Monday, February 11, 2008

Alice Martin in the Crosshairs

Larisa Alexandrovna, of at-Largely and Raw Story, and Bob Martin, of The Montgomery Independent, have joined the chorus of folks who in recent days have shined a most unflattering spotlight on the actions of Alice Martin, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.

This in the wake of Scott Horton's report yesterday about the political shenanigans behind Martin's prosecution of former Jefferson County Commissioner Gary White, a Republican.

Alexandrovna says the affidavit of White's wife Judy, outlining the improper pressure that was applied to her husband in an effort to produce false testimony against Don Siegelman, was one of the scoops CBS had for its upcoming 60 Minutes report.

Of particular importance, Alexandrovna says, is the finding by U.S. District Judge U.W. Clemon that the White prosecution might have been influenced by "impermissible considerations."

What does this mean? Alexandrovna has some strong thoughts on the subject. "Can you hear people wetting their pants," she writes. "There is more that CBS has, and before (the story) runs, I would suggest Ms. Martin get herself a very good attorney."

Bob Martin focuses on the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility and its inquiry into perjury allegations against Alice Martin. Bob Martin says his sources tell him that the investigation is "being very consciously slow-walked." And, Bob Martin says, the underlying facts are clear enough. "Martin gave false evidence in the proceedings, and the trial officer concluded her statements were not credible."

What does this mean for Alabamians? "My sources in Washington tell me these are classic grounds for removing a prosecutor, and the only reason Martin is holding on to her post is due to powerful political connections. . . .

"The question many who are concerned about the fairness of the federal judicial process in Alabama are asking is how can someone stay on as U.S. attorney when they've been caught in a serious misrepresentation, under oath, in a legal proceeding?"

A very good question. And I plan to provide more evidence in the coming days that I believe will show that Alice Martin should be removed from office. I had a most interesting e-mail exchange with Ms. Martin a few months ago, and it speaks volumes about the way her office operates in a blatantly partisan and unprofessional manner. It also will illustrate, in Alice Martin's own words, a classic case of selective prosecution.

And by the way, my wife and I have been the target of some highly irregular and unlawful tactics in recent days, evidently designed to shut down this blog. We all know about federal justice officials in Alabama and their penchant for dramatic actions--having Don Siegelman led away in handcuffs and chains; having Sue Schmitz dragged from her bathroom and arrested.

Well, I've been the target of similarly outrageous and dramatic actions. In fact, my Legal Schnauzer case appears to be evolving into a civil version of the Sue Schmitz case. And there is evidence to suggest that the same bad actors might be behind both.

We will be laying out the facts, and you can see what you think.

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