Friday, May 8, 2009

Is Eric Holder Compromised on Torture and Justice Issues?

A central figure in the Don Siegelman case is calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate possible torture cases, following Attorney General Eric Holder's troubling appearance yesterday before the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee.

Jill Simpson, an Alabama attorney and GOP whistleblower in the Siegelman case, said questioning by senators Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) indicates Holder is compromised on torture--and perhaps other justice issues.

"It clearly became apparent why we don't currently have a torture investigation going on in this country, even though everyone pretty much now admits we tortured folks and even killed at least 8 people while torturing them," Simpson said.

Shelby and Alexander asked Holder about the CIA's "rendition" program, which moved terrorism suspects from one country to another. The senators asked Holder how many renditions he authorized during the time he was a deputy to Clinton attorney general Janet Reno.

"Clearly from the line of questioning they are warning him if he goes down the torture path, they will show he was involved with renditioning during the Clinton Era when he worked at the DOJ," Simpson said. "It appears Eric Holder may have conflicts that cause him to consider his self interest, as opposed to the American people and their interest in seeing we follow the rule of law."

Larisa Alexandrovna, at her at-Largely blog, said the questioning from Shelby and Alexander amounted to thinly veiled blackmail:

Are Alexander/Shelby saying that if you investigate our (Republican's) current crimes, then we will investigate alleged crimes from nearly a decade ago when you (Democrats') had the presidency? Yes, that is exactly what they are saying.

Simpson says Shelby and Alexander exposed a weakness in Holder and the Obama regime. "The reality is this they have (Holder) over a barrel, and we need an independent prosecutor that will look at everyone involved in the torture mess."

Could Holder be compromised on other issues? Simpson, a former GOP insider who knows how the party operates, suggests the answer is yes.

Here in Alabama, the Siegelman case and other apparent political prosecutions under the Bush Justice Department are front and center. Evidence suggests that former White House strategist Karl Rove was in the middle of that activity. But the Obama White House has pushed for Rove to testify before Congress unsworn, in a non-public setting.

Rove, Simpson says, could have been behind the questioning from Shelby and Alexander. "The Republicans questions suggest they know Mr. Holder was involved with renditioning folks back to his Clinton days. They have clearly researched Mr Holder and probably have used Karl Rove's best opposition researchers on this matter. Therefore we need to get someone who has never participated in renditioning and torture to be the prosecutor.
"Based on the questions yesterday, it is apparent that Mr Holder is not the guy to do that kind of investigation--nor is he the guy who should decide who does the investigation, as Shelby and Alexander have suggested roads may lead even to him.

"Obama should appoint an independent prosecutor, as it is apparent the Republicans believe his attorney general was involved in renditions of a questionable nature."

If Karl Rove & Co. have Holder over a barrel on torture, will that also be the case on political prosecution and other issues? Is Obama's attorney general in a position of weakness?

The answers appear to be yes.


Anonymous said...

Renditions, kidnappings, are not comparable to torture and murder. It seems to me that Alexander and Shelby committed extortion when they threatened to make accusations of events they claim took place over ten years ago. Take 'em on, Holder. Hell, let's go all the way back to BCCI and Iran/Contra.

Anonymous said...

Count the number of Zionists in the Obama Admin. That is all anyone has to do to figure out what is actually going on.

Then, figure the spying into the equation of "Congress" and we can clearly discern EVERY AMERICAN has been compromised (Mr. Spitzer can attest unequivocally to this very important, most critical fact).

Add drugs administered with complete control by the "handlers" to force the "Monarch Slaves" (EVERY "human being" "cultist" who is uncontrollably marching like Lemmings, involved in the depopulation of planet earth to reign in the 2012 agenda in IRAN ... the Mt. there which is to usher in these miscreants' "New Age")

and what do we see | get?

Look carefully and deeply into the eyes of all those who are standing before us, professing to be keepers of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

"Windows of the Soul" (eyes) do not lie.

Examine the eyes of each and very "leader" who is in charge of policy - especially the foreign policy which sets the state of Israel above any and all US policies ... "herein lies the rub."

Zionism is about population control and those who reign supreme in this thinking of racist imperialism with ITS' neo-colonial wars without end to steal all the earth wealth and cheat, kill, steal, lie, etc. of | to | from the "goy"

WELL THEN, WHEN DOES IT become TIME to look deeper than right and left in America and see those who are dual citizens and recognize this for what it is:

No such thing as "free" and the Palestinian plight is the same for all who are controlled by the same who are controlling the all, in this | these times.

Zionism is the inquisition replay in modern day to return the Pre-Magna Carta agenda for those who want to rule another 5,000 years while their animal stock is taken into a further abomination of what GOD intended.

GMOs have purposely shrunk the internal organs. Brains of human beings are approaching the blubbering pile of protoplasm stage.

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Time for a new idea human beings!

Come on America, we need to CLEAN HOUSE.

Rkelly aka Biloxi Marx using Ryan's blogger sign.

Anonymous said...

He will never take on thoses who are guilty of anything in the Bush administration. For the whole time he sit his ass up in the Clintion administration, he was engaged in extorting and illegal wiretapping of me and my daughter. They have his ass up a tree. He not going to do anything other then what he is told to do. We have no Attorney General.
Check out this site: