Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Craig O'Dear, "Super Lawyer" at Kansas City's Bryan Cave, appears as paying customer at site for extramarital affairs

Craig O'Dear
A Missouri "Super Lawyer" who has been listed among the top 500 litigators in the United States and is known for representing clients in high-stakes business and class-action cases throughout the U.S. and abroad, appears as a paying customer at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs Web site.

Craig S. O'Dear is a partner in the Kansas City office of Bryan Cave. He earned a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla (now Missouri Science and Technology) and went on to Vanderbilt University for a law degree. He now handles a range of cases, including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, antitrust law violations, negligence, federal and state wage and hour law violations, and alleged violations of consumer protection.

With headquarters in St. Louis, Bryan Cave has 27 offices worldwide and generated about $617 million in revenue for 2015.

According to his Twitter page, O'Dear is the father of three children -- Sydney, Cullen, and Cormac -- and is an avid photographer, pilot, and motorcyclist. O'Dear's children, one of whom appears to attend the U.S. Naval Academy, are prominently featured on his Facebook page.

Public records indicate O'Dear was divorced in 1992 and married Stephanie Doolin O'Dear in 1995. She is head of marketing at EMPOWER Retirement and also has worked at J.P. Morgan, Martech, and SPACES magazine.

Stephanie O'Dear has a blog called ChicMatters, and she is considered one of the Kansas City areas top "fashionistas," with extensive experience in beauty and style. Her sense of fashion is on display at her Facebook page, which says she earned an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Stephanie O'Dear
(From Facebook)
Public records show that Craig and Stephanie O'Dear divorced in 2011. We sought comment from Craig O'Dear for this post, and his only words initially were: "Mr. Shuler: I just received your email. What information do you have supporting the allegations in your email?"

My response?

Mr. O'Dear:

I have a copy of the Missouri list of paying Ashley Madison customers. A number of IT professionals helped me obtain and decipher the list. This isn't the free list, where people can make fake accounts for Barack Obama, etc. It's the list of paying customers, and it includes your name, plus supporting data. I haven't seen the supporting data for your entry, but I have run similar data on a number of posts and plan to get that for others soon. I contacted you because I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment.

Not long after that, both Mr. and Mrs. O'Dear became quite talkative about the subject. In fact, they said they have reconciled and now are living together again as a family; they do not say specifically that they have remarried. We will provide their full responses in upcoming posts.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

The Schnauzer grabs a super lawyer by the tail. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

I assume Bryan Cave is one of the larger law firms in Missouri.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I understand they are one of the largest law firms based in Missouri, with HQ in STL and large office in KC. Think they also have office in Jefferson City (state capital) and maybe Columbia, plus a number of offices in other states. I'm told that if you are impressed with corporate client lists, you would be impressed with Bryan Cave's.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just pay the fees for service of process yourself? You could have that complaint served and the lawsuit would be on track, but instead you are dicking around on this blog about the judge being corrupt. It's like you want the judge to fuck you over, just so you can complain about it.

If I were you, I would handle service myself. If you did thing right, then a guy like O'Deary would actually take your case and make everyone some money. Just cause he's on AM does not mean he's a bad lawyer. Seriously dude, what the fuck are you doing?

legalschnauzer said...

12:32 -- perhaps you have trouble with reading comprehension, but I have plainly stated in multiple posts that Proctor did not just unlawfully deny us service-by-court, but he also unlawfully dismissed the case, without prejudice. So we couldn't pay the fees for service, even if we wanted to. There is no case at the moment, and that's why we had to file his bogus rulings to 11th Circuit.

As for O'Dear, I never said I asked him to consider taking our cases. To my knowledge, he doesn't do civil rights/wrongful foreclosure law. As the post says, if you read it, he handles business litigation. If he wants to discuss our legal issues, he has my contact info and knows how to reach me. I would be willing to talk to him. I never said he was a bad lawyer. In fact, the post says just the opposite -- that he is quite accomplished in his field.

legalschnauzer said...

I should have said "that's why we had to APPEAL his bogus rulings to the 11th Circuit."

The word "file" should not be in there.

Anonymous said...

Roger, you are condoning privacy invasions based on the personal values of those entertained by it. You are promoting real lawlessness.

We’re living in an era when massive amounts of personal data are being hacked, leaked and exposed. Revenge porn, trolling and swatting happen on a daily basis. The Internet has created a marketplace where there is a value to other people’s humiliation. This mob revelry – and even sexual gratification – for “humiliporn” drives dozens to dedicated revenge porn sites, motivates people to retweet sexual assaults, and is why so many couldn’t resist clicking on those pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.

You’re part of this. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Admit it, Roger: that wife is HOT.