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Bridget Zeigler, of Moms for Liberty, likes to ban books, but she and her hubby are mired in a threesome-driven sex scandal roiling Florida politics

Bridget Zeigler

A rule of thumb I've developed in the era of postmodern politics is this: If a candidate has to make a show of telling you he/she has "family values," that candidate should immediately become suspect -- and you, dear voter, likely need to throw your support behind their opponent, pronto.

Republicans historically have been the ones to claim the "family values" mantle, only to prove they have feet of clay. (Examples: Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston, Dennis Hastert, David Vitter, Larry Craig, Donald Trump, Roy Moore.) So many GOP "family values" types have proven to be phonies that such a story almost isn't news anymore.

But a scandal, currently unfolding in Florida, could prove to be a big deal -- grabbing ugly headlines in a must-win political state, perhaps dragging down a presidential campaign, and heaping embarrassment on the national movement to ban books and other materials that mention any form of sexual behavior. This story involves allegations of rape, and "swinging," so there is no telling how deep the sleaze will get.

Longtime Alabama attorney and civil-rights advocate Donald Watkins says the sordid tale is an example of what can happen when a political party turns itself over to "family values" candidates, who often prove to be hoaxsters. Under the headline "Bridget Zeigler: The Florida Swinger, Politico, and Ron DeSantis Pal Who Co-Founded Moms for Liberty," Watkins writes:

Bridget Zeigler is the wife of Christian Zeigler, the chairman of the Florida Republican Party.  Bridget and Christian Zeigler are Florida swingers who enjoy threesomes with their menage a trois lovers.

The Zeiglers are proud parents of three children and power-players within the national Republican Party.

In Florida, the Zeiglers hang out in Governor Ron DeSantis’ orbit. It is not known whether DeSantis and his wife "swing" with the Zeiglers, or not.


Christian Zeigler, Ron DeSantis, Bridget Zeigler

It is well-known in Florida that Ron DeSantis loves being in Bridget Zeigler's company.

Bridget Zeigler co-founded Moms for Liberty in 2021.  She also serves as a member of the Sarasota County School Board.

Moms for Liberty is a conservative political organization that rails against public-school curricula that mention LGBTQIA rights, race and ethnicity, critical race theory, and discrimination.  Multiple chapters of the organization are leading the charge to ban books from school libraries that address gender, racial matters, and sexuality.

The Zeiglers are Embroiled in a Hot and Steamy Sex Scandal

In addition to leading Florida's Republican Party, Christian Zeigler is the designated suspect in a rape investigation by the Sarasota Police Department. The alleged victim is a menage a trois lover that the Zeiglers had sex with a year ago. 

According to police documents, the Zeiglers videotaped their sexual encounter with this female lover.

The swinging Zeiglers scheduled another threesome with the woman, but Bridget was not able to attend the planned tryst. Bridget allowed Christian go alone to the woman’s home, as they obviously have an open marriage. The woman claims Christian forced himself upon her after she declined to have sex with him without Bridget.

The woman filed a police report on October 4, 2023, two days after the incident. A criminal investigation into this alleged rape is ongoing. Christian Zeigler denies that he raped the woman.

How will the evolving sex scandal affect The Zeigler's political activities? Watkins examines that question and more:

Both Bridget Zeigler and the alleged rape victim have confirmed to police that they had a hot and steamy threesome with Christian Zeigler that was videotaped.

It is unclear how long Moms for Liberty and the Florida Republican Party will publicly align themselves with Bridget and Christian Zeigler -- notorious swingers who obviously enjoy threesomes with menage a trois lovers, as well as one-on-one sexual encounters with others.

As shown in the editorial cartoon below, the Zeiglers' sex scandal has inflicted massive reputational and public relations damage upon Moms for Liberty, the Sarasota County School Board, Ron DeSantis' GOP presidential campaign, and the Florida Republican Party.

Meanwhile, Moms for Liberty continues its campaign to ban books from public schools that discuss any form of sexual behavior, sexual orientation, or the history of discrimination against Blacks, women, and other historically disadvantaged groups in America.


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