Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Nutty Workplace: Wally's Got It All Figured Out

One of our all-time favorite comic-strip characters is Wally, the laid-back coworker of the title character in Dilbert.

Wally is smart and good at what he does--he just doesn't do much of it. He has come to realize that genuine effort often is wasted in a modern workplace that tends to be managed by ding-dongs. (Actually, I've worked for two or three wonderful bosses; I just haven't encountered any lately. Apparently, neither has Wally.)

Knowing that he answers to a pointy-haired simpleton who is likely to sabotage his best efforts, Wally has made a conscious decision not to give much effort. What's the point?

Wally has adjusted to reality, becoming the master of holding a coffee mug, kibitzing with coworkers, and looking busy while doing almost no actual work.

In other words, Wally is a man to be greatly admired. He's beating the system at its own warped game.

One of our favorite comic-strip moments came several years back when Dilbert asked Wally if he wanted to go to lunch. Wally looked stunned and said something along the lines of, "I've barely had time to get here late, drink three cups of coffee, read the newspaper, and use the plumbing. And it's already time for lunch?"

But Wally had a ready answer to Dilbert's question: "Sure, where do you want to go?"

What a guy!

It's rare that someone throws Wally off balance. But Catbert, the evil HR director, manages to pull it off, to great comedic effect, in a recent strip. We feel certain that Wally won't be off his game for long.

You can check out Wally and Catbert here.

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