Thursday, May 20, 2010

Story of Alabama Injustice Resonates at Daily Kos

Our post from earlier today, "Story of Obama Classroom 'Assassination' Hits Close to Home" seems to have struck a chord with a national and international audience.

Our piece was cross posted at Daily Kos, which is one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Web. The article, which shows that progressive political speech is treated much differently from conservative political speech in Alabama public education, was named one of the "Recommended Diaries" for today (May 20, 2010).

That helped it generate more than 120 comments from readers, and the conversation was most enlightening.

You can check out the give and take in the Kos community at the link below:

Story of Obama Assassination Hits Close to Home

Actually, this is the second day in a row that we've been among the Recommended Diaries at Daily Kos. A cross post from yesterday (May 19, 2010) drew more than 300 comments. You can check out that conversation here:

Anti-Obama Teacher Is Placed on Leave in Alabama

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Redeye said...

Congratulations! And thanks for all you do. I really admire your courage and your tenacity.