Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Writes Letter to Court in Support of Legal Schnauzer

This is Carol, Roger's wife. So many organizations have stepped forward to lend their support to Legal Schnauzer's ongoing fight for justice against this travesty against our constitutional rights and civil liberties. One of those groups is the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) based in Washington, D.C. The RCFP describe themselves on their website as: A nonprofit association dedicated to providing free legal assistance to journalists since 1970.

This outstanding organization, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) in Washington D.C., sent a letter to the court on Nov. 6 in Shelby County, Alabama, outlining the unconstitutionality of the underlying Riley/Duke alleged defamation case and in support of Roger Shuler & Legal Schnauzer's First Amendment case. Here is the RCFP letter:


Wayne said...

Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Hopefully, Roger will be out very, very soon because of this travesty. Then I hope they put Riley, the Judge, and deputies in jail without bail. Give the a taste of their own medicine. May God Bless You and Roger and please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see more support for you. I expect the judge to ignore the request unless the Feds can enter the fray and force this rogue 'judge' to rescind.


legalschnauzer said...

Wayne... You are very welcome & thank you for your support and well wishes. I agree the whole lot of them needs to be in prison for what they have done! All the best to you,

Unknown said...

"float like a butterfly & sting like a bee"

Great absolutely GREAT.

And, unfortunately the Feds telling the judge to rescind may be the final knock-out.

The Alabama injustice is not going to like after so long, behaving in the light of true justice.

Be this right now as it may, the reality is Roger has been as we all knew and know, a victim of the corrupted system THAT all numbers of Alabamians want stopped.

Legal Schnauzer's sources send the necessary MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to the top Journalist. Why? To prove the cesspool is not healthy and the people of Alabama do have more healthy than this small number of cultists to be in the whatever Rove tribe.

US CONSTITUTION: Moral Responsibility & this IS LS.

e.a.f. said...

It is good to see another group has come on board. With all this publicity, I wonder how this is now all working for those who created the problem. Perhaps the Rileys et al thought no one would notice what had happened to Mr. Shuler and at the same time send a message to those who opposed them in Alabama. Well it is not working. Yes, unfortunately Mr. Shuler is in jail. However, this issue now has internation attention. The blog continues to be published. Everybody now knows how corrupt the politics in alabama has become.

If the Rileys et al had simply not responded, time might have passed,e tc. Now that they attempted to have Mr. Shuler gagged, it hasn't worked out so well for them.

Thank you for continuing to write the blog. My best wishes to both you and Mr. Shuler.

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. You are very welcome & thank you for the kind words of support & well wishes. I agree. This time these maniacs have gone simply too far & it is backfiring in their ridiculous faces. Makes me think of that great quote that says "absolute power corrupts absolutely." True story!!

Anonymous said...

amazed to see editorial in Sunday's Birmingham news. Supportive of Roger's rights to write and disseminate what he wants, if not supportive of what he writes. That was almost earth-shaking.