Monday, May 8, 2017

Source points to Richard Allen, of Montgomery's Capell Howard law firm, as likely fixer for federal judge Bill Pryor's gay-pornography crisis with

Robed and disrobed Bill Pryor
When a former Alabama state senator confronted then-Attorney General Bill Pryor with nude photographs that had the name "Bill Pryor" attached to them, Pryor immediately claimed the young man in the photos was not him. But the next day, the photos -- a set of about eight to 12 -- disappeared from, which since has become a veritable "super store" of gay-porn images.

Who took action to make sure the photos would vanish from One of our sources, a former Alabama law-enforcement official, said it probably was an attorney from the Montgomery law firm Capell Howard.

That firm is known for providing Karl Rove's base of operations when "Bush's Brain" visits Alabama. It also once was home to George Beck, the attorney who allowed federal prosecutors to browbeat his client, Nick Bailey, into providing false testimony against former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy. Beck went on to become U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Alabama under Barack Obama, a period when the Montgomery area was awash in corruption -- which Beck largely ignored.

For good measure, Capell Howard is home to Christopher Weller, whom sources say is Bill Pryor's personal attorney.

As for Pryor and the gay-porn photographs, our source points specifically to Richard Allen, a Capell Howard lawyer who once was commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections. Allen, our source says, is the man to whom Pryor turns when a problem needs to be solved -- and definitely presented a problem to be solved, quickly.

Richard Allen
Speaking of problem solving, our reports about Pryor and gay porn started on September 17, 2013, and they might have presented the biggest problem yet for Pryor. Roughly one month after our reporting began, I was beaten in our Birmingham home and thrown in the Shelby County Jail for a five-month stay, ostensibly because of a baseless defamation brought by GOP thug and Pryor associate Rob Riley.

We now know that Richard Allen is Bill Pryor's fixer, and Allen has a history with the Alabama prison system, and the punishment chosen for me was to be thrown in jail . . . well, we can't help but wonder if Allen was behind my false arrest and imprisonment (a kidnapping, really, because no warrant ever has surfaced)

Richard Allen's possible ties to my incarceration will be an in-depth subject for another day. For now, here's what our source says about Allen's likely intervention with (Video of the interview is embedded at the end of this post.)

Richard Allen likely handled that, from Capell Howard. They have been very heavy backroom hitter in Republican politics for a very long time. They are an old, wealthy law firm. They were responsible for the confirmation of federal judge Myron Thompson. One of their number was president of Alabama bar when he was appointed; they spent some money on that appointment. As to Pryor, his handler while he was in office was of Capell Howard. . . . One of their partners (Richard Allen) went to be deputy AG with Pryor. . . . We had a file on him. He left as managing partner of Capell Howard to go to the AG's office.

That Allen would make such a move, plus his actions while in the AG's office with Pryor, was highly suspicious, our source says:

Allen had himself placed in charge of the branch of AG's office that manages corporate affairs and licensing. We ran a clock on him. When he got to the office, there was a whole floor of analysts that would analyze corporations for statutes. The Public Service Commission is what he ran. Two years later, there were two analysts -- the rest had been fired.

The ones represented by Capell Howard, which became a large number of them . . . Richard earned his money there.

I had a friend in the (Capell Howard) firm, and he told me Richard Allen was making $300,000 a year as managing partner, and needless to say, the AG's office couldn't pay him that. There had to be a reason for him to go. The only thing we could find that would compute was the number of Capell Howard clients that sought representation with the Public Service Commission. . . . 

Did Richard Allen, with Bill Pryor's assistance, set up a scam in the AG's office to benefit the Capell Howard law firm? Our source saw quite a bit of evidence that pointed in that direction.


Anonymous said...

I'm having some serious questions this morning about the badpuppy and our federal judge. I feel that most have no problem with anyone being gay, that's a personal thing that should not matter as long as the person does his/her job. The big problem here and one that needs to be answered one way or the other is did he lie when asked about it. I see were blackmail is the biggest concerns with this case. Just think of all the power one would have, having a federal judge in your back pocket. The money coming in would be unlimited. You would be THE MAN to see if you needed a ruling to go your way. You want a new interpretation of a federal rule or law? No problem, that will cost one million, thank you. Just deposit it in this Cayman bank account number 666. FJAU,Federal Judges Are Us? That could very well be going on right now and we will never know until these questions are put to rest one way or the other. I fear no one will step up in public to get to the bottom of it. Nixon got nothing on todays gangsters. One thing that could put this on 60 minutes is for someone to post some pictures of the judge during this same time frame. I can't believe that with the hours of research that has went into finding all these badpuppy pictures no one has posted not a single one from of his college day photos. There has to be some out there, he was after all in the college band, wasn't he? Were are the photos of his college or high school yearbook? Nothing that we could place side by side to see for ourselves if the badpuppy and pictures from the judges college day photos shows the same face. Maybe the reason we are not seeing any of these photos being posted side by side is because it's not the same face? That's the million dollar question and one that could end this whole story, or break it wide open. Please someone answer this. Post his yearbook picture side by side with the badpuppy ones. It's time to put up or shut up. The public needs to know and you are the only reporter brave enough to report on this.

legalschnauzer said...

@8:17 --

You nailed it. It has been reported at a number of news outlets that Karl Rove knew about the badpuppy photos and Pryor's history in gay-porn, and that was a big reason Rove pushed for Pryor's ascension through the judicial ranks. The dirt in his background actually helped Pryor's career. You do wonder how much money is being made -- and saved -- because of Pryor's fixer status on the 11th Circuit. And who is making/saving that money?

The porn angle is interesting, but as you very well lay out, the big issue is "justice" for sale, and our public courts being used for private profits and political gains.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it curious that Pryor's alleged fixer would be housed at Karl Rove's favorite Montgomery law firm?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Richard Allen have ties to Riley Inc.? If so, I could see Pryor and Rob Riley getting him to do some dirty work -- like having you arrested and thrown in jail.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:39 --

This is key information from Richard Allen's bio at Capell Howard Web site:

Starting in January, 1979, Allen served as Chief Legislative Assistant for U.S. Senator Howell Heflin in Washington, D.C., but he returned to the firm in August, 1981. In 1985, Richard was elected Managing Partner for the firm, a position he held until January, 1995, when Alabama Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed him Chief Deputy Attorney General, a position he continued to hold under Attorneys General Bill Pryor and Troy King until he retired from State service in January, 2005. Richard held the honorary position of Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army from Alabama from 1998 until 2001. In February, 2005, Richard re-joined the firm in an “Of Counsel” relationship.

In February, 2006, Governor Bob Riley asked Richard to join his Cabinet as the Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections, generally considered one of the most difficult agencies in State government to oversee. In 2007, Richard’s work in restructuring and revitalizing the Department was recognized when he was awarded the Auburn University, Montgomery, Innovative Alabama Government Award. Richard held the position of Commissioner for five years. When Luther Strange was elected Attorney General in 2010, he asked Richard to return to the Attorney General’s office as Chief Deputy Attorney General, which he did in January, 2011, serving for a year before retiring again, in January, 2012. Richard then once again joined the firm “Of Counsel.”

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there was some financial hanky panky in the AG's office when Pryor was there. I wonder if the gay-porn photos were a factor in that. Allen probably knew about the photos and knew he could hold them over Pryor's head to pull a con game that benefited Capell Howard.

Anonymous said...

Are you thinking Richard Allen had something to do with your arrest and incarceration in Shelby County Jail, following the LS reports on Bill Pryor and gay porn?

legalschnauzer said...

@11:14 --

Given our source's statements -- and Allen's ties to Pryor, Strange, Bob Riley, Rob Riley, etc. -- yes, the thought has crossed my mind.

If you want to have a journalist falsely arrested and thrown in the slammer -- sending him a message, if you will -- Richard Allen seems to have the background to do it.

A person with integrity, of course, would not consider taking such action. But given Allen's ties to the characters noted above, who knows if he has an ounce of integrity.

Anonymous said...

A few decades back, a man like Richard Allen -- with background in military, law, politics, law enforcement -- but be someone who commanded our respect. Now, there is reason to believe he (and others like him) is a skunk.

legalschnauzer said...

@1:41 --

Excellent point. I have a theory on this: As conservatives have tried to terrify the white middle class about street criminals -- you know, the ones with dark skin -- that has allowed corporate criminals to prosper in record numbers. Street crime is a problem, but the perpetrators hardly are all black. Alabama has all GOP appellate courts because voters think they will fry street thugs "til their eyes pop out." Meanwhile, white-collar crooks like Bob Riley, Luv Guv Bentley, Luther Strange, and their affiliates tend to get a free pass.

Modern conservatism, to a great extent, has succeeded in making middle-class whites turn their fears in the wrong direction -- toward street thugs -- while deflecting attention from the white-collar thugs who cause real damage.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Capell Howard is Montgomery's version of Bradley Arant. They both have never seen a public teat that they don't love to suck.

legalschnauzer said...

A key point about Pryor: People tend to think that his base, with the Eleventh Circuit, is in Atlanta, and he only can fix appellate cases. But his duty station is at Hugo Black Courthouse in Bham, and he lives in Vestavia Hills. He probably goes to ATL several times a year, but his basic work spot is Bham. That means he likely can fix district court cases, at the trial level, right in down "The Ham." He is much more of a threat than people realize to any notion of justice in Alabama courts.

Anonymous said...

Is BP now defending himself publically against the appearance of these pictures, apart from his 2 initial denials in 2013?

If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

Please refer to BOTH of Pryor's senate judiciary committee hearing transcripts, NOTE, that too Sessions being a member of this committee engaged in perjury, it is reasonable to conclude even conspiracy to obstruct via concealing NEEDING TO KNOW FACTS should have been brought-forth publicly before the judiciary before confirmation; not only did Pryor take the personal responsibility, but Sessions sat mute after having known, employed Pryor since about 1994.

Anonymous said...

To LS: About what was the time, when, general time frame, that a former senator approached Pryor about photos; could be significant?

legalschnauzer said...

@3:26 --

The general time frame was in 1997, not long after Pryor was appointed attorney general of Alabama. That's when the photos surfaced, and it became a concern because of his position as AG and the fact he already was making noises about someday seeking a judgeship. BTW, this was a state senator, not U.S. senator.

legalschnauzer said...

@3:07 --

You raise a point I had never considered. It does seem very likely that Sessions engaged in a cover up. Now that he is USAG, Sessions is proving that lying and covering up are second nature for him. Worst of all, he gave us a judge with a judge (with a lifetime appointment), who he knew was ethically compromised and not remotely qualified. Pryor had never even served as a traffic-court judge at the time he was appointed to 11th Circuit by "W."

legalschnauzer said...

@2:45 --

To my knowledge, he's not defending himself at all. I've run four gay-porn photos of him, and contacted him in advance each time for comment, and he only has issued a "weak" denial on the first photo. To be clear, that is the only semi denial he has made. When Andrew Kreig wrote an article about the first photo, Pryor had a female lawyer (a former clerk of Pryor's) issue a statement denying it was him, but he directly did not deny it, and neither he nor his surrogate ever have taken questions on the subject.

Why is this? It's real clear to me. It's him, and he knows it's him, and there really isn't much he can do about it. I still occasionally get a one-off comment or two, always anon, claiming it's not Pryor, but I don't think anyone who has seriously followed the story believes that at this point.

Folks should remember that these photos surfaced via Republicans, not Democrats, so Pryor can't claim their presence is some sort of partisan attack.

A source who knew Pryor at NE Louisiana has told me that the young Billy was "flamboyant" and quite out there about his orientation. Again, you look pretty stupid denying something that many people knew about in college and maybe even earlier.

And this is not just about Pryor posing for pictures. He was, and likely still is, an active homosexual. That's only a problem, of course, because of his ardent anti-LGBT views.

Anonymous said...

There is a major legal story in today. It says Trump is pushing Kevin Newsom, a Bradley Arant lawyer, for a federal judgeship. He worked as solicitor general under Pryor, and the two have a close personal relationship -- real close, if you know what I mean.

legalschnauzer said...

@6:30 --

Thanks for sharing. Yes, that is a major story, and there is a story beneath the story. You can bet Jeff Sessions and Bill Pryor are pushing Newsom.

Anonymous said...

Originally Watergate Washington Post when first reporting on story no other media was giving same the time of day, but Mr. Bradlee, editor, stood by what was being brought in to him if only in tid bits at time, and the rest is history.

"And this is not just about Pryor posing for pictures." LS. When all said and done will have led to the uncovering of covered up black mailing involving serious criminal activities that both Sessions and Pryor would not have anyway, but nevertheless could never pursue officially investigating or making for public humiliations and character assassinations as they had involving former Governor Jim Folsom, Jr. 1994; such far more serious attaching themselves to complicities.

Keep up the good work LS, destiny's forecast for a NEW incorruptible senator; clear skies and bright sunshine for Alabamians.

Anonymous said...

LS have you gotten any reports from qualified gaydar operators?

Specifically- any reports from the qualified and certified gaydar operators on the general level of gaydar returns when qualified operators do a scan on some of those surrounding Pryor throughout the years?

Maybe there a few more badpuppy stars hiding in plain sight?

legalschnauzer said...

@6:43 --

Your comment made me LOL. "Qualified gaydar operators"? Something about that tickled my funny bone. Can you put me in contact with a certified gaydar operator?

Anonymous said...

Draw yourself a venn diagram!

One circle is qualified gaydar operators and the other circle is the intrepid prior dickpick search crew. Did you get something looks like this?

or just ask the Log Cabin Republicans! (LOG?! lol!)

Anonymous said...


check link below for a certified GayDar operator!!

Anonymous said...

oopps! might be tmi- just go to post #5

Anonymous said...

Become a gaydar operator yourself!

Anonymous said...

LS: See the movie with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, "Philadelphia"? Remember when Washington was walking around before the judge, jury, and courtroom and telling them to "go ahead and admit it, that they were all thinking about it"; if you saw the movie you understand why the following worth considering: Everyday, now, or sooner or later resulting from growing efforts to resolve ongoing Alabama corruptions there exist greater possibilities wide spread common knowledge photos whereby what positions employees, Birmingham's 11th Circuit, should be expected to limit themselves their own inquiries as to effects having upon/within their offices' working conditions................ if same as Washington ask, "...........thinking about it"? Photos hanging in the women's restrooms with never before wall putrid commenting? ITtttsssssss Saturday Night Live, and away we go, Hee HAW, order in the court pockets.

Anonymous said...

Repeat again--I will pay $$ for pictures of BP or for the magazine or magazines in which they appeared. This is serious.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way for you to emphasize to your other enthusiasts that I am seriously willing to pay $$ for pictures of bp? I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you.

legalschnauzer said...

@12:26 --

One thought is that I could write a post about it. You and I would need to talk/communicate, and I would need to know your identity. I assume you would prefer to remain anonymous to the public, and I would be glad to keep your name under wraps in posts. We probably would need to discuss some logistics -- how much you are willing to pay (per photo?), would you pay those who already have uncovered photos, how could folks get photos to you (or to me, then to you?)

I'd be glad to work with you. Give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please write your post.

Then if there are any responses, I would be glad to talk to you person to person.

Please do not post any of my communications for the public.

I am absolutely serious about this.

legalschnauzer said...

@1:29 --

I would need to know your ID before I write the post. I won't post any of your communications to the public, and I will keep your ID strictly between us. But I can't write a post based on a source who is so anonymous I don't even know who it is. I use anonymous sources from time to time, but I always know who they are. That's just standard journalism practice.

Just give it some thought, and let me know what you decide.