Monday, March 9, 2015

Are law-enforcement officers trained to cover up abuse by slapping bogus resisting-arrest charges on citizens?

(From "Photography Is Not A Crime" Web site)
Do law-enforcement officers intentionally concoct bogus resisting-arrest cases against citizens? Are officers trained to make false statements during confrontations in hopes it might turn attention away from possible excessive force/police brutality? Are judges, prosecutors, and other members of the "justice infrastructure" inclined to side with officers--even when evidence indicates they were in the wrong?

Based on my own experience of being charged with resisting arrest in Shelby County, Alabama, I would say the answer to all three questions is yes.

Someone else must think so, too, because we found the above photo/graphic on the Web. It shows a training officer telling a group of police-academy trainees, "Remember class: Always say, 'Quit resisting,' and 'I feared for my life.'"

These issues particularly resonate now because of two important lessons from recent days:

(1) The case against Alabama officer Eric Parker, in the beating of Indian grandfather Sureshbhai Patel, has wrongly been classified as a misdemeanor (third-degree assault). Under Alabama law, it must be classified as a felony (second- or first-degree assault). This suggests that someone in the aforementioned "justice infrastructure" is trying to let Officer Parker off easy.

(2) No citizen can be charged with resisting an arrest that was unlawful in the first place. Alabama law says that citizens have no duty to submit to anything other than a lawful arrest--and, in fact, we have the right to use reasonable force to resist an unlawful arrest.

As for the questions at the beginning of our post, let's consider the words and actions of Shelby County Deputy Chris Blevins in my case. I saw video of the incident during my resisting-arrest trial in January 2014--and having lived through the incident and seen a replay of it--I can't help but almost double over with laughter at the photo/graphic above. It's as if Chris Blevins was one of the dudes sitting in that class.

On the video, Blevins enters our garage, even though he has not shown a warrant, has not said he has a warrant, and has not said why he is on my property. I clearly tell him to get out of my house, but he ignores that. As I get out of my car and try to get to some stairs to walk up to our kitchen, the dash camera in Blevins' vehicle loses sight of us. Blevins follows me, and the garage door closes behind us--I must have reflexively pushed a button that closed the door, although I don't remember doing it. In fact, I remember saying to myself, "Don't close the door because you want this guy out of here."

We lose video of what takes place inside the garage, but the audio picks up everything. We also have Blevins' own account of the event from his incident report. (See report at the end of this post.)

What do we learn? Here are a few things:

(1) Blevins repeatedly is heard saying "Don't fight me, don't fight me," even with all kinds of noise in the background--which is the sound of him pushing me up against a heavy dog pen, hard enough to move it several feet, and through two stacks of boxes. By Blevins' own words in his report, he initiated physical contact with me, not the other way around, and the only action I took was to raise my arms in front of my face, which I did mainly to keep my glasses and/or nose from being broken. Our photo/graphic above is supposed to be a joke, but it isn't; like most good humor, it's based in reality. Blevins used slightly different words--"Don't fight me," instead of "Quit resisting"--but otherwise, it's like he was sitting there taking notes from the training officer in our illustration.

(By the way, Blevins does state several times in his incident report that I 'resisted,' but he never says how. In fact, his own words show that I did nothing that amounts to resisting arrest. Also, Blevins admitted at my resisting-arrest trial that his actions amounted to a traffic stop, under the law--and that has profound consequences for what took place on the night of October 23, 2013, inside my garage. More on those two issues coming in a future post.)

(2) Is Blevins trying to create the tried and true "I feared for my life" scenario? It sure looks that way when you read his words in the incident report. First, he states that I put my "right hand in my right front pants pocket." This seems to hint that he feared I might have been reaching for a weapon in my pocket--perhaps an assault rifle was stored in there. What was the reality? I had just gotten out of my car so--surprise, surprise--I was putting my car keys in my pocket. (By the way, Blevins says he grabbed my arm as I put it in my pocket. And yet, he says I pushed a button to close the garage door. How did I manage to do that if he had grabbed my arm? Did he push the button to close the garage door? I don't know.)

Then, Blevins states that the garage was "darkened," with "only a dim bulb on the garage opener." Most garages, particularly those (like ours) that are partially underground, tend to be fairly dark. But ours has a large window on the side wall and six to eight small windows across the double garage doors. There was quite a bit of light coming in, and Blevins' vision should have been good enough to see that nothing in our garage posed a threat to him--and he never says I was trying to grab any object anyway.

I think Blevins and his colleagues intended to rough me up a good bit--Officer Jason Valenti can be heard on video threatening to break my arms while assisting in handcuffing me--and I think they also planned to set up a "resisting arrest" scenario, one that was contrary to facts and the law. A resisting-arrest charge, I'm guessing, takes the spotlight off their own misconduct and puts it on me.

As for the "justice infrastructure," prosecutor Tonya Willingham was instructed to turn over copies of any warrants, and she replied "Your Honor, we have no warrants." And Judge Ron Jackson, having just been told that this was not a lawful arrest, convicted me of resisting arrest anyway.

The trial was on January 14, 2014, and I had been in jail since October 23, 2013, with no opportunity to prepare a defense. Jackson denied my request for a continuance, so in essence, I was not allowed to actually prepare a defense on resisting arrest. Even so, I knew that resisting applied only to a lawful arrest, and I argued that this did not involve a lawful arrest--after all, it was a matter of court record that no warrant existed.

Jackson wasn't hearing any of it--his mind clearly was made up before the proceeding even began--so I was faced with an $845 fine, and I now have a criminal record. I also have had the pleasure of seeing my photo listed on "Shelby County's Most Wanted" for several months, long after the fine had been paid.

Last time I checked a couple of weeks ago, the "Most Wanted" photo finally had been removed--only after I alerted the sheriff's office that the fine had been paid for months.

I've written extensively about the emotional and physical trauma of being roughed up inside my own home and being incarcerated for five months. I'm still living with that, but the resisting-arrest case presents a more subtle form of damage that members of the "justice infrastructure" have inflicted on me--and I'm sure countless other citizens have had to deal with it.

It was bad enough that my picture was on the Shelby County Sheriff's Web site for the five months I was an inmate--on a contempt of court charge that is contrary to more than 200 years of First Amendment law. But imagine having your photo on a "most wanted" Web site for a "crime" you did not commit, even after the fine for said "crime" long has been paid.

What kind of smear job does that do to your reputation? Where does a law-abiding citizen go to get his reputation back?


Anonymous said...

Agenda 21. Testimony is Testilying.

The Judge had photos of my arrest, the home where the cop said he "feared for his life". A door there he could have walked out of, right behind him when I was on the floor from a canister of his brand new pepper spray poured into and onto my body.

The entire gang was there in the Courthouse, studying to see how to testilie as an expert.

PHOTOS. The past has been at long last, an opening portal to see the whole sordid truth of now.

The medial global, has stopped our country from going completely fascist/Nazi in Century 21.

The cops are told to kill and the insurance covers the murder.

Georgia Guidestones people of Alabama in in the South and tells exactly what our so-called "Officers of the Peace" are doing.

Militarized and globally a lab for the weapons industries that are transnationals.

We're weapons' lab rats and of course the drugs from p HARM aceuticals, name a poison or weapon not used in USA for the population control.

Population control because the Federal Reserve System has gone defunct and the countries of China, Russia, Iran, Germany oh yes yes yes,

European Union's countries have also turned to be not with the Fed and America and Israel.

"HARD landing".

No human in the earth's atmosphere, with a brain cell synapse left in the head, chooses to experience what happened to Carol and Roger Shuler, Et Al.


Earth has already been through this same agenda, but the Big Gov USA-Israel-Fed, decided that the world was dumber than what the world is.

Take the photo shots of your garage where the trespass and attempted homicide-potential murder occurred.

Get in touch with the former Chief Justice of the AL Supreme Court, send her the entire case with the photos.

OR simply do a complete file case on your blog and send her the link. She says she is a reform artist now, of the system that isn't "Justice".

When a Judge sees the space in your home, how can the testilying be held as credible?

Match the law with the photo ...

Pictures in my case won me an "acquittal". The States of California, Oregon, Washington, are as bad as Alabama.

I should have had a complete jury trial and the cop should have been doing some time.

No, the cop killed an innocent black man, didn't hear about that though, lock-down iron curtain media / info in the State of Oregon. My arrest was in 2008, the assassination shot to the back of Aaron Campbell's head was in 2010. Prior to 2008, the same cop was found guilty of tazing and beanbagging, and so on to an innocent man filming the cops trespassing (Frank Waterhouse).

No State in America is considered safe or sane.

NO NO NO, those that do this criminal insane behavior must be held fully accountable - that is, the KLAN BIG AL GOV.

Mercenary armies are paid by a credit line that is criminal fraud, and this insanity was-is stealing the whole Middle East as well, moving into Russia and China and Iran.

Here in America? Credit debt criminal fraud gets to wipe out history in the USA, and genocide the people, too.

Apartheid happened when the court system was put on the credit debt to fraudulently induce and transfer wealth, from We The People. So many partnerships to obfuscate and fool almost all the people almost all the time.

Doctorates of Jurisprudence that understood real contract law.

The beginning wasn't good either (INDIANS). Why the BRICS plus Germany, and Iran and, and yes there is only USA and Israel and their Fed to face the multitudes for what has been done.

We The People are sovereign.

We The People have a huge responsibility now.

We must take the LAWLESSNESS in the States, and demand the humans too sick to be well, get somewhere that is safe for the USA to heal from the scars of tyrannical unsavory bastards.

Anonymous said...

Also, was arrested in 2014, again.

When a PRO SE WINS in the courts, there is a very definite stalking that happens.

The thuggery gang ("Police"), have every detail to instantly do what IT is told to do:

kill or disappear the people that do not take the "Mark of the Beast" (that is the credit score of debt slavery).

The Big Gov Global through the UN did a count of the human population of earth.

Georgia Guidestones is the "Ten Commandments Modern" for those that could afford such a monument of carved granite!

The list of who gets to be put into a place to die is found in the teaching of credit line fascists. Too many pills and too much poisoning and worse, mutilation of our species at birth or in the womb.

Monsters rule.

Contact the former Justice of the Supreme Court of AL, Carol and Roger. DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THE DARK NIGHT, RAGE-RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT!

We can't absolutely CANNOT, allow the criminally insane toxic shame of Liberty and Rob and and and so many moral turpitude that have taken the "Mark of the Beast", quite obviously.

Slaves to the credit debt criminally insane Fed fraud.


God Bless the Shuler family for being true Americans! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I know this was unpleasant for you, LS, but it's kind of funny to see that Officer Blevins was shouting "Don't fight me!" while he states on his report that he was throwing you through boxes multiple times. Who was fighting whom here?

Anonymous said...

Love the graphic on this. Made me cough milk out of my nose.

Anonymous said...

... But, unfortunately, it’s happening right here in America as we speak. And if this facility existed for so long without the public’s knowledge, that begs the question: are there any more of these police run “black sites” that we don’t know about?

... Because it preys upon two of the most prolific human fears.

First of all, there is our inherent fear of the unknown. When someone disappears without a trace, our imaginations will eventually concoct the worst possible explanation. And without knowing exactly how it happened, we have to accept the possibility that it could happen to us as well, and there is no way to stop it. So if your government is capable of this, then you have every reason to follow the rules and stay in line. You never know when you might be next.

Which brings me to the second fear. It preys upon our fear of other people. There are plenty of phobias that humans are capable of, but nothing is more terrifying than what your fellow humans might do to you when nothing can stop them. Snakes can bite you, bears can eat you, and water can drown you, but only your fellow humans are capable of torturing you, and only your fellow humans know what will hurt you the most. Combine that with the fear of the unknown, and you now have the most effective method of terror and control.

But there’s also a third factor that makes this tactic so effective. Most people don’t know it, because only those who have been “disappeared,” know the awful truth.

For a better explanation, I’d like cite one of the most underrated historians of our time, Dan Carlin. If you’re a history buff and you’ve never heard of him, you don’t know what you’re missing. He doesn’t just know what he’s talking about, he knows how to relate history to you personally.

In this short video, he explains why the Nazis and Soviets were able to convince millions of people to enslave and murder their countrymen. When we think of the Nazis, we often believe their control was fostered by their propaganda efforts, but that was only one small piece of the puzzle. In reality, their grip on the population was built on their ability to make people disappear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing this incident report. Very interesting to read the officer's own words on this.

Anonymous said...

It has been my experience that the perfect crimes are committed by those serving dishonorably in law enforcement and the military.

The corruption in the courts is at all levels and every state. The Supreme Court gave our rights to the corporations and others with immunity, indemnity, and the right connections to have their records sealed, expunged, vacated, reversed, and pardoned.

If a judge is not corrupt, the case will be given to one who is, and the corporations will aid in the public shaming by having google and other websites publish the electronic case filings with names, addresses, photos, and other personally identifiable information of the victim for the entire world wide web to see-- even if it involves a sexual assault--or should I say especially if it involves a sexual assault--and offers constructive criticism of the military.

They will use (b)(6) exemptions, redactions, and omissions to hide their identity.

The instruments of oppression are the technology. The eyes of big brother and the ears of NSA are always open.

Their electronic filings and internet searches are used against us. It is not to help us, it is to help them know what we are thinking and planning.

I may as well wave to the camera on my phone and other devices and type to all those behind the cookies.

The military has a saying, "give him enough rope to hang himself", so I always panic when I hear that someone on active duty or a veteran hanged himself or herself.

The irony is that those who are not hypnotized by the television and other distractions are mislabeled as crazy!

Those who are dishonest and serve dishonorably always roam in packs. They know how to beat the system by having five or more of their friends lie for them.

Who can discredit a judge, servicemember, and others who are trustworthy? We can!

In their big plans, they usually make a few small mistakes.

We have to leave this country to have our American rights enforced. Liberty, justice, and rights were usurped by the corporations and their cronies.

I write to them all anyway. Write to the Governor, the Senators, the President, the United Nations, and whoever else because there was one person, and I wish that I could credit them, who I believe helped me.

They have too many lies to remember, so they will get sloppy.

The best to you and Carol and I hope that you find inner peace. Have you started a White House petition?