Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tommy Gallion shines a spotlight on victims of Alabama's political Cabal and those who have suffered during its long-running Reign of Terror


Montgomery attorney Tommy Gallion has discovered that writing a book about Alabama corruption can be a never-ending project. Gallion published Shadow Government, Southern Style: A Saga of Political Corruption from DC to Dixie in May 2020. He immediately started hearing from witnesses to additional corruption, convincing him that the book would need to be updated. Those updates now are available in a second edition of Shadow Government, which features Part Three, titled "Reign of Terror." It includes . . . well, we'll let Gallion tell it:

From Shadow Government, Southern Style, including Part Three ("Reign of Terror") (2020), by Thomas T. Gallion III; available from Amazon and Kindle eBooks:



CHAPTER ONE: 2002 - 2011

“Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you.”
-- Jean-Paul Satre

After I published the original edition of my book in May 2020, I received many calls from individuals who had read it, and provided additional information sufficient to compel me to publish a second edition with Part Three. I tried to recall many of my personal experiences and allow the softly lit sepia of my memory do the work, but I failed. If the reader thinks I uncovered shocking revelations in the original edition, please stay tuned. With that first edition, I spent years researching my material to ensure the accuracy of the content; similarly, I have now spent many months verifying these latest scandalous facts by rechecking my sources, and by consulting reliable news articles and individuals who were victims of The Cabal’s gangster tactics. Instead of using machine guns, The Cabal used illegal police and prosecutorial powers to imprison innocent people, and they attempted to do so with even more. They even went so far as to attempt to put an innocent journalist in jail for revealing the truth about the political corruption taking place in Alabama and DC. The Cabal’s idea of first-amendment rights under our Constitution was akin to Hitler’s: If a journalist disagreed with the Nazi Party, he or she could wind up in a concentration camp. If you disagreed with Alabama’s Riley family, they would either put you in jail or destroy your career. The Rileys and their henchmen make Vlad the Impaler and his band of terrorists look like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

In Part Two, I revealed the members of The Cabal; I will now add two more members I recently
discovered: US Senator Doug Jones and former Governor Don Siegelman’s assistant, Nick Bailey.What
Doug Jones and his friend Rob Riley did to Siegelman and Richard Scrushy, the former CEO and founder of only the second Fortune 500 company in Alabama, HealthSouth, will bring you to your knees. This Reign of Terror began with Karl Rove and Congressman Bob Riley in their warped ploy to elect Riley governor and unseat Siegelman in 2002. You might recall my statement in Part Two about my refusal to attend a meeting organized by my lifelong friend Winton Blount III, with Karl Rove. This Reign of Terror, unlike the one that occurred in France during the French Revolution, lasted only eight years. This was the genesis of eight years that destroyed many innocent lives and made the Riley family extremely wealthy. One of the most hideous events was the corruption in the Justice Department and FBI agents Reign of Terror. The Cabal spread their evil disease like a band of syphilitic strumpets screwing every taxpayer and the Alabama schoolchildren’s education. In this parody of a famous play, film, and Broadway musical, we have The Best Little Whorehouses in Alabama and Washington, and it’s time to pull back the bed sheets and play political show-and-tell.

(To be continued)

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