Monday, June 20, 2016

Amid reports that Gov. Robert Bentley's mental health is cracking, we have new evidence that he is out of touch with reality--as feds' hammer is about to fall

Robert Bentley
Gov. Robert Bentley's mental health appears to be cracking under the weight of a federal investigation into apparently rampant corruption in his administration. (See here and here.) Now, we have new evidence that Bentley, in fact, is out of touch with reality. And if an Alabama legal expert's account is correct about the deluge of criminal charges that likely will be leveled against the governor in the coming weeks, Bentley's mental health probably will not improve anytime soon.

The latest evidence of Bentley's thin grasp on reality comes in an article last week titled "Gov. Robert Bentley: People of Alabama 'not interested in impeachment.' In case citizens failed to grasp that message the first time, Bentley repeated it at a ribbon-cutting this morning. To claim Alabamians don't care about the possible impeachment of their governor is nutty in itself. But Bentley does not stop there. Consider this from the piece:

"We're going to be very cooperative with the legislature," Bentley said. "We have nothing to hide. We have no charges against us at all. We have nothing to hide. The truth always has a sound. And I can tell you, we tell the truth and we've done nothing wrong. We'll work with them and it's really not a problem. They are trying to feel their way through this process so we'll let them do that."

The truth always has a sound? Has the governor been listening to his collection of Grateful Dead records? More importantly, Bentley portrays himself as an honorable guy who tells the truth--when we have indisputable evidence that he and the truth have a fractured relationship, at best.

In December 2015, Bentley told reporter Chuck Dean (has he gone into a witness-protection program?) that the two citizen journalists -- attorney Donald Watkins and yours truly -- who broke the story of the governor's affair with advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason got it wrong. Bentley declared "the rumors were not true," that "people on blogs" had "crossed the line," that the bloggers were "just ridiculous," and he did not know "how anyone could believe them."

In March of this year, audiotapes surfaced of Bentley speaking rapturously about fondling Mason's breasts and exploring her nether regions. Hmmm . . . it seems the "bloggers" weren't so "ridiculous" after all. Mason promptly stepped down, and new reports suggest another batch of tapes are out there, much more graphic than the first ones.

So Bentley claims to be a truth teller, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary. What would a truth teller have done when former First Lady Diane Bentley took a walk on the beach and set up a cell phone to capture Bentley and Mason engaged in "dirty talk?" Well, here's what a really truthful guy would have said when Mrs. Bentley returned from her walk: "Hey honey, guess what. I just got off the phone with my mistress, Rebekah--you know, the one who is young enough to be our daughter--and we had the best time talking about those special moments when I fondled her breasts and caressed her . . . well, you know, down there. I told her that no 50-year marriage to an old crone like you could compare to the thrill of taking in her lustrous young flesh. Just wanted to keep you posted because I am one truth-tellin' guy."

The Alabama House Judiciary Committee began impeachment proceedings against Bentley last week. But Watkins, who surely is one of the most skilled criminal-defense and civil-rights lawyers Alabama ever has produced, says impeachment is relatively minor compared to the roaring freight train that is bearing down on Bentley and his colleagues. Writes Watkins, in a Facebook post titled "Bentley's indictment more important than his impeachment":

I am not worried about Governor Robert Bentley's impeachment. His indictment on racketeering and public corruption charges is coming soon. The only real question is who will help him make his sky-high bail. I think Bentley is a flight risk and should be denied bail. He will be "perp walked" out of the governor's office since he will not leave on his own.

The number of criminal charges against Bentley is expected to establish a record for a federal racketeering case. I can't wait for Bentley's post-indictment press conference to see which public officials stand by Bentley's side to proclaim his innocence.

Ouch, it hurts just to read that.  But as you can tell from the video below, taken last week at a ceremonial groundbreaking in Huntsville, the guv seems to have no clue about what likely awaits him:


Anonymous said...

Bentley is so invested in his image as a righteous, "Christian good guy" that he can't believe he no longer wears that mantel. He's trying to push back the clock and regain his status as "that guy," but the public isn't buying it.

Anonymous said...

Agree, @12:47. I think psychologists call it "cognitive dissonance." I think Bentley has major problems with that.

Anonymous said...

Today: Bill Britt's Loyalty pledge article;
------ Meanwhile federal agents have launched a probe---- the Riley Machine.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that the guy repeated pretty much the same crap this morning.

Anonymous said...

Did he say "We're trying to feel our way through this..." or "They're trying to feel their wat through this..."? And just who are the "we" he's talking about? I thought Bill Clinton was a terrible liar, but this guy is leagues ahead of him!

Phenix City

Marcus Welby said...

I've seen cases like this before. I believe fondling Becky's boobies caused a synapse in the governor's brain to snap, thus explaining his current bizarre behavior. We call it Senior Male Excessive Titillation Syndrome (SMETS).

Outcomes on this are very poor. Once senior male hands come in contact with young female boobies . . . well, said senior male usually becomes pretty much a zombie for the rest of his life. And if said senior male also was allowed to explore the sweet, luminous, lucious flesh (sorry, I'm getting a little overheated here) of a young female's "nether regions," all hope for recovery is lost.

I've written several research papers on the subject. You can find them at the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). I wrote them between takes on my TV show.

legalschnauzer said...

Great catch, DM. I believe the guv did talk about feeling this and feeling that. The guy just can't help himself. Thanks for giving us a hearty laugh.

legalschnauzer said...

Interesting, @1:08. Can you share any details about feds' interest in Riley Inc.? Do you think it flowed for information gathered in Hubbard case?

Dr. Perry Cox said...

That's quite a diagnosis you got there, Old Doc Welby. I could have sworn you died, but maybe I got that wrong while trying to teach some medicine to the newbies at Sacred Heart. Alive or dead, you are nutty as hell.

Anonymous said...

1:08 here
I have no details-only one question. Do you not believe the feds were not looking over Matt's shoulder at Mike's trial. (ambiguous)

legalschnauzer said...

I wasn't at the trial, @1:08, so I don't know about any attention the feds might have been paying. I hope you are right, though.

Dr Cravin Morehead said...

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At this time it is unknown whether Governor Bentley has had any exposure to Hummers. It is also not known if he has been exposed to anything like a Hardtail Stoker Shovelhead. See here for example of this.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Whatever you're worrying about, Cherokee Great Spirit Unetlanvhi has a plan. He is bigger than your fears. Even now, he is suspending judges, removing bad politicians from office & is indicting corrupt lobbyists. He decriminalizes marijuana, peyote, magic mushrooms & ayahuasca. He is stronger than your greatest obstacle. Have faith. Keep going & live to watch Native America rise from the ashes like the Phoenix as we build casinos & sell drugs to every White Man & his sister. Unetlanvhi speaks: "Somewhere a righteous White Man has been wronged by many White Men & the God of the Cherokee is bringing them to justice."

Anonymous said...

Hey Robbie! Untsaiyi still plans to reopen.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful day to see our #GreatState. I get to be in Elba & Phenix City, & have a Tomato Sandwich lunch at the Farmers Market

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Put my hands under your shirt.

That did you in?

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You were thinking about (it)? Yea, I could tell you were thinking about it last night.

But, baby, let me tell you what we’re gonna have to do, we’re gon’ have to start locking the door. If we’re gonna do what we did the other day we’re gonna have to start locking the door.

You know what, it is kinda scary. Somebody open that door? Mmm."

Anonymous said...

"".........Bentley declared "the rumors were not true," that "people on blogs" had "crossed the line," that the bloggers were "just ridiculous," and he did not know "how anyone could believe them.".............""

If it weren't for bloggers this country would continue on a blind path trusting mainstream media and the corporations that control them for their versions of truth, while protecting whatever or whomever interests they may. It's sad to see a governor dismiss good citizens who are committed to truth and justice–– while receiving little or no pay as journalists–– as "just ridiculous." Particularly this governor has little respect for tax payer sacrifices, and the way he spends their money. A helicopter ride for your wallet and mistress, sir? COME ON!

Ridiculous? How 'bout CRIMINAL?

e.a.f. said...

As with other politicians they have their own version of the truth. Some people tell lies so often they believe them. Living here in British Columbia, we have a government which constantly tells people we're doing great, but they make less and less money from resources, but they're convinced they're telling the truth. Bentley is no different. He most likely does not think he has done anything wrong. He believes he is making the state better. Oh, that small matter between him and the wife, well, that is making the state better.

My take on what Bentley says leads me to conclude he simply won't acknowledge the federal government and their investigation. he is in high denial. Whether one could say he is loosing his marbles, its hard to say. I would conclude he considers himself the highest authority in the state and all else is secondary, that includes the federal government.

Bentley might be suffering from a form of dementia, but having seen politicians like him, in Canada, I would conclude its that illness which strikes politicians from time to time. They think they are above the law.

Anonymous said...

All the trouble could have started in a cabinet meeting.

Perhaps someone suggested a "Come To Jesus Meeting" in an attempt to kick some ass and appeal to the governor's overactive religious fetish all by the use of a single buzz-phrase.

Unfortunately the governor may have misheard the phrase. Can you imagine the cognitive seizures and gear strippage which probably would have commenced when he thought it had been suggested that he have a "Come For Jesus Meeting"? One can almost imagine him stirring his stickshift wildly with no thought for all the synchros.

Putting the idea into practice must have been quite a chore.

Are there any more recordings?

If it happened.

Anonymous said...

Governor Bentley's indiscretions covered by GQ.

Or GQ has a goat roast and the Luv Guv is on the spit.

The Love Song of Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Horndog Governor

"Burner phones! Secret tapes! The sex scandal currently engulfing the governor of Alabama has it all, except a typical villain. Robert Bentley was a kindly old grandpa and Sunday-school teacher. Then he got into politics and found that new temptations come with the keys to the governor’s mansion."