as a paying customer at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs Web site, according to publicly available records.

Michael E. Mullis, managing partner at Kelley and Mullis Wealth Management in Vestavia Hills, has won a number of awards during his career. He was in the Securities America Pinnacle Club in 2014 and was among Alabama's top 50 financial advisers in 2015.

Mullis grew up in a family that was used to dealing with large financial numbers. From his bio at the K and M Web site:

Michael Mullis is the Managing Partner and Wealth Manager at Kelley and Mullis Wealth Management. Directly after college graduation, Michael followed his father’s footsteps beginning his career in accounting. There is not a time that Michael has not had a deep interest in the financial industry. After two years in public accounting with Arthur Andersen, Michael followed his dream, making the decision to switch careers satisfying his career goals of having a challenging job that he loves, while being able to positively affect peoples’ lives.

Public records indicate Mullis' personal life is not quite as tidy as his professional life appears. He was married to Norma Kay Mullis, and in 2010, they bought a home at 6095 Brookhill Circle, which has an estimated sales price of $716,388.

Michael Mullis and Callie J. Hill
The Facebook page for Norma Kay Mullis shows that she went to Briarwood Christian High School, works at Samford University, and has two daughters -- and it appears their father is Michael Mullis. The parents, however, must have divorced because Michael Mullis' Facebook page shows that he now is "in a relationship" with Callie Julian Hill.

The Web site shows that Norma Kay Mullis taught Spanish at Samford and received mostly "awesome" scores from her students.

It's not clear if Michael Mullis is an "awesome" financial adviser, but he seems to have carved out a solid niche in the field. From his bio:

Drawing on the expertise of those he has worked with as a young advisor, Michael incorporates their ideas and philosophies with his experience as a CPA developing a business approach that is focused on listening, understanding and implementing, while using a conservative approach to investing. He knows that there are no two clients that are exactly the same, so always listening to a clients concerns, understanding what their financial goals are and then developing and implementing a plan that allows clients to meet their goals. Michael’s greatest satisfaction comes from the personal relationships that develop through this approach to investment and retirement planning. In 2010, Michael had the honor of being named Managing Partner, transitioning the firm to Kelley and Mullis Wealth Management, honoring Oley Kelley, the man that believed in him from the beginning.

Did Mr. Mullis' activities at Ashley Madison contribute to his divorce from a woman her students describe as "awesome"? We sought to pose that question, and others, to Michael Mullis, but he has not responded to our queries.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Mullis is robbing the cradle with his latest squeeze.

Anonymous said...

If a man's wife can't trust him, I don't think I would trust him with my money.

Anonymous said...

Kelley & Mullis has been a big name on the Bham financial scene for a long time. This won't help their reputation. Makes Mr. Mullis look untrustworthy and childish. Most people aren't looking for those characteristics in a money manager.

Anonymous said...

You really think this is news?

legalschnauzer said...

@1:37 --

Yep. I wouldn't have published it if I didn't think it was newsworthy. I've explained my reasoning on this subject many times. You are welcome to look that up.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Ashley Madison bots are about to get their panties in a wad. Should be fun.

legalschnauzer said...

@2:13 --

You called it. I can already see them skulking about on my blog stats, from their hideaway up in Toronto. If history holds, the typical outraged missives will soon follow, probably in the form of electronic bots and not actual human beings.

Anonymous said...

Michael Mullis plays in the financial big leagues. This news is going to spread rapidly.

legalschnauzer said...

@2:18 --

Based on what I'm seeing in my blog stats, it already is spreading. A lot of the page views are from out of state, so Mullis must be pretty well known regionally and nationally.

Anonymous said...

Two charges from back in 2013. He might have also used CliffsNotes for his Lord of the Flies test back in 8th grade. Make Alabama Honest Again, Mr Journalist/Top200 LawBlog/Crime Fighter.

legalschnauzer said...

@3:21 --

So you are admitting my story is accurate. Thank you, not that I needed confirmation from you. But it does make me wonder: What's your problem?

legalschnauzer said...

@3:21 --

One correction. My blog has been ranked in the top 50 law blogs. Big difference from top 200. And that is top 50 in North America, which includes your playground, Canada. And my blog was No. 1 among truly independent blogs, with no affiliation to a law school, law firm, legal organization, or public-affairs group.

And I've written it all under my own name, unlike certain folks who make smart-ass comments while being afraid to use their names. Profiles in courage.

Anonymous said...

@3:21 --

How do you have access to Ashley Madison's billing records? That suggests that you are a techie who has dug fairly deep into the various levels of the AM data dump -- or you work for Ashley Madison, or both.

If so, it appears you are taking unmerited shots at Mr. Schnauzer to protect your own selfish interests. In other words, you are a fraud, and you feel threatened because the Ashley Madison money flow is threatened.

legalschnauzer said...

@5:12 --

Your comment made me double over with laughter. How, indeed, does this person have access to AM charges? Answer: He or she works for AM. Hah! These folks aren't so clever. This person basically outed himself, and you nailed them on it. Nice work.

I hope folks keep this in mind: Commenters such as @3:21 make money from promoting extramarital affairs -- and they can't even protect their customer information. They are both unethical and incompetent. I'm a threat because I'm not going to let the story drop -- and I'm reporting it in a way that no other journalist has touched. In other words, their ox is being gored.

No wonder they are trying to blame me for their woes. They certainly can't take responsibility themselves. They don't have the integrity to do that.

legalschnauzer said...

For those who might be interested, the AM bots are out, but they are attempting to comment on other posts to hide their real agenda.

You can see a few comments/responses on the following posts. This is a sneaky bunch, making money by conning people into signing up for their extramarital affairs Web site. But they aren't all that bright:

legalschnauzer said...

I always know the AM bots are lurking when I see entries in my blog stats from "Rogers Cable, Toronto, Ontario, Canada" or "Bank of Ontario." They also come from a number of phony locations, with which I've become familiar. Pretty funny to watch them work. They are kind of like bed bugs, except less intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Could you explain why you find it necessay to mention wives names and their Facebook links, children's names, and addresses of these men??? Their families, ex-wives, parents and children are innocent people who have already suffered greatly for this behavior and its exposure. Doing so only shows a level of cruelty and heartlessness that is equal to the sins of your subjects. There is a special place in hell for those who capitalize on the sins of others for their own personal gain and notoriety. Please, sir, for sake of the peace and healing of the innocent victims and for the sake of your own soul, rethink this continued personal assault on the innocent.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:45 --

I've explained this numerous times here; I would suggest you look it up. Meanwhile, I have a question or two for you:

(1) How have I "capitalized on the sins of others" for "personal gain and notoriety"? You apparently are aware of "gains" that have escaped my attention.

(2) What special powers do you possess that allow you to determine who gets a "special place in hell" and who does not? Do corrupt judges, lawyers, and cops get a "special place in hell"?

(3) You seem to be concerned about "innocent victims" in the AM story. Are you also concerned about other kinds of victims we've reported on here -- those abused by judges, lawyers, prosecutors, cops? Have you ever commented on, or voiced concern for, those victims? If you only are concerned about those associated with AM coverage, why is that?

Anonymous said...

Based on the public persona Michael Mullis puts forward, he values trust. Read this story he published just this year. In light of his messy and untrustworthy personal life, it’s quite rich. Here’s a taste: “However, Kelley and Mullis also believes that financial decisions are about trust. Not just trust in the markets or a rate of return, but trust in the advisor/client relationship. Our business model, as well as my personal motto, is based on the value of trust and the relationship.”

Here's the story:


legalschnauzer said...

@7:45 --

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing, and I hope LS readers will check up on Mr. Mullis' thoughts about trust. Sort of tests the gag reflex, doesn't it?

legalschnauzer said...

Memo to @8:34 --

Send me your name, contact info, address, employer, and a recent photo, and I will be glad to discuss with you. BTW, I send any queries under my real name, with my real contact information. You've shown neither the intelligence, the knowledge, nor the courage to do that. You have the chance now. Let's see how you react. Also, I notice you didn't deny working for AM, so that says a lot.

Anonymous said...

If the top dog at Kelley and Mullis Wealth Management can’t play it straight in his personal life, why the hell would anyone trust him with their money? Aren’t marriage vows a far more binding contract than that between a wealth manager and a someone who needs their wealth managed?

Anonymous said...

With this kind of "leadership" at the top of a firm, you can bet cash money the whole place stinks of loose ethics.

legalschnauzer said...

@8:54, etc. --

You can stomp your feet like a 3-year-old all you want, but until you send the identifying information requested, your comments are going nowhere and you have no credibility. No reason to believe a word you say. So, stomp away, kiddo.