Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fuller, Bush Connected to Drug Trade?

Alabama blogger Robby Scott Hill says he finds it increasingly easy to believe stories that have been circulating for a while that a number of conservatives, including U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller and George H.W. Bush, have been involved in the drug trade.

Hill references a story by investigative reporter Wayne Masden stating that former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was targeted because he was aware of Fuller's involvement in drug trafficking. The Masden report also says the Bush family was involved in drug trafficking.

Does this sound ridiculous? Not to Hill.

He has worked as a private investigator and paralegal, helping to defend a number of drug addicts and small-time dealers. The same names keep coming up, Hill reports, when these defendants tell him who is behind the illicit drug trade. And the names are the same regardless of what Alabama county or city Hill is working in.

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