Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Geneva, AL, attorney David J. Harrison, who represented Ronnie Gilley in bingo case, appears at affairs Web site

David J. Harrison
(From Dothan Eagle)
An attorney who played a major role in the Alabama Bingo Case appears as a paying customer at the Ashley Madison (AM) extramarital-affairs Web site, publicly available documents show.

David J. Harrison, a lawyer from Geneva, filed paperwork for Ronnie Gilley's guilty plea in the bingo case. Gilley, the developer of Country Crossing near Dothan, had been represented by former U.S. attorney Doug Jones and two other lawyers from Haskell Slaughter. For roughly a month, both Harrison and Jones were listed as attorneys for Gilley. and court documents include excerpts of jailhouse conversations in which Gilley tells Harrison he does not want to plead guilty and does not believe he is guilty.

Despite that, Gilley wound up pleading guilty and spending four years in federal prison. The government received zero guilty verdicts from all the bingo defendants who went to trial. Did Harrison, perhaps with Jones' help, con Gilley into making a guilty plea? The answer to that question remains unclear, but this is clear: David J. Harrison has a sketchy background, and one must wonder if Gilley was aware of that when Harrison came on board as his attorney.

In March 1997, Harrison was convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. That sounds like a fairly serious offense, the kind that might lead to a declaration one is unfit to practice law. But we are talking about Alabama here, and the state bar, somehow, saw fit to return Harrison to its membership roll.

That, however, has not kept Harrison out of trouble. In April 2017, Harrison was arrested in Dothan and charged with false reporting to a police officer. From a Dothan Eagle article on the incident:

According to Dothan police reports, Harrison was selling a vehicle at a car lot in Dothan and he alleged that forgery occurred in the paperwork. After an investigation, police determined no items had been forged, leading to the charge against him.

Harrison’s arraignment is scheduled for June 6. According to Harrison’s attorney, Shaun McGhee, they look forward to their day in court. McGhee believes his client will be found innocent of all charges.

Now, we can add "customer at Ashley Madison" to Harrison's list of dubious distinctions.  Public records indicate Harrison is married to Shana Dee Harrison. Her LinkedIn profile says she is managing director at Blue Bay Clothing.

It's not clear if the Harrisons have children, but between them, they own several pieces of property in Geneva. The family home appears to be at 208 W. Lakeshore Ave., Geneva, with an appraised value of $331,600. It is in Shana Dee Harrison's name only.

We sought comment from David J. Harrison for this article, but he has not responded to our queries.


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Anonymous said...

Been wondering when a new Ashley Madison post was coming. Was afraid maybe you had gotten off the subject. This looks juicy.

Anonymous said...

If I'm Ronnie Gilley, I'd like to ram my boot up this guy's ass.

Anonymous said...

So this is the guy who went from being a lawyer to a meth trafficker back to being a lawyer? Only in America!

legalschnauzer said...

@12:10 --

Yep, this is the guy. There really should be protests at the Alabama State Bar building, demanding answers about how this guy has a bar card.

Anonymous said...

Based on his face, I'd say Mr. Harrison still is doing meth, or something like it. The phrase "ridden hard and put up wet" comes to mind when I see that picture.

Anonymous said...

This boy ain't right.

Anonymous said...

If I'm Ronnie Gilley, I tie a concrete block around this guy's neck and let him "swim with the fishes" in a nice, warm Alabama river.

Anonymous said...

Mr Schnauzer, What about other professions that actually benefit from taxpayer monies: teachers, government employees- university employees, police officers etc.. or any type of state, local or government employee or contract employee.

You seem to give these type of professions a free pass on reporting and instead focus on the private sector. Most of ones you report on don't actually benefit from direct tax payer monies

The former are much bigger news especially since they benefit from us who pay taxes.

legalschnauzer said...

@7:23 --

I'm researching folks in all of those areas. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Probably a stupid question, but does it ever bother you (or at least mildly amuse you) when people call you "Mr. Schnauzer" rather than Mr. Shuler?

legalschnauzer said...

Nope, doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I find it amusing. I assume it grows, somewhat, from the fact I referred to my wife for a number of years here as "Mrs. Schnauzer." I guess that makes me "Mr. Schnauzer."