Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will Queen Alice Sacrifice a Republican?

Scott Horton, of Harper's reported recently that U.S. Attorney Alice Martin was desperate to find a Republican she could indict. The goal, Horton noted, was to sacrifice a GOPer in order to partially offset all of the Democrats she has targeted. This strategy is designed to hoodwink the public into believing that Queen Alice performs her duties in a nonpartisan way.

"According to recent reports, Martin has grown so apprehensive that the public will grow wise to her schemes that now she has launched an effort to identify a Republican to charge, too."

Well, looks like Queen Alice has found her man. Doc's Political Parlor is reporting that the office of Alabama Rep. Todd Greeson (R-Ider) was raided this week by federal agents. Greeson works at Northeast Alabama Community College, and it looks like he is becoming part of the investigation into Alabama's two-year college system.

How did Greeson get on the wrong side of the Republican power structure in Alabama? The following Associated Press story from 2005 provides plenty of insight:


Republican lawmakers threaten to censure GOP member

By BOB JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer
MONTGOMERY, Ala.--Leaders of the House Republican Caucus have threatened to censure a Republican lawmaker who had said he planned to vote with Democrats on a procedural vote that GOP members had hoped to use to block consideration of a funding bill.

Rep. Todd Greeson, R-Ider, said he'd told Republican Caucus leaders that it's important to the people in his working-class northeast Alabama district for the Legislature to pass spending plans for state government during the current session."There are 16 public schools in my district. It's important to get the budgets passed for them," Greeson said.

Twelve members of the caucus steering committee signed a letter telling Beeson the Caucus had taken a position to protest concerns about the budgets through procedural votes."Please be advised another violation of caucus by-laws will result in more serious action being taken. That action could include a public resolution of censure against you," the letter said. It went on to state that the resolution would be sent to Republican leaders in Greeson's home county, DeKalb.

Greeson said he was offended by the letter and intends to vote on issues based on what his conscience, and not the Republican Caucus, tells him. He said he has not paid dues to the caucus and does not plan to attend future meetings, but he said he has no intention of leaving the Republican Party."I am a Republican. I am pro-life and pro-gun. Most people in my county consider me to be to the right of Attila the Hun," Greeson said.

House Minority Leader Rep. Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, said the caucus does not try to tell members how to vote on issues. But he said when the caucus takes an official position members are expected to vote together on some procedural votes. At times, he said, that method is the only weapon Republicans have in the House where Democrats have a 62-41 majority.


Here's a link to a Montgomery Advertiser story that provides more background:

April 24, 2005
Republican Lawmaker Will Not Walk Lockstep with GOP


So it looks like Rep. Greeson is the Republican who will be "thrown under the bus." And we have a good idea why he is the chosen one.

How's this for a heavy dose of irony? If Alice Martin needed a Republican to prosecute, I've given her detailed information about federal crimes committed by 16 Republican public officials (trial and appellate judges) and at least one attorney with strong ties to the state GOP.

That attorney is Bill Swatek, the father of Dax Swatek, Queen Alice's campaign manager for her failed 2000 run for a seat on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals.

Something tells me Queen Alice didn't want to go after her former campaign manager's daddy--and said daddy's criminal cronies in Alabama state courts. After all, they are all obedient members of the "home team," something Todd Greeson evidently is not.

Gosh, Rep. Greeson actually has the best interests of his constituents at heart! What in the world is wrong with him?

Guess Rep. Greeson will just have to pay the price for such truculence, whether he did anything wrong or not.


Robby Scott Hill said...

The State GOP is afraid of the Northeast Alabama's Working Class. For years, they have hoodwinked our mothers and fathers into voting against our own economic interest by playing the race card and presenting themselves as the messengers of God and protectors of morality. However, the Next Generation (those of us under 35) are wise to their plans. Our older brothers and sisters got the good government and corporate jobs, but we have been excluded and are growing tired of doing without. We will join with the so called illlegal immigrants who are also being exploited to overthrow their unwise leadership.

Por Los Pobres De Alabama Hasta La Victoria Siempre.

Anonymous said...

Northeast ALabama loves the Schnauzer thank you for covering the Alice Martin destroy a republican campaign to prove she isn't guilty of political persecution. Maybe her next move will be to get Troy King just to get her butt out of trouble that will be something to see. Alice is breaking the number one rule never ever attack another republican you can never go back once you do. She is only doing this to make herself look good. All republicans should unite no one is safe if Alice finds herself in the hole. They should tell what they know on Alice. Troy King maybe next after all he ask Roy Johnson for a job for someone else. Watch out Mr Ag you might be Alice's next victim don't think she is going down if she has to she will come for you. She has turned on her party to make a point all are in danger.