Monday, June 6, 2016

Members of Riley Inc. probably can't understand the irony of Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard stepping in a briar patch after loss of his job at IMG

Mike Hubbard
The first two weeks of the Mike Hubbard trial have been rich with irony, the kind that might not be readily apparent to the general public.

Here is what we mean: The trial, to a great extent, revolves around Hubbard's actions after his "job situation" became a cause of grave concern for the Alabama House Speaker. The job situation arose when IMG bought broadcasting rights to Auburn athletics in 2010 and fired Hubbard in the aftermath.

As money problems mounted from the job loss, prosecutors argue, Hubbard began to use his public office for personal gain. That scenario is at the heart of a 23-count indictment, with Hubbard facing two to 20 years in prison if convicted on at least one count.

What is the irony in this? Well, Hubbard is perhaps the most high-profile member of Riley Inc. who is not named Riley. "Riley Inc.," of course, is the term detractors use to reference the political machine built by former Governor Bob Riley and his lawyer children, Rob Riley and Minda Riley Campbell.

Hubbard started desperately trying to raise $1.5 million to make up for his lost IMG income, ignoring state ethics laws that he had helped put into place. The recklessness and desperation Hubbard felt from loss of his job could essentially earn him a life sentence in state prison if he is convicted on at least a majority of the counts.

That is deeply ironic because Riley Inc. specializes in cheating its perceived enemies out of their jobs. My family unit knows about this tactic first hand.

I lost my job at UAB, where I had worked for 20 years, after reporting accurately on this blog about the monstrous cheat job dumped on former Democratic governor Don Siegelman and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy. How do I know my reporting on the Siegelman case, done on my own time and with my own resources, cost me my job? Well, a member of UAB's human-resources department admitted to me that I was targeted for that, and I captured the conversation on audiotape. (See video of conversation with Anita Bonasera at the end of this post.)

Who likely would be unhappy with my reporting on the Siegelman case? That would be Bob Riley, Siegelman's chief political foe. Who served as ex oficio president of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees, which oversees UAB, at the time of my firing? That would be Bob Riley.

Rob and Bob Riley
Is there any doubt that Bob Riley or someone close to him (Rob Riley?) cheated me out of my job? There is zero doubt in my mind.

My wife, Carol, went through a similar experience in 2009 at Infinity Insurance Company. She was fired for allegedly being tardy when she was told to move her start time back to 9:30 a.m.--to assist with the company's large customer base in California, with its two-hour time difference from Alabama--and did exactly as she was told. Drayton Nabors, former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice and prominent member of Riley Inc., just happens to serve on Infinity's board of directors.

Riley Inc.'s "career ruination plan" hardly is limited to Carol and me. I've reported about Russ and Dee Fine, of Birmingham, who were fired from their radio show after reporting about Bob Riley's ties to a Masonic group with a history of racial exclusiveness. I've had probably a dozen or more readers tell me about losing their state jobs, or knowing a friend or family member who lost a state job, apparently because they didn't fall into the Riley political camp.

I still think Hubbard will be acquitted, although evidence presented so far strongly suggests he is guilty on most of the charges. I've seen so many debacles in Alabama courtrooms that it's hard to imagine justice actually being served in one. I can see the jury being dense or inattentive, witnesses being threatened (we already have reports of that), or jurors being paid off. Any of those would result in an acquittal or a mistrial--with either outcome being a major victory for Hubbard.

What if Hubbard is found guilty, and the mask is pulled off Riley Inc. in a way that never has happened before? That still could be the result of the Hubbard trial--and it all would flow from Mike Hubbard's loss of a job.

How ironic would that be?


Brian said...

I don't believe that Russ and Dee Fine were fired because of Riley. I was listening to 101.1 the morning they were pulled off the air. I believe they were fired because they were asking for people to call in with 9/11 conspiracy theories on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. The station went to a sudden commercial break and when the station came back from commercial, Lee Davis was hosting the show and Russ and Dee Fine were never heard on the station again. I don't even recall hearing their names on 101.1 after than happened.

Anonymous said...

When you or I lose our jobs, it's a "market adjustment." When Mike Hubbard loses his job, it's a crisis.

Anonymous said...

Matt Hart,upon seeing the Gin ensign flying from the flagstaff of the Eliza Battle, requested that the crew of the Victoria meet him upon the deck of the Eliza Battle to "Bleed the Monkey". The Riley Clan brought Carole King to provide entertainment. Josh and Dax, being unfamiliar with Navy slang, brought daggers. Bentley, excited at the opportunity to tap someone else's monkey, showed up.
Billy and Minda requested Carole sing "You've Got a Friend".Jimmy requested "Alligators all Around". Matt Requested "Chains". Bentley requested The song that contains "You feel like a natural woman". Bob requested she sing to Mike "I Can't Hear You No More". A man in the shadows requested "Smackwater Jack". Mike requested "Tapestry". Baxley Requested another round.
The conversation turned to Federal Prosecuters and Jr ewing requested Elton John's "Pretty Painted Lady'.

Anonymous said...

When Mike Hubbard loses his job, it's a crisis.

When Mike Hubbard goes hat in hand to Bob Riley after losing his job, he is was not asking for money. Hubbard was simply filing his application for Wingnut Welfare. Which, by definition, is always a deal among friends.

legalschnauzer said...

Love the term "Wingnut Welfare," @1:41. That needs to become part of national lexicon.

legalschnauzer said...

Funny, funny stuff, @1:35. Did you write that while totally sober, or is some high-quality weed making the rounds in your part of Alabama?

Your comment has sort of a "Sargeant Pepper" quality to it--and I mean that as a real compliment.

e.a.f. said...

it is amazing that politicians in such important positions are permitted to continue to run businesses. It might be better if they were to divest themselves of their holdings or place them in a blind trust. It might avoid more than a few problems.

Even if Hubbard is found guilty, there will the be appeals and at some appeal the verdict will be over turned due to a technicality. Then the original prosecuter will decide not to proceed because witnesses and material are no longer available.

And then some wonder why people are "disappointed" in American government.

Anonymous said...

Matt Hart is a huge disappointment

legalschnauzer said...

Interesting thought, @2:45. Where do you think Hart has slipped up? Are you looking for an acquittal?

Anonymous said...

LS: Have you written about why Hubbard was fired from his marketing job?

legalschnauzer said...

No, I haven't @4:34, mainly because I don't know why Hubbard was fired from his marketing job. In fact, I haven't even heard any good rumors about that. Do you have any insights?

Anonymous said...

None! And I couldn't recall--in all the years I've been reading LS--if you had or not. But I love doing research, so I'll check it out and get back to you. Something is just not adding up here.

legalschnauzer said...

Thank you, @4:48, for your willingness to look into this. My impression has been that IMG was going through a "reorganization" or "downsizing," and Hubbard got caught up in that. Wonder if someone replaced Hubbard, or the company just did away with the position.

Anonymous said...

Fate is your final destination. Destiny is your journey. Riley Inc.controls Mike's destiny only if he takes a plea deal. If Mike is acquitted or found guilty, he will control Riley Inc's destiny. Why? Because Mike has a lot he wants to say. A plea deal will force him to remain quiet. An acquittal or guilty verdict will allow him to tell the world what Riley Inc. did to Milton Mcgregor.

Anonymous said...

3. Hubbard claimed his job as Speaker was making it difficult for him to make a living.

Emails reveal that Mr. Hubbard’s employer, the Auburn IMG Network, asked him to choose between working for them and being Speaker of the House because politics were, in their view, taking up too much of his time. He chose to remain Speaker of the House, so he and the company parted ways.

As a result, Mr. Hubbard aggressively pursued consulting contracts, on numerous occasions asking for assistance from lobbyists and principals.

Also see exhibits 56 and 57 here-

Anonymous said...

Also read this

What's the truth? Hard to say imo.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure but I faintly remember reading in an article about Auburn's new sports contract with Fox, that IMG still had an office in Auburn after Hubbard was let go. The article would have been in the AO news or Auburn Villager.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Riley basically oversaw the Siegelman prosecution and look what Hubby and him r doing. There playing fast with the ethics laws Hubby himself authored.

Riley looks like Hippocrit. His actions should bring into question the legitimacy of the Siegelman prosecution.

Anonymous said...

The Most Shameless Sex Scandal in American Politics
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's extramarital shenanigans are an exquisite blend of moral hypocrisy and political corruption.
By Joe Miller
June 6, 2016

This is the fourth in a series of articles about the trial of Alabama Speaker Mike Hubbard. Read previous installments here: part one; part two; part three.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone above for all your good links and info. Found this interesting little tidbit from your buddy, Bill Britt, LS. Looks like Hubbard has been playing fast and loose for some time. After cheating to get the original marketing/broadcast contract in 2002, he turned around and sold it to IMG College and they kept him on for quite some time.