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How far did FBI agent Keith Baker's sex-related misconduct go in the Don Siegelman case, and could it lead to review of possibly tainted convictions?

Keith Baker (far left), from the Facebook page
of his wife, Sandra Sargent Baker
FBI agent Keith Baker sent electronic messages to a female courtroom deputy during the Don Siegelman trial, and Judge Mark Fuller and Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin were aware of it, according to recently unsealed documents in the Alabama bingo case.

Did Baker have a sexual relationship with the courtroom deputy in the Siegelman trial, as he did with court reporter Mallory Johnson (nee McCutchin) in the bingo case? Did Baker also have an affair with a juror in the Siegelman case? With how many women from the courtroom did Baker carry on affairs during perhaps the two most high-profile federal prosecutions in modern Alabama history?

The answers to all three questions are not clear. But it does seem clear that Baker is quite the active fellow when it comes to women and courtrooms--and rumors about his activities were so rampant that Myron Thompson, judge in the bingo case, vowed to investigate.

We don't know what Thompson ultimately found out, but he clearly considered the Baker/McCutchin affair a serious matter in the bingo case. And Thompson wanted to know more about Baker's possible dalliances in the Siegelman case. Does that mean the Siegelman convictions could be due for a review, based on widespread speculation about Baker's misconduct--of some variety--during the trial? That remains to be seen, but our inspection of the unsealed documents indicates Thompson was deeply concerned about Baker's apparent history of putting his sexual appetite ahead of justice matters while in court.

The Montgomery Advertiser, in breaking the story about the Baker/court reporter affair in the bingo case, reported that the FBI agent also had an "inappropriate relationship with a female courtroom deputy" during the Siegelman trial. We took that to mean a sexual relationship, in our reporting on Monday, but review of the documents indicates that was not explicitly stated in closed-door meetings between Thompson, defense lawyers, and prosecutors. It appears, however, that Baker engaged in some sort of misconduct with the deputy--and it likely was sexual in nature. Participants in the private bingo-trial discussions also were aware of rumors about a possible affair between Baker and a juror during the Siegelman case, but they appeared to reach no definitive conclusions about that.

How did Baker's behavior in the Siegelman case become a hot topic during the bingo-trial discussions? It started with comments from attorney Jim Parkman, representing former State Sen. Harri Anne Smith (I-Slocomb). Parkman started rolling with a mix of homespun humor and serious inquiry. From the transcripts:

MR. PARKMAN: My question for Mr. Baker goes into what is his mindset during the time of this investigation. Is he thinking about sweet thing over here, or is he thinking about this case? And these text messages are not important to try, as far as I'm concerned, necessarily with regard to having an affair. We know that happened.
But my question goes towards is it happening during hours that he's working? Is it happening during hours that he's involved in the investigation? Or is it happening during times that he's sitting in a truck listening to telephone calls out there, and he's text messaging sweet thing over there at the time he's supposed to be listening to the case? So that's number one.

With that, Parkman dives headlong into Siegelman territory, drawing immediate reaction from Judge Thompson and other defense lawyers:

MR. PARKMAN: Number two is, and I hate to say this, but I'm going to say it because nobody else has. Mr. Baker's actions were brought up again in another case, in the [Siegelman] case. Now let me tell you what that tells me.

THE COURT: Were you all aware of that?

MS. [SUSAN] JAMES: Yes, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Okay. I mean, I feel like if his actions in the [Siegelman] case, they are of concern to me from what I have heard, but what I've heard is hearsay, which I will reveal to you, just as, you know, judges talking. But if it's true, it is of deep concern.

If he, and I'm going to say it because I've heard it, if he was e-mailing Judge Fuller's court reporter during that proceeding, are you aware of that, that he may have been e-mailing her? If that's true, your concerns have serious merit.

MR. PARKMAN: Thank you, sir. Mine is a little different. I appreciate you letting me talk.

THE COURT: I don't know if that's true or not, but that's something that I, in light of what's happened today, definitely want to look into.

Louis Franklin joins the conversation, correcting Thompson on the female courtroom figure in question. Franklin took over the Siegelman prosecution after the supposed recusal of U.S. Attorney Leura Canary:

MR. FRANKLIN: Two issues, Judge. It was his courtroom deputy.

THE COURT: It was his courtroom deputy, yes. Are you aware of that?

MR. FRANKLIN: I am aware of that.

THE COURT: Okay. Then you know -- I heard it as hearsay, I did not hear it as fact, but in light of what has happened here, it's something we definitely -

MR. FRANKLIN: Right, but there are two issues, Judge. I want to make sure they don't get confused because the lawyers in this room, what they have talked about is that there were e-mails or messages sent between Agent Baker and a juror. I want to make sure the Court understands -

THE COURT: I really don't know the details, but what I want to do is, Mr. Franklin, I want you to sit down with the lawyers here, get those spelled out, get your facts straight, because I don't want to deal in hearsay other than to say there's something I think we need to look at. But I do think that aside from the issue of the affair, an agent having an affair with an officer of the Court, like my court reporter, is a very serious matter.

MR. FRANKLIN: And, Judge, I don't -

THE COURT: Let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish.

It is a very serious matter, and it does compromise, no matter whether anything was exchanged about the case at all. It does compromise the proceedings, at least in appearance, and can compromise it in substance.
Keith Baker (right), from the Facebook page
of his wife, Sandra Sargent Baker
Several pages later in the transcript, the subject returns to Baker and the Siegelman juror, who has been reported as Katie Langer, otherwise known as "Flipper" for her habit of entertaining the jury panel by performing back flips during deliberations. According to documents from DOJ whistle blower Tamarah Grimes, jurors sent messages via U.S. marshals to the prosecution team, expressing (among other things) Langer's romantic interest in Baker. From the transcript, as Franklin returns to the subject of the Siegelman juror:

MR. FRANKLIN: I just want to make sure the Court understands two things. The information that you asked me about, I'm not really sure, I think there were -- I'm not sure there were text messages or phone calls between Agent Baker and the courtroom deputy -

THE COURT: Or a juror or something?


THE COURT: Not a juror.
MR. FRANKLIN: Two issues, Judge. One is that allegation. I was aware of that because I did get a note from Judge Fuller advising me of that, and it was put to bed. I don't know what information or the substance was in any of those communications.

But the other issue, Judge -

THE COURT: What other issue?

MR. FRANKLIN: There were two issues. The other one is there was some contact with a juror during the [Siegelman] case, and that has been brought up by at least one lawyer on the other side before. That matter was investigated. That matter proved to be an absolute rumor and not true.

THE COURT: The allegation that Baker and a juror -

MR. FRANKLIN: Yes, that some juror thought he was cute. That the investigation that was done by somebody other than anybody in our office or the F. B. I., revealed that was a rumor that was started by the jury administrator in this courthouse. She has admitted it.

I just wanted the Court to know that because they have painted such a bad picture of Agent Baker. Just to make sure that they don't get mixed up.

How is Franklin's credibility on the Baker/Langer rumors? Well, the transcripts show Franklin knew about the Baker/McCutchin affair for at least 11 days before telling Justin V. Shur, his Department of Justice superior on the bingo case. Even then, the prosecution tried to permanently hide the issue from the court and defense attorneys, via a motion in limine seeking to make questions about extramarital affairs off limits to all government witnesses.

The Baker/McCutchin affair only came to light when attorneys for VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor refused to agree to the government's proposed limitations on questioning.

So what was the extent of Keith Baker's amorous activities during the Siegelman case? We do not know for sure, at this time. But we do know that Louis Franklin likely is not a dependable source of information on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it obvious by now that Louis Franklin will lie, cheat, or even steal in order to protect his precious "conviction" rate?

Anonymous said...

Was this courtroom deputy the same one that Mark Fuller had an affair with, later married, and then beat up in an Atlanta hotel room, leading to his resignation?

legalschnauzer said...

I'm not certain about that, @9:31, but I've been told by someone who was present that there was only one courtroom deputy during the trial, and both Baker and Fuller were making eyes at her much of the time.

Anonymous said...

Is there only one FBI agent in the entire middle district of Alabama, and he's an incompetent horn dog? They can't find someone who doesn't have a perpetual erection to help investigate these criminal cases?

Tee Hee said...

Thank God, we finally have photos of the manly and mysterious Keith Baker! Now we know what animal magnetism is all about! Many thank yous, Mr. Schnauzer.

legalschnauzer said...

Glad I could be of service, Tee Hee. Actually, an alert reader deserves credit for bringing those photos to my attention.

Chuckles said...

Keith Baker's checklist before appearing in court . . .

* Legal pad? Check

* Pens? Check

* Cell phone? Check

* Folders? Check

* 12-pack of condoms? Check

* Will that be enough condoms? Depends on how good a day it is in court. Better take another 12-pack, for back-up.

Anonymous said...

Louis Franklin's lips are moving. That means a lie is being told.

Jessie said...

Thanks for the pictures of Agent Baker, Mr. Schnauzer. As one of your loyal female readers, I don't see anything to get all that excited about in these photos. (His wife is pretty, I must say. Surely she could do better than him.) Maybe it's the FBI badge that turns Agent Baker into such an attraction magnet. Otherwise, I just don't see it.

Anonymous said...

I find it peculiar that Franklin says the Flipper/Baker rumor was investigated by someone other than the FBI or his office, but he doesn't say who the investigating agency was. Franklin says it was a rumor, not true, but it appears to be confirmed that the jury sent messages to the prosecution table regarding Flipper's attraction to Baker. He blames it all on the jury administrator, but he offers no evidence to show she did anything wrong or that her "rumors" were not true. We already know that Franklin tried to cover up one affair involving Baker, and apparently didn't reveal Baker's communication with the courtroom deputy to the Siegelman defense team, so why should we take his word regarding Baker and Flipper?

legalschnauzer said...

You raise a lot of good points, @11:29, and I think the law is clear that any communication with a juror is prejudicial. Of course, the 11th Circuit repeatedly has ignored that law. Just the communication involving Flipper is a problem, and it also would be a problem if she and Baker did something as innocent as have a cup of coffee together.

Anonymous said...

legalschnauzer said...

Did Ms. Langer get a nice career bump--from gymnastics coach to assistant DA--from her vote to convict in the Siegelman case, and perhaps her willingness to persuade others?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that's "Flipper."

Anonymous said...

Geez... I feel like I need to take an industrial-strength shower after reading about all this sleaze. Incredibly disgusting behavior! :( Thanks for keeping us informed about these shenanigans, LS. Outstanding reporting as always.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these crazy women??? This doofus is an enormous nothingburger if I've ever seen one. I wouldn't spit in his direction if he was on fire. LOL.. I mean seriously..WTF! There is nothing remotely attractive about this idiot. Obviously, there's just no accounting for taste not to mention morals & ethics.

legalschnauzer said...

Are you talking about the woman in the pictures with Baker, @12:18? That's Sandra Baker, the agent's current wife. So no, that's not Flipper. To my knowledge, Flipper and Baker never married. As the post says, it's not clear that they ever had a relationship at all.

Anonymous said...

How soon before cases go to trials are justice conclusions put up for bidding; too is betting open to the public for their making side bets?

Is there a state contact, or direct contact to Washington to qualify for betting procedures in these Alabama judicial cases? Are side bets allowed on number of motions total, by defense, by plaintiff; number of objections by either counsel?

Realizing such information is not privy to general public, but is there offered an avenue for obtaining any information for betting on cases if odds are being offered?

Can you provide this information, if not, can you direct to most likely source of control this inside information? Thank-you.

legalschnauzer said...

You've stumped me @5:39. I've never heard of betting on court cases. If such a thing exists, I would advise steering clear of it, given the corruption in our system. It would be like gambling on sports events that you don't know are fixed.

Anonymous said...

You're most probably right, such a thing would most likely be reserved for those without limits or qualifications designed with a unique type social register clique
demanded of; otherwise never possible such information exist among plebeians with their nickels and dimes; after all was them whom were used by social ladder climbers towards enhancing their ranks and stations among the elite before becoming same. What could you expect, does a common-man know about justice/system anyway that would even know how bid and/or bet on Alabama judicial outcomes.

One has to only go to "The Henry County Report" JonCarroll. Something to do about an individual being held in The Houston County jail for 9 years without trial, kept away from media, preacher, and others; some believe because his father was a civil rights activist. Read and listen to mother's interview........... It's not just a matter of being a black person; poor whites, or even selective others as well are targets for corruption "gone wild" unbridled! Point is, all those that should give a damn, don't! Those that do, welllllll, all they can do is talk about the problems, they can't do anything about resolving them; unless take upon themselves to pursue the same resolve the citizens of Phenix City, Alabama did in about 1955 when they kicked the crooks and corruptors out............ Check your local library "The Phenix City Story"; if one is not prepared to play in the game, then, don't write and complain, at least until you do something; maybe not spend 5 months in jail..................

John Caylor said...

I'd like everyone to know that Jim Parkman is employed by the Mafia and I personally know him and he was arrested on a Cocaine bust at Panama City Beach, Fl in the 80's. He was on his boat with one of my former girlfriends Marcia Rogers.

Jim from Dothan, defended Richard Scrushy and I gave his partner McGowen direct information to prove Karl Rove's and the United States Attorney's collusion and party at Seaside, FL celebrating Don's conviction. I wrote and published a story about the party at Karl's house on Rosemary Beach, FL and even Kevin Gavin of the Montgomery FBI left a Thank You on my answering machine, I still have a copy of the tape and story

Please Note this was NOT Hearsay! It was direct knowledge.

Jim Parkman was elated and was going to tell Don about it but never did. Don's so called attorney's never found out about it and when Don I personally talked about it he was stunned that not one damn person ever mentioned it to him. But McGregor's Gunslinger Eddie Curran wrote about it in his book and dismissed me as a conspiracy theorist.

That no good SOB's father and the US Attorneys wrote his F**king book for him and they used it to fabricate Don's multiple charges and numerous trials. All because Don wanted a Lottery for Education in Alabama. Milton McGregor is bastard who will have you killed and this is who Parkman bows down to. Judge Myron Thompson was appointed to the bench because he was bought and paid for by Milton McGregor and Howell Hefflin Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Thompson covered up murders and protected members of George Bush's Iran Contra smuggling operations in Alabama during his long tenure as Chief Judge. Money from that continuing operation still flows through Milton McGergor. So call that Pot Black. As for Keith Baker - his fault is that he was naive enough to believe his supervisors and US Attorney's. He works for the FBI and they tell him what to do.

Before I was thrown in jail at the Canadian border in Washington State and put on ice without the first dammed phone call for a year on BS charges, I told Baker that Milton's boys had sent Tim Fuhrman to Luther Strange's Office to wreck his life and derail Baker's investigation on the Russian Mafia and the Bribery case. So when you read about where agent X put his Penis - ask for a picture! John Caylor

legalschnauzer said...

John: I'm confused, and your comment raises a number of questions:

(1) Do you have records, and can you provide them, of Jim Parkman's arrest on a cocaine bust?

(2) You say that Jim Parkman was "elated." Elated about what?

(3) You say Parkman was going to tell "Don about it." Is that Don Siegelman, and if so, what was Parkman going to tell him?

(4) You say that Eddie Curran is Milton McGregor's "gunslinger." How so? That seems like an odd alliance, given that Curran, on matters related to the Siegelman case, has consistently written with a pro-Riley view, and Bob Riley started the anti-gaming crusade that led to near ruination of McGregor's business. Hard to see how Curran and McGregor could be connected. Can you explain?

(5) What evidence do you have that Curran's father and "US Attorneys" wrote Eddie Curran's book for him? Are these the same U.S. attorneys who later went after Milton McGregor, for whom Eddie Curran serves as gunslinger? If so, I don't get it.

(6) I've heard the stuff about "McGregor will have you killed," but I've seen zero evidence of that. Can you provide any? If McGregor has people killed, why are Bob Riley, Rob Riley, Mike Hubbard, and Luther Strange still alive?

(7) Parkman bows down to McGregor? How so?

(8) How did McGregor buy and pay for Myron Thompson's appointment to the bench by Jimmy Carter? How did Thompson, a Democratic appointee, cover up murders for George Bush (a Republican) and his Iran-Contra smuggling operations in Alabama. How does money from such an operation flow through Milton McGregor, given that McGregor consistently has been attacked by what appear to be "pro Bush" Republicans (Bob Riley, Luther Strange).

(9) You state that Tim Fuhrman was sent to Luther's office to "wreck his life." Whose life, Luther's? Didn't Luther hire Fuhrman, just like he hired Sonny Reagan, Matt Hart, and Alice Martin?

(10) What sort of investigation was Baker conducting on the Russian Mafia in Alabama, and how was he conducting it if (as even Louis Franklin admits) he was chasing skirts here and there? Are you saying Baker wasn't involved in these sexual liaisons?

You have been at, or near, the front row on some important stories--especially re: the corrupt triangle of Alabama, Georgia, and Florida--so I decided to publish your comment. But I must say, it has me scratching my head. Very confusing, and I'm trying to figure out if there is any basis for what you seem to be claiming.

John Caylor said...

Roger - I will try and answer some of your questions but it would be best if I published my new book concerning the CIA's Dixie Mafia. But just for now - Jim was arrested after a party at Hank williams, Jr. house. The Bay County Sheriff's department did their usual cover-up. It was in the PC News Herald and Marcia also told me about it - you know these Alabama attorney's always have their own arrests and convictions covered up just like David Harrison who defended Harri Anne Smith and Ronnie Gilley in the Bingo case. 42 Counts of RICO Meth Distribution Ring. (Mafia)Guilty All counts..

When I had drinks with Don Siegelman's United States Attorney prosecutors and their wives at Bud-N-Alley's on Seaside Beach during early 2007 on a saturday afternoon they were visiting from Montgomery for a dinner party hosted by Karl and Darby Rove they said was to honor them for getting Don Siegelman convicted. At that point in time I did not know anything about Don's case as I was draining the swap and fighting alligators after my mother's brutal murder at Enterprise. I had moved to a safe house condo at Sea Grove Beach to hide out and spy on Karl when he was in town.

It just so happened that Karl and Dabry's Beach House at Rosemary Beach was less than 2 miles down the road and I often drove by and shot tags and took pictures and Karl almost ran over me one morning. The CIA apparently gave Karl the beach house as a gift. If you want more than this you'll have to read the book.

But Roger - I have talked to Keith many times over the years and I can smell Milton's hatchet jobs and as far as Myron Thompson's appointment it was at the pushing of Howell Heflin and I personally knew him and Howell was at the top of the heap covering up drug smuggling for the Boy's back in the 70's. In fact on January 31, 1978 (Sgt. Robert Jackson) Narcotics Division, Dothan, AL police was gunned down in a Mafia commissioned and paid for hit by a former friend of mine, W.D. Williams. WD's son also told me that his daddy did a deathbed confession to him over the hit. W.D.'s people were also Mike Hobbs and James David Finch (Phoenix Racing) Phoenix Construction - George Bush's buddies..

Myron Thompson was fresh from working with Bill Baxley and set up a law practice in Dothan, Al and he approached Jackson's widow about filing a law suit against the City of Dothan.

To make the lawsuit go away Thompson was appointed a federal judge and Fred Gray who was expecting the appointment was told by Hefflin that Thompson was picked beforehand and there were no other candidates.

So mention Dothan, AL to Myron and he goes nuts! C-Espy introduced me to Myron back in 1979. Sgt. Jackson's widow got screwed when Myron let the lawsuit drift away. I tried to find her last year and she and her son keep getting moved after all these years. Look up Jackon and the reward posted for information - it's buried deep-deep in the Alabama Archives and Myron doesn't want anyone to talk about the case.

Roger if you can stop writing stories about wussies and the penis you might actually do some real good but you need to quit promoting Milton McGregor and his mobbed up friends otherwise those dogs might mortally bite you. As for Kieth Baker, I feel sorry for him because now everyone is out to attack him and from reading the transcript Myron and his Hearsay innuendo could just do Baker in for no other purpose except getting rid of McGregor's arch enemy other than ME!

As for Louis Franklin and his Shit House U.S. Attorney's even the United States Marshall's I know want to throw up from having to stomach those people. I really don't think you know or understand how deep the real Mafia goes into public and court corruption. At any rate I am now writing and getting ready to publish because I'm 67 and don't think I'll live much longer at least I'll go out with a bang.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for your response, John. When is your book due out?

I briefly will take exception to your characterization that I'm "promoting Milton McGregor." I think it's clear that his business has been unlawfully attacked, first by Bob Riley and then Luther Strange. The citizens of Macon County approved bingo via a constitutional amendment, which designated the sheriff to promulgate rules related to the game--and the sheriff found that the electronic machines at VictoryLand play bingo. That should have been end of story. But a business has been closed now for more than two years, and I've studied the case enough to know that the closing is not supported by law. That's journalism, not promotion of anyone.

As for what went on behind the scenes of the bingo trial, or anyone's ties to the Dixie Mafia, I guess I will wait to read about that when your book comes out.

John Caylor said...

Thanks Roger: The tentacles start with Paul Bear Bryant, Sr and Mafia sports betting in 1961 which Bear Bryant was guilty of rigging games and the "Saturday Evening Post" a fine American magazine was correct about their story but the Mafia had enough horsepower to burn the presses in America. This is where America and journalism started going to Hell in a handbasket.

Milton McGregor was a wage grade worker from Hartford, Alabama bumming cigarettes from his boss Billy Grice at D.O.L. Supply at Fort Rucker, Al in the 60's and early 70's. Billy Grice the supervisor, was my father's protege and was approached by Congressman Bill Dickinson (Montgomery) Chairman of the Armed Services Committee about stealing Avionics (RADAR) and selling it to the Mafia for Israel to put into their fighter planes to launch the Six Day war in 1967. Israel Shot down the entire Egyptian Air Force before they took off!

Milton worked for Billy Grice and so did my father's first cousin John Hugh Caylor, So it was Billy, Milton and John Hugh, and the money flowed into the millions. Billy was also the bag man and Milton helped him carry that money every now and then - suitcases to the Pentagon etc paying off lots of brass.

Milton's brother Tom McGregor was trusted and already working for Congressman George Andrews who took him from a pool room in Ozark to Washington, D.C. and put him into the printing business as a U.S. government contract printer-publisher. Same as they did for Terry Everett my old boss now retired Congressman Terry Everett, former Federal Judge Mark Fuller's buddy.

Lyndon Johnson finds out they were instrumental in launching a real war in the Middle East and he's mad as hell. He has the F.B.I. ferret them out and John Hugh Caylor gives it up admitting to a bribe of half a million bucks then he commits perjury on the witness stand - a dumb move he winds up at Maxwell AFB Club Fed.

Billy refuses to rat out Congressman Dickinson as the F.B.I. dumps him at the gate of Club Fed in Atlanta. Milton slips away and becomes Billy's best friend in money laundering. Billy was in Atlanta for 37 months and was transferred to Maxwell AFB prison where he met inmate former U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell of Richard Nixon fame.

Billy Grice was a smart as hell, had a photographic memory and became a jailhouse Lawyer while in Atlanta and he wrote John Mitchell's appeals as Mitchell was a corporate lawyer and didn't know squat about criminal law. So Billy Grice and John Hugh walk away from Maxwell Club Fed with John Mitchell's, Bill Dickinson's friendship in the pocket. John Hugh goes back to drinking again and dies after filling my ears with the stories of Who was Who in D.C.

Billy Grice gets out of Club Fed and sends out 300 resumes to the people he protected and not one of them would hire him, much less talk to him. During Billy's stay in prison my father's former police detectives Jake Heath and Larry Baxter burglarize Billy's Deep Freeze at his home in Enterprise relieving Billy of a freezer full of 100's - Diamonds and those little green rocks things used for currency in Colombia.

Billy was a first rate pilot, he decided to import cocaine and use his Atlanta Club Fed Ayran Brotherhood and CIA connections to become the nation's first successful cocaine smuggler. So Billy Grice was back and doing good he and Milton Built homes side by side in Enterprise on Red Cloud Road and the money flowed into the Citizen's Bank in Enterprise. Paul Bear Bryant Jr. joined Milton in a Victoryland Partnership and everyone did well except America. Now hopefully you will begin to see it's deep, complicated and look up - "A Sitdown" - as in Mafia what it really means and you will get a glimpse of the relationships in a circle of friends.

Anonymous said...

...and now Katie Langer is a prosecutor for the DA in Montgomery 👀