Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ashley Madison customers, unhappy at being outed here, have created a fake AM profile for me -- and I'm hearing from women who are warm for my form

New Ashley Madison logo: "Find Your Moment"
How do Ashley Madison (AM) customers, or their supporters, deal with a reporter who has written about their presence on the extramarital-affair Web site? Based on my experience, their go-to move is to create fake profiles of the reporter at AM?

Now, that's clever, isn't it? If a reporter writes, accurately, about your attempts to cheat on your spouse, you respond by creating fake profiles to suggest, falsely, the reporter is trying to cheat on his spouse.

All of this raises a question: What kind of sorry-ass people are attracted to Ashley Madison? They go there in an effort to cheat on their spouses. Then, when they fear their unsavory activity might become public, they manufacture bogus profiles of the journalist involved. In other words, they try to cheat on the front end and try to cheat on the back end. They are, it seems, cheaters in every sense of the word.

As the reporter who probably has unmasked more AM customers than any other journalist -- and we have many more unmaskings to come -- I've apparently become a thorn in the side to certain elites who thought they could dabble with infidelity and walk away unscathed. I use the term "elites" because our reporting has focused on AM customers who enjoy an exalted status in society -- lawyers, doctors, bankers, CEOs, wealth managers, etc.

That suggests elites probably are behind the bogus profiles that have been set up for me at AM. Could this have legal implications? I'm not sure, but it smells of identity theft, defamation, perhaps more. I intend to check with legal resources and/or law enforcement on the matter.

I first became aware of bogus AM profiles in my name after I wrote posts that revealed Birmingham attorneys Edgar Gentle III and Stewart Springer were customers at the site. The Gentle and Springer posts were published on March 8-9. At 7:51 p.m. on March 9, I received an e-mail with the header: "Welcome to Day 1 of our your Ashley Madison experience."

"Oh, how exciting, I'm getting a free 'experience' on the Web," I thought at first. Then I realized I hadn't signed up for Ashley Madison and had no interest in doing so. We received several comments at the blog -- anonymous, of course -- from folks who seemed happy to "take credit" for making it appear that I was an AM customer.

They might not be so happy before too long. I definitely intend to find out if these pranksters have crossed any legal lines.

Over the next few days, I received messages from several AM "babes" who apparently were just dying to meet me. "CountryCutie16," age 31 from Cleveland, Georgia, was hot for my bod. So was "Scarlet3," age 21 from Atlanta, Georgia. What is it with chicks from Georgia who are young enough to be my daughter?

But it didn't stop there. "Nearlythere2020," age 41 from Atlanta, was warm for my form -- and she is African-American. (Got to love diversity!)  Finally, we had an Alabama girl who could not wait to get her hands on me. That was "Looking932016," age 29, from Killen, Alabama. At 6-0, 190 pounds, she might be able to beat me up.

After messages from bedazzled women started slowing down, I figured the prank was over. But yesterday, at 9:14 a.m., I received a message from Ashley Madison that said "Welcome Back!" It included the new AM logo, which encouraged me to "Find Your Moment." Now I'm confused; I thought I was supposed to "Have an affair" because "Life is short."

The new missive came six days after I had reported that businessman Michael E. Stephens, who owns one of the most expensive houses in Alabama, was an AM customer. I sense a pattern: Roger reports on an Alabama (or Missouri) elite who appears at Ashley Madison, and someone creates a fake profile, suggesting Roger appears at Ashley Madison.

What a fun game we have. But someone might find out before too long that it's not so much fun.

Either way, messages should start flooding in again -- from women who want me in the worst way -- and I'll be sure to keep you updated. I guess we're all just trying to "find our moment," whatever that is.


Anonymous said...

Are those women or bots who want your body so bad?

Anonymous said...

You've had a lot of blowback in comments from people who don't want the Ashley Madison story covered. I always figured those were people who knew they were on AM. This story helps confirm that, in my mind.

Anonymous said...

You could not accuse this blog of being topical could you. Its now reporting on information thats been publicly available for a year!

At this point I don't know who will be seen as more tragic, the AM folks or someone spending their precious days on earth sifting through the data a year after the hack. I suspect soon the balance will shift to the latter if it has not already, seriously do you not have any new material? A high school student could come up with these blog posts.

The fact you are pretty much the only journalist bothering with this now should tell you something, you're not going to win the Pulitzer for this one.

Anonymous said...

A bit like the pro-marriage closeted gay republicans I wonder whether Rogers obsession with other people's sexual misdemeanors could be telling us something about his own repressed desires ...

Anonymous said...

I'd say there are a lot of nervous folks out there about this Ashley Madison story. That's why they are trying to screw around with you.

legalschnauzer said...

My Ashley Madison coverage, @11:43, has very little, if anything, to do with sex. My posts don't say so-and-so had sex. It says this privileged individual appears on a site designed for cheating on his spouse. It's about cheating, which I think is clear to those who have read my posts.

legalschnauzer said...

Your standard for journalism is a bit off, @11:41. If I discover who shot Kennedy, are you telling me that's a non-story because it happened years ago? If I discover that Deputy X murdered Sandra Bland in Texas, that's a non-story because it happened a year ago? I'm afraid you don't know much about the news business. I do.

The AM story is plenty topical. It's the subject of major litigation in St. Louis. That I'm the only journalist looking into this tells me I'm ahead of the crowd, that others are too lazy or fearful to tackle it. You might have noticed that I don't take cues from the actions (or inactions) of other journalists.

BTW, if you have such serious concerns about my coverage, call me at (205) 381-5673, and we can discuss.

Anonymous said...

LS: You are hearing from naysayers who are afraid they will be outed on Ashley Madison. It's pretty clear why they don't want you reporting on the subject. Please don't let them dissuade you. It's an important story, and it needs to get out.

Anonymous said...

Schnauzer, I'm curious: when you talked to Lee Garrison, did he either confirm or deny his ex-wife's alleged affair with Luther Strange? Because he sure seems to have come up in the world in the last year or so what with all of Luther's friends giving him money to run for school board in Tuscaloosa.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, LS. This scam shows the AM customers tend to be cheaters through and through. And they hold positions of prestige and authority, and the public needs to know what kind of character these people really have. Out them! Out them now!

legalschnauzer said...

If you are such an expert on repressed desires, why don't you tell us who are, @11:43. Are you a shrink or something? As it stands, we have no idea if you know anything about repressed desires at all.

legalschnauzer said...

@12:25 -- Lee Garrison could neither confirm nor deny the affair. He said he had heard all the rumors, and his lawyers had looked at it but could not come up with conclusive evidence. I think Mr. Garrison was pretty forthcoming with me, but I'm not sure I believe his statements re: the affair -- or I'm not sure he was telling me the whole story.

I will have a post soon on my discussion with Mr. Garrison, so I hope you will stay tuned for that. Can you provide specifics on friends of Luther's who have provided financial backing for Mr. Garrison on school board? If that's happening, it's quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

I found my "moment." It was in the garage, under a box rags.

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is you often find people with a particular sexual obsession when observing others (in your case affairs) have secret desires in that direction themselves. Just as you rightfully pointed out with the family values Republicans!

More well rounded individuals tend not to be so fussed with other peoples behavior.

legalschnauzer said...

Fair enough, @3:09, but to be clear: I have not written one word in my Ashley Madison coverage about anyone having sex. I have written about people who have signed up to a Web site whose whole purpose is to facilitate extramarital affairs. Whether any such affairs took place, I don't know, and I haven't reported on that. My posts have been about individuals who enjoy an elite status yet still have tried to cheat on their spouses.

Anonymous said...

It's a childish prank for sure, although it makes you wonder how many other people in the leaked database were also signed up as a prank or a misspelled email or in identity theft.

legalschnauzer said...

I think that's happened a lot, @2:55, in the non-paying portion of AM. We've seen accounts for people like "Barack Obama," "Tony Blair," and so on. I don't think anyone thinks those are real.

In the paying section, I've yet to see an account that isn't legit, although one has been questioned, and I have made a determination on that. The slight possibility is there, and that's why I contact the customers in advance and give them a chance to comment.

I've only come across one person who said the account wasn't him. Frankly, I don't believe him, but I'm investigating further and haven't written it yet. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, so far. If I can't confirm it's him, I won't write it. In 2-3 other cases, individuals had what I consider to be legitimate excuses, and I've chosen not to write about them.

I share this to illustrate that this is not some kind of slash and burn reporting. A lot of care goes into it, and I go to a lot of effort to be accurate and fair. I do that on all posts, but it's particularly important here because of the sensitive material involved.

legalschnauzer said...

In the second paragraph in comment above, it should read "and I have NOT made a determination on that."

Robby Scott Hill said...

I'm gonna have to sign up for this site & move to Tennessee or at least put an RV on a campground up there. After researching the adultery & fornication laws of several states, TN is the one where you're pretty much free to do any consenting woman you wish, regardless of her marital status. No wonder Nashville is growing so fast & there's a new TV show about it. There's lots of good looking redheads up there & a few of them have trust funds. Thank you Roger for teaching & inspiring me to learn what 3 years of law school couldn't. All the issues that really matter are discussed right here on Legal Schnauzer!

e.a.f. said...

its August and the politics in British Columbia is dull, so time to check you out again.

Roger, had I known they had created a "role" for you on AM I would have been here sooner. I'm sorry I know these people are sick, but I couldn't stop laughing. OMG. These people are nuts. You, Roger S., had a profile created on AM for you by those who you may have "outed". I'm sure Carol must be very so worried, once she stops laughing. I know, I know, but only in America.

Like who of your regular readers would believe such a thing about you. These people must be nuts. Elites? not so much. more like people with more "time and money than brains" set.

For those who forget, the story is about cheating and misrepresentation. Some of those on AM trying to cheat, were on their day job "preaching" about doing the right thing, family values, the bible, etc. They were casting the first stone, when they themselves were not without sin. As L.S. continues with this story, its a good thing because we still have politicians, the financial elites who think they can "preach" to others while they continue to do as they please and contrary to what they preach.

Its like the corporate welfare bums in the world who want benefits cut to the poorest of the poor. What L.S. is doing is exposing the hypocritical behaviour of some of those in politics, etc.

You gotta love those Republican bible belters who are supporting a 3 time married candidate.

legalschnauzer said...

Very well stated, e.a.f. Always appreciate your insights from north of the border.