Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here's the Price You Pay for Reporting the Truth About a CEO

Zac Parrish

What's the story behind, a Web site that apparently was created in a rather pathetic attempt to threaten and intimidate yours truly?

That question has been making the rounds here, both in published comments and private e-mails, since I wrote last week about the peculiar communications I've received from Zac Parrish, managing member of Parrish Building Company in Birmingham. Why would a guy who seems to make his living as a residential builder be agitated about our reporting? Well, Zac Parrish is the former stepson of Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins, who has been the subject of numerous revelatory and unflattering posts herein.

Specifically, we've written about an unlawful divorce judgment in which Mr. Rollins and various corrupt forces in the Alabama legal community managed to cheat Sherry Carroll Rollins (his ex wife and Zac Parrish's mother) and the couple's two daughters, Sarah and Emma Rollins. We've written about Mr. Rollins' shaky business practices, his connections to a family with an unsavory past, and his status as "the ultimate deadbeat dad." We've also written about his ties to Rollins Inc., the umbrella company of Orkin Pest Control that is run by his billionaire cousins Randall and Gary Rollins. And we've shown that, even though Ted Rollins is worth millions and his cousins are worth billions, Sherry Rollins and her two daughters are on food stamps in Birmingham.

Why would Zac Parrish be exorcised about all of this, clearly siding with Ted Rollins over his own mother and half sisters? Sources tell us that Parrish Building Company has benefited in a major way from Rollins-family largesse. Why has the Rollins family been supportive of Zac Parrish while going out of its way to cheat Ted Rollins' own flesh and blood? We will examine that question, in detail, soon. But first, let's consider

What is it? I first learned of it in an e-mail from Zac Parrish last October, and here were my initial thoughts on the subject:

What is Zac Parrish telling me with his reference to, which to my knowledge has never taken flight as an actual Web site? I can think of only one perverse image. Schnauzer appears to be an obvious reference to me and my Web site. Why "mount"? It appears to be a reference to "doggy style" sex, from behind. In human form, it could be a reference to anal sex and a threat to "screw" with me.

With the assistance of several helpful readers, I've learned quite a bit about First, it doesn't appear to be an actual Web site at this point. It is a domain that is, in fact, registered to Zac Parrish.

The Web site provides the following information about

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 03-oct-2011
Creation Date: 03-oct-2011
Expiration Date: 03-oct-2012

Zac Parrish
8673 lake drive
Bessemer, Alabama 35022
United States

Registered through: Go Daddy
Created on: 03-Oct-11
Expires on: 03-Oct-12
Last Updated on: 03-Oct-11

Administrative Contact:
Parrish, Zac
8673 lake drive
Bessemer, Alabama 35022
United States
2052299054 Fax --

Technical Contact:
Parrish, Zac
8673 lake drive
Bessemer, Alabama 35022
United States
2052299054 Fax --

You might recall that Zac Parrish sent a thinly veiled threat by stating in an e-mail that he knows where I live. Well, now it looks like we all know where he lives. And I'm pretty sure I have a "dear friend" who lives near Lake Drive in Bessemer. Seems two can play that "I know where you live" game.

Why did Zac Parrish pick mountschnauzer as the name for his domain? Several readers agree with me that it has something to do with off-centered ideas about sex. Said one:

My guess is is simply a fishing expedition. Maybe from his experience and observation of his friends he is betting schnauzer surely has something of a sexual nature schnauzer wouldn't want exposed. He of course has nothing. His assumption is there must be something you wouldn't want exposed so he is bluffing that he knows your sexual secrets. Just a guess, but my bet is he thinks everyone has them. Pitiful and desperate attempt at playing on an unknown fear he hopes you have. Hahaha

A reader at Open Salon was thinking along the same lines:

Oldest and grossest play in the book. Usually the method of the direct threat is accompanied by some good old fashioned blackmail: "Sir, he's got something on us." "Well, get something on him then, damnit!" You must be into clean living, otherwise they would not be so frustrated and so desperate. Good luck.

If Zac Parrish discovers anything "edgy" going on in my sex life, I hope he clues me in on it. (Mrs. Schnauzer says she would appreciate a heads up, too.)

One reader thought "mount" was a reference to taxidermy, which is a possibility given that Zac Parrish is known to belong to a hunting club near Tuscaloosa and enjoy killing animals for no apparent reason:

Legal Schnauzer, My first thought when I read "mountschnauzer" is that animals (deer, duck, geese, etc.) are mounted--think taxidermy. Maybe it's a threat to your current pets, if you do have pets.

We do have pets, but thankfully, they are strictly indoor kitty kats, so Zac Parrish will have a hard time getting to them.

Here's a thought: Perhaps Zac Parrish is dreaming of having me stuffed and mounted. And that reminds us of a scene from "My Malpractical Decision," one of many classic episodes of Scrubs. Check it out below, from 1:00 to 1:50:


Mack Lyons said...

I'd find as many legal allies as I could, at this point. If these guys want you to shut up, they're most likely not above using Major Bashinsky-style tactics.

Anonymous said...

Nah, everyone would point to the fellow who is on record stating he'll take care of Schnauzer. Now the fellow doing the doc could use Major Bashinsky tactics and not only would Zac go to jail, think how interest would increase on his project. Win win.

legalschnauzer said...

I should note that, in the wake of my reporting on Zac Parrish, some strange things have started happening to our phone service.

Won't go into details for now, and I'm looking to see if there is some technical explanation on our end. But for the moment, it appears that someone is externally screwing around with our phone service.

Anonymous said...

As someone sympathetic to your work, and, from personal experience, VERY unsympathetic to Rollins and his business practices and ethics, please take good care and don't hesitate to call in the authorities. I would not be surprised at ANYTHING that Ted Rollins might put someone else up to.

legalschnauzer said...


Point well taken. Unfortunately, I would not be surprised if "authorities" are involved in this. Keep in mind that Ted Rollins has ties to the Bradley Arant law firm, and I've seen signs that certain large downtown law firms pretty much control our courts. I also suspect they have the ability to screw around with phones.

starshine said...

Please keep your eyes open and your cell phones handy.

I believe there are guardian angels, and I'll say a prayer for His angels to surround you, Mrs. Schnauzer, your home and furry babies, to protect you,to keep you from harm.

e.a.f. said...

gee I must be a little out of the loop. when I saw the mounts... I thought he wanted to name a mountain after the dog. Like you know, Mount Robson, Mount Hood, etc.

So if this is "sexual" in nature, then if Rollins wants to "mount" Mr. Schnauzer he might want to talk to Mrs. Schnauzer first She might have some objections. Of course if Mr. Rollins wants to "mount" Mr. Schnauzer and Mr. Schnauzer isn't interested that could be a problem.

Anyhow I thought Mr. Rollins might be a Republican, and we know how some of those Republicans think about sex, especially between people of the same sex.

Mr. Schnauzer could it be that Mr. Rollins has a bad case of the hots for you? Just asking. Or does he have a case of the hots for the late, Schnauzer. If its the hots for the late schnauzer, I thought there were laws about sexually assaulting an animal. Wouldn't the SPCA be concerned about Mr. Rollins.

I think Mr. Rollins needs to find something to do besides try to intimidate writers. Doesn't he remember his constitution? Even a Canadian knows about freedom of the press.

I'm enjoying your columns and if it weren't so serious I would think rollins is a comedy show.