Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New reports suggest U.S. Sen. Luther Strange might soon replace "Luv Guv" Bentley as Alabama's most embarrassingly and sickeningly corrupt politician

Luther Strange and Robert Bentley
Former Gov. Robert Bentley, who resigned in disgrace less than one month ago, probably stands as the most corrupt politician in Alabama -- for now. But two reports yesterday suggest U.S. Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) might soon be challenging Bentley for that distinction.

First came an article that used the word "stinks" to describe a Jefferson County prosecution that Strange launched while still Alabama attorney general. Then came news that Strange might have violated campaign-finance laws, which could be a felony with a punishment of up to 20 years in prison. Yikes!

Both reports come from Alabama Political Reporter (APR), which suggests once again that the non-traditional press is much more likely than the mainstream media (MSM) to provide hard-hitting analysis and meaningful investigative reporting.

APR columnist Josh Moon focused on the "perjury" case brought against duly elected Jeffco district attorney Charles Todd Henderson. The title of Moon's article is "Something stinks in Jeffco DA indictment."

It's not hard to figure out what stinks about the Henderson case. He had the audacity last November to defeat incumbent Brandon Falls, who had been hand-picked for the position by former governor Bob Riley. One of Falls' duties likely was to protect Riley Inc.'s dubious activities, especially those involving son Rob "Uday" Riley, daughter Minda Riley Campbell, and son-in-law Rob Campbell -- who happens to be a partner at Bradley Arant, the Birmingham law firm that Bob Riley showered with millions of taxpayer dollars during his time as governor.

When Falls hit the exits and Henderson was set to take over, it became clear that a real DA might scrutinize the Rileys. Next thing you know, a Bradley Arant product (Strange) was indicting Henderson for perjury related to his role as guardian ad litem in a divorce case. That has kept Henderson from taking office, so far, and Moon notes that the case against him would have to improve to be thin.

Charles Todd Henderson, the county’s first Democratic DA in decades, was indicted by the Alabama Attorney General’s Office four days before taking office and blocked from becoming the new DA.

His alleged crime: Perjury.

Odd, right?

Well, it gets even weirder. And a whole lot more complicated.

But let’s lay this thing out so you have all the facts.

The facts are as follows:

Henderson served as the guardian ad litem for a child in a divorce case. He landed that role, which basically involves making sure the craziness of the parents’ divorce doesn’t harm the child, after being asked by the mother of the child.

That woman, Yareima Akl, and Henderson knew one another – she had done work on his campaign for DA – and she requested that Henderson serve as guardian ad litem. He accepted and ended up working for approximately five months, January 2016 through May 2016.

He was removed by the judge following complaints from Akl’s soon-to-be-former husband. Those complaints centered mainly on Akl’s work on Henderson’s campaign – a fact that Henderson never denied – and what the former husband felt was a lack of therapy progress.

How weak is the case against Henderson? As Moon shows, it's thinner than cheap toilet paper:

In July of 2016, Henderson, who is single, struck up a relationship with Akl, who was on her way to being single.

In hindsight, it wasn’t the best move. But it’s also not illegal or improper.

Henderson hadn’t served as the GAL in nearly two months. He wasn’t representing anyone in the case.

And yet, this perfectly legal, no-issues-at-all act is supposed to be what Henderson lied about.

This insignificant thing is keeping a duly elected district attorney from taking office.

And it gets worse.

How worse does it get? Moon provides the answer by showing he knows a thing or two about the law -- something you almost never see from an MSM journalist. Virginia Meigs, the husband's attorney, asked Henderson under oath if he had spent the night at Yareima Akl’s apartment while she was campaigning for him. Henderson answered no, and it's unclear if that response was truthful. But this is clear: Judge Patricia Stephens called a recess, and there were no more questions about sleepovers. Here's why:

That was primarily because Stephens told Meigs that the purpose of the hearing was to determine parental custody, and she instructed Meigs to keep her questions to matters involving the child.

That’s important for another reason – a big reason.

You don’t commit perjury by simply lying under oath in court. The lies you tell have to be material to the issue at hand.

In other words, in a murder case, you lies have to be told in an effort to wrongly influence the court about whether the murder took place.

And in a child custody hearing, if Henderson lied, those lies would have to be aimed at intentionally swaying the court on the custody issue.

Meigs never asked if the child was present when Henderson stayed the night. And Stephens even said she didn’t care about the relationship between Akl and Henderson if the child wasn’t involved.

So, why is the AG’s office all wrapped up in a petty divorce case – the sort of case in which law enforcement never intervenes?

The answer to that question is clear -- at least to me. The Rileys did not want a potentially unfriendly DA in Jefferson County, and Luther Strange was willing to be their water boy by bringing a bogus case against Henderson.

Charles Todd Henderson
If we had a real justice system, Strange would go to prison for bringing the indictment against Henderson. That's not likely to happen, but he could wind up in prison for other reasons. As Bill and Susan Britt report in an article titled "SOS: Senator Strange, this may be a problem," Big Lutha has campaign-finance issues, and they could be serious. From the report:

Recently appointed Senator Luther Strange, only a few months into his new job, has potentially committed two major campaign finance violations, according to Secretary of State John Merrill.

Campaign finance records show that Strange transferred campaign contributions between his US Senate campaign account and his Alabama Attorney General account, outside of the legal window. The contributions also exceeded the legal limit on account transfers.

Each of the violations could be prosecuted as felony offenses if the State Ethics Commission takes up the case and refers charges. Former Gov. Robert Bentley faced possible felony charges for a similar transfer that took place outside of the legal time frame.

Strange transferred $1,418.27 from his U.S. Senate campaign to his state campaign, exceeding the $1,000 limit. The transfer also came outside a 120-day post-election window allowed by state law. As a former AG, you'd think Strange might know a thing or two about Alabama's campaign finance laws. But you might be wrong, and such ignorance could cost Strange dearly. The Britts write:

According to Strange’s FCPA and his FEC filing, he exceeded the $1000.00 limit by $418.27. Each violation could be prosecuted as a felony. Violation of the 120-day rule is a Class B Felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The $1000.00 statute is a Class C felony which carries up to 10 years behind bars. Transactions show that Strange for Senate “reimbursed” Alabamians for Luther Strange as reported on both the FCPA Report (Receipts from other sources) and his Senate report.

Asked about the transfers by The Alabama Political Reporter, Merrill responded to a request for comment.

“That is not a permissible expense and it exceeds the amount that could be given even if it were within the correct time frame,” Merill said of the transfers. “There are two violations there.”

Many Alabamians were outraged when Strange reached an apparent quid pro quo with Bentley to be appointed to a Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions became Trump attorney general. Wouldn't it be ironic if Big Lutha's power grab helped cause him to wind up in the slammer?


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Luther's corrupt deal with Bentley comes back to bite both of them in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Must be killing Jessica to see Lutha in DC, while she stays at home in Birmingham, raising her kid. Surprised she hasn't put the boy up for adoption.

Anonymous said...

Do prison cells come in "extra long"?

Anonymous said...

The Henderson case is a joke. Any real judge would have dismissed it already. As I recall, he was indicted for supposedly committing perjury, but the charge didn't say what he lied about.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, Schnauzer. The Henderson case is all about the Rileys, and Luther Strange's willingness to kiss their ass. I wonder if they did some favor to help him become senator in exchange for the Henderson indictment.

legalschnauzer said...

@12:37 --

Interesting point re: Rileys doing a favor for Strange in exchange for Henderson indictment. My understanding is that Bob Riley was highly pissed at Lutha for the Hubbard prosecution. But they might have calmed things down when Henderson beat the water boy, Brandon Falls. Perhaps the Rileys saw a need to get back in Lutha's good graces.

Anonymous said...

Very good reporting job by APR on this campaign-finance issue. I haven't seen it anywhere in mainstream press.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me Mike Hubbard smiled when he read about this -- Lowell Barron, too.

Anonymous said...

Alabama State Motto:

"So many corrupt politicians, so little time."

Anonymous said...

"You don’t commit perjury by simply lying under oath in court. The lies you tell have to be material to the issue at hand."

Praise the Lord for someone pointing this out. We probably could wait a lifetime for to point this out.

legalschnauzer said...

This is from the Code of Alabama:

Section 13A-10-101

Perjury in the first degree.

(a) A person commits the crime of perjury in the first degree when in any official proceeding he swears falsely AND HIS FALSE STATEMENT IS MATERIAL to the proceeding in which it is made.

(b) Perjury in the first degree is a Class C felony.

e. a. f. said...

another point for the non traditional media! the non traditional media has very little to nothing to loose in reporting the truth. MSM does. they not only sell news but they sell advertising. It is that advertising which keeps them frequently from producing the real news or news of importance or news which is uncomfortable for the elites and/or those paying for advertising.

In British Columbia, Canada, its the bloggers/non traditional suppliers of news who tell the real truth and expose corruption and excessive spending. You won't read it in the corporate media or see it on t.v. Want to know who is donating to the ruling political party? check the blogs. want to know what those contributors got in return? check a blog.

it would appear Alabama and elsewhere is no different. pretty much around the world its bloggers and non traditional news media who break the big stories, who tell the truth, etc.

good on you for reporting on this issue along with other non traditional media.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mr. Henderson and Ms. Akl could bonk 10 hours a day, and it would not be material because he was not GAL at the time. How does Luther Strange get away with bringing such a BS case?

Anonymous said...

Are the Rileys so stupid that they think a statement that is not material to the matter at hand is perjury? Isn't Rob Riley a lawyer? Shouldn't he know better?

legalschnauzer said...

@5:46 --

I can answer that one. The Rileys aren't stupid, but they think you are stupid, and I am stupid, and the rest of the public is stupid. I know from first-hand experience that Rob Riley does not care one iota about the actual law. He had me arrested and thrown in jail for five months because of a civil case (defamation), and there is zero support under the law for such action. In fact, the law specifically says no defamation defendant can be subject to a preliminary injunction -- and thus, possible incarceration. But Rob Riley sought a preliminary injunction anyway, and got one from a corrupt judge named Claud Neilson.

Under the law, defamation cannot be found by a one-man censor/judge, but must be determined at trial, by a jury. Rob Riley didn't even ask for a jury trial because he knew my reporting was accurate, and jury would see right through his bogus lawsuit.

Rob Riley either is the most ignorant lawyer on the planet or he's a complete thug. I submit he is the latter. He also is a reptile; he even looks like a reptile when you see him up close. He's got the most reptilian eyes I've ever seen on a human being, with my former criminal/neighbor Mike McGarity a close second.

Yes, no one with a conscience would pursue a case against Henderson. But I'm not sure there is a functioning conscience among all the Rileys.

Robby Scott Hill said...

The Republican Party has to own the loss of the DA's Office. When the State Legislature keeps stacking Blacks & Poor Whites into one or two huge districts, you're going to get Democratic DA's & judges in the more populous areas because most of the folks are Black & Poor White. The GOP has no one to blame but themselves. Hell, we almost had a Democrat get State Senator up here in Northeast Alabama last cycle because they fucked up & stacked all the N-Words, Wetbacks & Poor White Trash into one district. Goddamn districts up here look like a motherfucking octopus an' shit!

Anonymous said...

Moon is a sensationalist hack. On the other hand the campaign fund transfer issues appear to have some serious legs.

legalschnauzer said...

You think the Henderson perjury prosecution is legit? Have you checked the law? Have you considered the timing? Are you aware that perjury prosecutions hardly ever are brought, even in the most blatant circumstances?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Robby Scott Hill said...

Dear Mr. Williams. Thank you for providing us with valuable information on the United States Navy & Marine Corps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robbie And there is more to this story. "Vulture 1 " of VMA AW 224 went to work in the Marine Division of the Pentagon trying to recover these fallen Marines. I personally believe the Eliza Battle should Keel Haul Senator John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Let me rephrase the vulture 1 comment. Charlie Carr from VMA AW 224 went to work in the Marine Corps Division of the Pentagon. The Eliza Battle has accomplished her mission of getting this published. Thanks Roger.