Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Female attorneys at Birmingham's prestigious Bradley Arant law firm are married to men who appear at Ashley Madison Web site for extramarital cheaters

Legal Schnauzer's coverage of the Ashley Madison story, which has been more extensive and specific than that of any other U.S. news site, is about to take a twist. And it's one we did not see coming.

Our research of Ashley Madison data shows that two high-powered female attorneys, both from one of the most prominent law firms in downtown Birmingham, have husbands who have cheated on them -- or tried to cheat on them -- via the notorious extramarital-affairs Web site.

For what firm do the women work? Why, it's our old "pals" at Bradley Arant, the folks who took millions in state dollars to supposedly fight gambling under corrupt former GOP governor Bob Riley.

In an additional touch of irony, one of the women is married to a fellow lawyer, also employed at a downtown Birmingham firm. I guess you call that a case of "intramural cheating (or attempted cheating). The other female lawyer is married to a high-ranking executive at a Birmingham-based business.

The women work at Bradley Arant, which has taken millions of public dollars in recent years. Also, Bradley Arant has represented sleazy businessman Ted Rollins, who has built student housing at four public universities in Alabama and used our corrupt courts to unleash a monstrous cheat job on his ex wife Sherry Carroll Rollins and their two daughters, Sarah and Emma.

Ironically, a female lawyer named Dawn Sharff has been one of Ted Rollins prime representatives at Bradley Arant. Neither Ms. Sharff, nor anyone else at Bradley Arant, has shown any sign that she cares when one of her revenue-generating clients leaves his ex wife and daughters almost destitute for years.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Dawn Sharff, one of Ted Rollins chief henchpersons, proved to be one of the Bradley Arant lawyers with a little trouble on the home front? Hmmm.

In essence, Bradley Arant has shown it has no respect for women outside the firm. Now we are about to show that certain husbands have no respect for their wives, who work inside the firm. Put another way, a couple of the firm's female lawyers are about to be exposed as victims of the "Ashley Madison culture," which seeks to make money by making it easy for men to cheat on their wives.

This story should be of interest to all Alabama taxpayers. After all, Bradley Arant has shown a tendency to use our public infrastructure to feather its own nest -- or the nests of its hyper-wealthy clients. Now, in a sense, the feathers are about to come home to roost.

Details are coming soon here at Legal Schnauzer. Meanwhile, we can ponder this question: Do the female lawyers of Bradley Arant know their husbands have been trying to cheat on them, or will that news come as a bit of a jolt?


Anonymous said...

Hah, this is great. Bradley Arant acts as if it is above it all, and now two of its lawyers and their husbands are about to be exposed in an embarrassing light. Good for you, LS. Great reporting, and I can't wait to read your posts on this subject.

Anonymous said...

I can just see the Bradley Arant break room. Woman attorney, to herself: "Who is being cheated on? Is it her? Is it her? Is it me?"


Anonymous said...

Yawn. No one cheated on anyone through that site. Dig deeper and come up with the affairs, Roger. That's a story. Private citizens cheating on each other. That never happens.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your posts on this issue. Any woman who would lower herself to work for a bunch of sexist pigs at Bradley Arant is asking for trouble.

e.a.f. said...

it is doubtful the wives were unaware or unsurprised when the found out their husbands names were on the a.m. website;

like finds like in most cases. its just that it is all out in pubic now and there might be some explaining to do to relatives, kids and in laws, but most will continue on with their lives

would suggest some of these folks lack good judgement.

Now lets see if the voters have good or bad judgement.

Anonymous said...

You are attacking the victims here. Suggest you rethink this one.

Anonymous said...

Even though it will do no good (you will run it anyway), I agree with @8:37. This feels more like a "hit piece" to get back at Bradley as opposed to exposing corruption.

legalschnauzer said...

Funny how people equate journalism with "attacking" someone. I've addressed this issue before, and it seems to go right through the cranium with certain folks. It's a case of "they'll believe what they want to believe."

Anonymous said...

This is what is called a "dick move" Roger. No other way to put it. Public interest is not served one bit.

legalschnauzer said...

I disagree. The vast majority of my readers disagree. End of discussion.

PamGeller said...

"End of discussion."

Well, no, actually. You are threatening to victim-shame women. There's no other way to look at it. That's quite motivating to me, and will be to others as well. Best of luck with your future endeavors, Mr. Shuler.

legalschnauzer said...

Well, "Ms. Geller," looks like you are against the First Amendment. I'm not "threatening to victim-shame women." I'm promising to write a story about various angles to the Ashley Madison story. Whether the women are victims . . . I don't know. They could be on a dating site themselves for all I know. But let's assume they are victims. In that light, consider a story about a man who was stabbed and severely injured while visiting a house of prostitution. Does the journalist report the man's name and where the stabbing took place? Yes, of course. Could that bring "shame" on the "victim"? Well, maybe, but it gets printed anyway.

I wish you luck in your endeavors too, Ms. Geller. Given your utter lack of knowledge about journalism and the law, I suspect you will need it -- at least if you choose to go down a road , and you don't know where it leads.

Anonymous said...

Roger, do you want to lead a digital community that celebrates the humiliation of others? Do you want to buy into the bad behavior of hackers so they and others like them can do so again down the road? I really hope not.

Anonymous said...

Some of us would never sign up for a website like Ashley Madison, which is specifically designed to facilitate cheating, no matter what. But we need to own the fact that becoming married and pledging fidelity doesn't erase our need to be wanted, to have excitement, to have someone be entertained by our stories and think we are cool.

We should acknowledge that the security and stability of marriage, career, home and kids can become boring. We need to admit when these things happen; we need to be at peace with our human sexuality and desire for excitement.