Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hearing Set for Nov. 14 on "Permanent Injunctions" in Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case

This is Carol, Roger's wife. A bogus court hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. on the grossly unconstitutional & unlawful "permanent injunctions" in the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case. The location and nature of this so-called hearing is unknown at this time. Nothing that has been done in this entire alleged "civil case" has been remotely lawful, normal, constitutional, typical, correct, ethical or proper in any way, shape or form.

It has been a kangaroo court from the outset. In fact, I must apologize for offending kangaroos. Please accept my deepest apologies, dear kangaroos of the world. I am sorry to insult you in such an awful and demeaning way. I really like kangaroos. Please understand this is merely an phrase and has nothing to do with kangaroos. Now hop along....

As I was saying, this mystery hearing is supposedly set for Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. But where it is taking place we do not know. The nature of it we do not know. We do not know anything in fact because that is simply how the bizarre "conservative" cabal in Alabama operates.


e.a.f. said...

they will have to notify his attorney,or not. No place of hearing has been posted, most likely, because they do not want an organized protest outside the court room nor do they wish to see the media arriving in force. Now of course if it could be arranged to have the media follow Mr. Shuler when he comes out of the jail, it might work. On the other hand, they may just have the hearing in the jail. It maybe considered to dangerous to transport Mr. Shuler. Not dangerous for Mr. Shuler, but dangerous for those who plot against him. They most likely wish to not have to look at protests so they can continue to live in a bubble.

Perhaps some of the media can start calling the county lawyers to find out where the hearing will be. If enough of them start bothering the system, they may find it easier to just give out the information. Protests outside the county jail might be a way of notifying the rileys et al, people are not pleased about the violation of the First Amendment.

e.a.f. said...

found it most interesting, when I tried to send an email to Luther Strange or any office of the Attorney General, for Alabama, it comes up as a 404 error. Its like they don't want to be contacted. Is something up.

I was just wanting to know the location of Mr. Shuler's 14 Nov. hearing.

Unknown said...

The standard operating procedure, depending upon the so called 'judge' -- is to decide the call of exactly what the 'assembly' is, and that's what the parties decide that are in control of the court system.

It's a sham, the entire system of so called court/s. Yes there are some truly great Judges, count them probably not more than two hands for the entire country.

Should there be truly great judicial USA, then we would not see Don Siegelman in prison and Roger kidnapped after his home was continuously stalked. He's being held against his will, and this style of Nazi boot camp should get the attention of all the so called judicial across USA. But, blackmail on the behavior of the so called "Judges" and others, AND, look what Roger outed, the fear and terror factor across America is obvious.

Without any due process innocents are being incarcerated, tortured, killed, disappeared.

No rights' that are promised in the law of the U.S. Constitution.

Soon the critical mass factor of enough of this is going to blow the lid off the right to justice in reality caldron.

Contempt for the individual and our right to moral consciousness.

Attacked is U.S. Constitution's demand for this as a value standard, moral integrity.

So called 'leaders' don't get to be in a secret shadow government that is controlled by a private enterprising system. The clandestine liaisons, degradation of societal standards covered-up as though the self-loathing doesn't cause a foul stench in the embrace of our self-dis-respect.

Roger is being taught the lesson that all of us are being taught: modern banking laws are the rules, regulations and don't mess with the gov agents of this system.

Sue the Fed, Carol, that's the owner of the courts.

MFranklin said...

I would merely like to suggest the one avenue that no petty tyranny can sidestep without inviting the full blazing light of media attention; a hunger strike.

If Legal Schnauzer were to protest his unconstitutional treatment by way of a hunger strike, the lid would come off of this. It would, of course, place the victim here at physical risk but to do so in the name of liberty and constitution... is indeed a worthy cause.

Best of luck.

Steve said...

The truly disturbing part of Rogers "arrest" is they tried to get Carol as well. If they had nobody would have known what what happened. They would have just vanished.