Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't Discount GOP Dirty Deeds

In the wake of Barack Obama's stirring speech on America's racial divide, it might be tempting for Democrats to think they've got the 2008 presidential election sewn up.

But there are several things wrong with that line of thinking. For one, Hillary Clinton supporters are saying, "Hey, Obama doesn't even have the Democratic nomination wrapped up yet." And they have a point.

But an even more important point comes from Mark Crispin Miller at News From Underground: Never underestimate Republicans' ability to steal an election.

Miller issued his warning after noting that even sharp commentators such as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow seemed to think that Republicans were giving Obama's speech a sincere "two thumbs up." But Dems had best be wary:

The Bush regime has taken many steps already to prevent Obama (or Clinton) from prevailing, and they're taking more such steps right now. In fact, it's been their main concern, throughout this decade, to subvert the democratic system, in order to prolong their power (and save themselves from prosecution) until Kingdom Come. All they need is for the race to end up seeming sort of close, and some convincing-sounding rationales to help "explain" their "victory." As we've seen before, it's not so hard to do; and they will try to do it again (once again), regardless of Obama's merits or national support.

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