Thursday, October 19, 2023

Performance of Donald Trump's legal team goes from bad to embarrassing as appeals court catches John F. Lauro, of Tampa, Florida, without a license. Oops!

Trump lawyer John Lauro gets caught with no license. Oops!

How does Donald Trump expect to be found not guilty on criminal charges when his lawyers can't seem to complete even simple tasks? Donald Watkins, longtime Alabama attorney and a national expert on criminal defense, has been asking that question for months.

Watkins addresses the issue again, now that the performance of Trump lawyers appears to have fallen to almost laughable depths. Under the headline "Trump's Lawyers Are Losers!" Watkins writes:

I have said over and over again that Donald Trump's lawyers are losers. They are running a clown show.

Yesterday's letter from the Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia proves my point. Read it for yourself at this link.

Most lawyers likely would be embarrassed to receive such a letter, which is addressed to John F. Lauro of Tampa, FL. It also raises this question: What have Trump's lawyers been doing to earn their money? Writes Watkins:

This letter explains to Trump's lawyers they must be licensed in the court where they are trying to appear for the purpose of representing their client. This is elementary stuff.

Who's running this clown show?

It's Trump's case, so one would expect him to be running the "clown show." Is this the kind of "oversight" the public can expect if another four years of Trump in the White House come to pass? (Dear God, in heaven, help us!)

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