Monday, May 2, 2016

More sex tapes might surface of Gov. Robert Bentley and Rebekah Caldwell Mason--and these reportedly are much more graphic than the first batch

Gov. Robert Bentley and Rebekah Caldwell Mason
More sex tapes exist of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and former advisor Rebekah Caldwell Mason--on top of those already made public, which had Bentley talking about caressing Mason's breasts and exploring her nether regions. The new tapes, according to a report from Birmingham attorney Donald Watkins, are more graphic than the ones already made public.

When might the new tapes be made public? We don't have an answer to that question, but Watkins reports (via his Facebook page) that federal subpoenas are being issued in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, seeking documents related to Bentley, Mason, and her husband, Jon Mason.

On top of that, we have a not-so-subtle political extortion scheme from Alvin Holmes, a black Democrat, to punish legislators who might support impeachment of Bentley, a white Republican. How weird is that? Well, it gets even more strange when you consider that Holmes' punishment would come in the form of outing legislators who are engaging in extramarital activities of their own.

It looks like this story could heat up before it cools down. And who knows how many powerful Alabamians will have tumbled--perhaps into federal prison--before it's all over. Watkins says he does not expect Holmes' scheme to succeed. More on that in a moment.

As for the new, so far non-public, sex tapes, Watkins reports:

Finally, we are reporting today that more Robert Bentley-Rebekah Mason sex tapes exist. According to my sources, these tapes are much more graphic than the ones that have already been made public. And "yes", they prove once again that Bentley has lied to Alabamians about the nature and scope of his relationship with Rebekah.

Meanwhile, Watkins says the federal investigation is marching forward:

Federal grand jury subpoenas are being delivered in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa requiring the submission of various records relating to Governor Robert Bentley, Rebekah Mason, Jonathan Mason and others. This investigation is headed in the right direction.

What explains Alvin Holmes bizarre and brazen effort to protect Bentley? Here is Watkins' answer to that question. He says the scheme has its genesis with Joe Reed, chairman of the Alabama Democratic Conference:

Yesterday, State Representative Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) threatened to expose the extramarital affairs of his fellow legislators if they vote to impeach Governor Robert Bentley. Holmes is one of many "human shield" legislators defending Bentley. Holmes' threat, which seemed to be extremely bizarre for an African-American Democratic legislator, has angered voters in Holmes' House district and has infuriated advocates for ethical government around the state.

Our Facebook news team has solved the Alvin Holmes-Robert Bentley human shield mystery. Holmes is a longtime political "puppet" of Alabama Democratic Conference Chairman Joe L. Reed and deceased Alabama Education Association Executive Secretary Paul Hubbert. Reed and Hubbert teamed up to help Bentley defeat Bradley Byrne in the 2010 Republican primary elections. Reed also privately supported Bentley in 2014 election against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Parker Griffin. As a result, Bentley and Reed have developed a close personal friendship.

Alvin Holmes
Away from public view, Reed functions as one of Bentley's trusted political advisors. In this undisclosed capacity, Reed works closely with Bentley and his chief legal counsel, David Byrne. Reed identifies "safe" blacks for Bentley to appoint to vacant judgeships and government boards, among other tasks.
In the matters relating to Bentley's "sex for power" scandal with lover Rebekah Mason, Holmes is Reed's public voice. This is why Holmes has not condemned the scandal. Rather, Holmes has threatened the legislators who're moving to impeach Bentley. This political threat or "drone strike" was called in by Reed.

The Reed-Holmes scheme appears to be foundering after 23 representatives signed on to support Rep. Ed Henry (R-Hartselle) and his plan to impeach Bentley. That gave Henry more than the 21 signatures required to introduce an impeachment resolution.

Where is this headed? Polls show, Watkins reports, that Alabamians overwhelmingly want Bentley gone--and they are likely to punish any legislator who tries to protect the governor. Writes Watkins:

Following the lead of State Representative Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) and Senate President Del Marsh (R-Anniston), all of the legislators and senators in this seemingly pro-Bentley group have banned together, essentially forming a protective “human shield” around Bentley. Holmes has even gone so far as to threaten lawmakers with exposure of their marital cheating if any member of this group breaks ranks. Holmes’ extortion threat has been effective, even with Del Marsh.

Those "human shield" legislators who are not controlled by Holmes by virtue of his extortion threat are under the direct control and dominion of House Speaker Mike Hubbard, who is awaiting trial this month on 23 felony counts of public corruption charges.

According to a poll by in March, nine out of ten Alabamians want Bentley gone. Every major newspaper in the state has demanded Bentley’s resignation. No corporate leader is publicly supporting Bentley, and many have told me privately that Bentley is a total disaster as governor. Yet, only twenty-three of 105 House members co-sponsored the impeachment resolution. None of the thirty-five senators have publicly supported Bentley’s removal or demanded his resignation.

Holmes, Marsh and their fellow "human shield" legislators have figuratively given Alabama voters the "middle finger" with respect to family values, transparency, accountability, and integrity in government. Holmes is not expected to run for re-election in 2018. Del Marsh wants to become Alabama’s next governor, yet he is refusing to stand for integrity in government when it matters the most. The “human shield” legislators who intend to run for re-election and who are following Holmes' lead are running the very real risk of ending their political careers and irreparably damaging their personal reputations. So be it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. It just gets weirder. Showtime it HBO needs to pick this up as a new series. To heck with Game of Thrones!

Question--do you think the others who have not signed the impeachment resolution (or any senator) is being scared by Holmes threat? It seems like more would have come out against it than just 23. Could this ploy be working?? Surely not...but had to ask.

legalschnauzer said...

I don't know, @11:35, and that's a darned good question. I wouldn't give a rip about Holmes' threats, but I'm not in these legislators' shoes. I hear a lot of members have wives back home in their districts and girlfriends on the ground in Montgomery. If that's the case, quite a few Reps could be concerned about what Holmes knows. Here is my question: How would Alvin Holmes be the "knower of all things" in the State House? What Holmes is trying sounds a lot like criminal extortion to me. Reps might be afraid of publicity Holmes could dig up, but Holmes should be afraid about possible lawsuits if he gets it wrong. Even if he doesn't get it wrong, a Rep might sue him. Being the target of a bogus lawsuit isn't much fun, as I know from personal experience.

Anonymous said...

Holmes would be wise to let Bentley fight his own battles.

Anonymous said...

Get out the popcorn, this should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Alvin Holmes you mean "the beer drink pretty good" Alvin Holmes

Anonymous said...

You mean Bentley could embarrass himself even more than he already has? Wow, didn't think that was possible.

Anonymous said...

I hear there is a report out that Mike Hubbard is going to plead guilty, in exchange for testimony against Bentley and Bob Riley. Here is link to report I've seen:

What do you make of this, LS?

legalschnauzer said...

I don't know what to make of it, @2:33. I'm told that David Meckley, of Dothan, is the publisher of The Meck blog, but this is the first I've seen about it. If he's on target with this, it certainly would set up a fascinating scenario. But I have a hard time seeing Luther Strange's office going after Bentley or Riley.

Anonymous said...

Well, the first audio covered the boobs and the butt. What is next in line. The Guv. is rapturous when he discusses Mrs. Mason's "assets."

Anonymous said...

Please please tell me these are audio tapes and not videotapes. You can't "unsee" things once you see them. Sheesh...feeling nauseous just thinking about that.

legalschnauzer said...

LOL, @3:36. Your concern certainly is understandable. I'm pretty sure these are audio tapes, like the ones released earlier.

Guvnah did you have her smoke your cigar said...

What's a video tape? Do they have them at the museum?

Modern phone captures sexytime audio ("When I stand behind you, and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts, and I put my hands").

Modern phone captures sexytime pictures.

Modern phone captures sexytime video.

Modern phone sends all of the above to whoever the holder (or hacker) chooses.

Anonymous said...

With all these political names flying around, I would not be a bit surprised to see the Feds get involved. In fact, I have heard that They are already.

Anonymous said...

Note that Watkin's story says that Hubbard is cleared to work as a lobbyist once he gets out of jail. Business as usual in Monkeytown.

No way that Hubbard was going to let the people on the prosecution's subpoena list testify and have their testimony go on record. There would have been dozens of perjury trials afterward for those whose stories differed, or whose testimony in court differed from previous sworn statements.

Anonymous said...

He will need a pardon before he can be a lobbyist,therefore he must be guaranteed a pardon. He will probably be back in office in 2018.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this:

daelv said...

23 non-adulterers?

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't any of them rather be lobbyists? They're as or more powerful, influential and wealthy than the politicians AND, even better, they're not in the public eye .. they're not public figures that can be as easily watched. They enjoy corporate money and perks.... wooo hoooooo

Anonymous said...

Lobbyists generate the big law ideas, and "git er' done" for big money interests - politicians are their puppets and voters are swimming in the sea of ignorance, watching corporate TV, running to the polls thinking their votes really matter. What a scam and a travesty.

Voters and consumers are the ones who inevitably pay for it all, from the fine new buildings, court houses, jails, lawmakers' salaries, pensions, healthcare, prisons –– to the corruption investigations, legal fees and prison guards.

Now guess it's time to raise taxes again.

e.a.f. said...

why would people not ensure these types of conversations were not recorded? Like how stupid are they. Sure hope you start writing the screen play. it will make money! OMG how stupid can these people be? O.K. they thought they wouldn't ever get caught. its their sense of entitlement and lack of judgement.