Friday, March 28, 2008

Justice on the March in Siegelman Saga

We've all heard that the wheels of justice turn slowly. But with Don Siegelman's release today from federal prison, we finally see signs that the wheels are turning in the right direction.

The healing of our justice department is likely to take years. But perhaps some positive momentum has started.

Writers in both the "new" and "old" media have thoughts on where we are headed:

* Glynn Wilson at Locust Fork News says he does not look for Siegelman to see the interior of a prison cell again. He also has classic quotes from whistleblower Jill Simpson about the tasteless remarks by some GOP leaders regarding the Siegelman release.

* Adam Nossiter of The New York Times notes the vague nature of the 11th Circuit's order and has thoughts from national experts on justice issues. (As expected, the 11th Circuit lets trial judge Mark Fuller off easy--for now.)

* Tommy Stevenson, of the Tuscaloosa News, has a splendid post that asks this important question: Why, after holding numerous state posts over a long political career, did Don Siegelman suddenly become corrupt as governor? Hmmm, wouldn't have anything to do with Karl Rove's rise to power on George W. Bush's coattails would it? Also, Stevenson notes the sour grapes dished up by state GOP head Mike Hubbard.

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