Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Dirt is Coming--Someday

Robby Scott Hill, at Novationeering, is one of my favorite Alabama bloggers, and I wish him a long, healthy life. But one of his recent posts almost has me wishing he would hurry up and croak. (Just kidding, Rob.)

Hill says he is writing a lengthy series of blog posts about corrupt lawyers and public officials in Alabama. But there is only one problem. Due to the attorney-client privilege, the goodies will be published by the executor of Hill's estate only upon Hill's death.

Hill says he hopes the Alabama State Bar and Alabama Ethics Commission will use the information to make our fair state a less corrupt place.

And what about the crooks who are the subject of said posts? "I will be posting about their misdeeds from the grave, so to speak," Hill writes.

Perhaps Hill will start a trend. "I encourage any lawyer or law enforcement officer who has similar knowledge of public corruption to do the same," he writes.

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