Thursday, November 6, 2014

Football star Adrian Peterson and CEO Ted Rollins raise issues of race, social status in child-abuse cases

Adrian Peterson
Ted Rollins stepped down as CEO of Campus Crest Communities one day before National Football League star Adrian Peterson entered a plea agreement in a criminal case.

That's ironic because Peterson, a running back for the Minnesota Vikings and one of the NFL's most acclaimed players, faced charges that he disciplined his 4-year-old son with a switch (a tree branch with the leaves removed) in May. Peterson was charged with felony child abuse, which carries a possible punishment of two years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Peterson has been on paid leave from the Vikings, and his no-contest plea means he will not spend time behind bars. But the NFL has rejected a request for Peterson's immediate reinstatement.

Where is the irony in all of this? Rollins brutally beat his 16-year-old stepson in 1995, but records indicate he never was threatened with a felony or jail time. Rollins was convicted of simple assault. His punishment? He was fined $100, charged $65 for court costs, and $250 in restitution to Franklin Regional Medical Center in North Carolina.

Why the hospital charge? The boy, who is Sherry Carroll Rollins' biological child from a previous marriage, was injured so badly that he required a trip via ambulance to the emergency room. Here is how Sherry Rollins described her son's injuries in an on-camera interview with Legal Schnauzer. Ms. Rollins now lives in Birmingham, Alabama:

I couldn't tell what his injuries were exactly. He was stumbling as he walked toward the house. His face was all blood . . . as if he had no eyes, completely covered. There was no way of seeing his eyes. How he walked, I don't know. He stumbled into the house as the ambulance was coming.

Ms. Rollins said her son had a broken nose and numerous abrasions and lacerations. She also said paramedics administered oxygen during transport to the hospital, a sign that blood loss was to the point that the boy was in danger of going into shock.

In short, injuries in the Rollins beating were life threatening. What about in the Adrian Peterson case? Here is how one news report described them:

CBS Houston, citing law enforcement sources and police reports, said Peterson beat his 4-year-old son with a tree branch in Spring, Tex., in May, causing cuts and bruises in several areas of the boy’s body, including his back, ankles and legs. Peterson told the police that the punishment was a “whooping” administered after the boy pushed another of Peterson’s children.

By most accounts, Adrian Peterson engaged in corporal punishment that, under the law, went too far. According to an eye witness account from Sherry Rollins (see video below), Ted Rollins beat her son so severely that it could have resulted in death.

Ted Rollins
Adrian Peterson faced a possible two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, on a felony child-abuse charge. Ted Rollins was charged with misdemeanor assault and received a $100 fine.

On top of that, Ted Rollins' career seemed to flourish in the aftermath. He became CEO of a public company that received more than $1 billion in Wall Street investor support. And it's not like Wall Street didn't know about the ugliness in Ted Rollins' background. A prominent analyst named Paula Poskon was told in fall 2012 about Ted Rollins' criminal history and initially reacted by stating, "Oh, my God!"

Did she take any significant action? Apparently not. She eventually tried to strong arm me into deleting her comments. She even threatened to lie about what she had said in a tape-recorded phone conversation.

Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson's career status remains uncertain.

Why the radically different treatment for Adrian Peterson and Ted Rollins? Peterson is black and grew up under difficult circumstances in rural Texas. Ted Rollins is white and grew up in one of America's wealthiest families, the folks behind Orkin Pest Control, Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment, and Rollins Jamaica resorts, among other enterprises.

Are these two cases a sign that "equal protection under the law," as stated in the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, doesn't mean much these days?



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I've never understood the Adrian Peterson case. To charge him with a felony seems way excessive.

Anonymous said...

"Equal Justice Under the Law" depends on who you know, how much money is involved, how much you can afford to pay and who is connected to whom. When investigations can be quashed by politicians, there is no equal justice under the law. When money elects politicians who write laws and quash investigations, there is no equal justice under the law. When mainstream media ignores a case or falsely reports facts to the general public, unnecessarily sensationalizes a case, or when an accused, but not guilty, person is wrongfully demonized, tried and condemned by the press, there is no equal justice under the law.
Many Americans were "switched" as children–– even school teachers used switches in the olden days. Grandfather laughed when he spoke of a time the kids secretly cut circles around the teacher's switch so when she attempted "switch" discipline, her switch fell apart. Teaching is not an easy job.
Grandfather couldn't have been more respectable a man. He was never in jail, never stood trial, spent his life in church. He never once complained that he had been beaten or abused by his parents -- or his school teacher. He also learned respect at a very young age.
Switching and beating are two completely different things.
Like "democracy," equal justice under the law is only an illusion. It it isn't a reality in the US, even though we were all taught to believe differently.

Anonymous said...

Media Masks.

Knowing the white supremacist gets outed as what should be, the black sport hero gets to take the hit.

Obola is the chosen target to make certain America stays whitey, and the working the public, works. In Africa, when the Dutch went and made Apartheid there, the Africans sold their own people to the Dutch who then shipped the slaves to 'America', their new port: New Amsterdam -- New York, New York. Built a Wall on a Street there, to keep only the white traders able to 'trade and exchange' their booty.

In American minds are Virginia Slave Traders. These faces of Traders of human capital, have been on the fiat "money" to ensure the people in USA are slaves to the fraud.

The 14 Amendment doesn't mean anything unless you are an attorney licensed to pay-play.

Lawyer numbers count in the US as simply for the most, a corrupt person who wants to be able to charge for time before the work is actualized. Clever tools for the slave traders that modernized criminal insanity.

Robby Scott Hill said...

He who reports the news retains control. That's why they locked you up. You were the only journalist in Alabama who was reporting the truth about Judge Fuller & the GOP establishment at the time. The Alabama Republican Party & the Alabama State Bar were losing control of the discussion to Legal Schnauzer. So, they shut you down, but while you were jailed, the folks at, Montgomery Advertiser & other news outlets realized that they could be next, and it scared the shit out of them. You & Carol have made a bigger difference than you may realize. Even my comments on jury nullification are making a difference. More and more juries in Alabama understand that some criminal defendants stand accused mostly for political reasons & they are, ignoring the Circuit Judge, appointing themselves judge of the law as well as the facts & letting defendants walk. In every post, we are taking control away from the corrupt judges, prosecutors & police who did this to you. This blog is one big FREE SPEECH FUCK YOU to Judge Claud Nielsen, Sheriff Chris Curry & every Circuit Judge who would circumvent our rights under the Constitution of the United States for political reasons. Like 2 Live Crew once said, FUCK CHRIS CURRY, FUCK, FUCK CHRIS CURRY. FUCK CLAUD NEILSEN. FUCK, FUCK CLAUD NEILSEN. They did some low down, dirty illegal shit to you and the whole world needs to know it. What I just said would be illegal in a kingdom like Great Britain under George III, but it's totally legal in a liberal democracy like the old United States. We desperately need more democracy up in this BITCH called Alabama which has been an embarrassment to the United States under the leadership of Governor Robert Bentley, Chief Justice Roy Moore & Speaker Hubbard. I don't think the People of Alabama elected & re-elected them. It has to be fraud facilitated by those ES&S voting machines. Our democracy should not be for sale.

Anonymous said...

Robby I just read your comment and apologize I haven't been here to read what you write for awhile. I love how you say what needs to be said with the real passion of one that has BLOOD running in your veins and brain.

Alabama and the SOUTH, which includes Texas and Nevada, Idaho and other states that are definitely made into fiefdoms, that is FIEF DUMB, dum-dum-dum

Dumbos for the majority, the American is not to be other than a commodity to trade and exchange. Those that figured this out and became extremely bitter, are now corrupted beyond any redemption.

Those that chose to do to Carol and Roger what was done, is because they are criminally insane in their "ego".

Egos get taken, and that is an easy net for the takers.

Make an ego real sick, make certain every detail is documented about the ego, and then take that ego and make IT a slave to the sickness.

The sickness is, for example, McDonalds fast food is at long last suffering declines, and this is the global hook-line-SINKER that the "Republicans" did.

Koch Brothers in Wichita, Kansas and Doro Bush married to the grandson of California Wineries.

What do we have to look forward to in the 2016, President election? Well, Hillary is not going to be able to have her sick ego go into the flying Circus as she called working for Obummer.

Robby Scott Hill and Carol and Roger Shuler are great in the partnership to teach the frightened egos how to feel the fear and speak up about the injustice, or else.

Terrified egos can be used to grow a lot of courage, especially when there are enough egos that have been terrified in Alabama.

Get on this blog and talk like Robby, talk to those that have decided we can't.

Talk to

"... corrupt judges, prosecutors & police who did this to you. This blog is one big FREE SPEECH FUCK YOU to Judge Claud Nielsen, Sheriff Chris Curry & every Circuit Judge who would circumvent our rights under the Constitution of the United States for political reasons. Like 2 Live Crew once said, FUCK CHRIS CURRY, FUCK, FUCK CHRIS CURRY. FUCK CLAUD NEILSEN. FUCK, FUCK CLAUD NEILSEN ...."

Where is your FACEBOOK account so you can get into the editor section of, the NYT, they're there and so should you be!

Get Pryor into this, his BAD PUPPY was not to ever be let out into the public domain!

Anonymous said...



by Lauren (Pug) Paulson

To: Bill Scanlon CSpan

James Oliphant, National Journal

Re: Judicial Performance Evaluations

Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014

I watched your recent discussion on how judges are selected with enraptured attention. Here is the Third Stool of the Discussion — Judicial Performance Evaluations. (JPE) Here is the Third-Rail of that discussion. I got drummed out of the Board of Governors of the Oregon State Bar AND out of the Bar itself over my support of Judicial Performance Evaluations for all of the judiciary in 2004. Judges are dead set for Judicial Independence (read they can “do what they want”). Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin described it as “legal realism” . Judges are dead set against Judicial Performance Evaluations because it makes them accountable to the Rule of Law and accountable to the stream of citizens that seek justice before them every day: citizens that have the power to vote them out of office in states with judicial elections.

If one looks at where we are at in 2014, the story really begins in 1971 with the Lewis Powell memo.

continue at this link,


A formal statewide system of Judicial Performance Evaluations would give the citizenry the information necessary to make the present mosaic of judicial elections work. In addition, it would provide a meaningful system of accountability of our judiciary, at every level, who have presently run amuck. Think, BUSH V. GORE.


Anonymous said...

Spatula Man Rollins Child Rapist Beater never get a pass on the image he has made in the darkness of his own image.

Anonymous said...

Adrian Peterson, a very wealthy man with extraordinary physical strength, committed a felony when he brutally beat his four year-old child. Mr. Peterson was subsequently arrested for and formally charged with the crime(s) he committed.

How any of you has a problem with a child abuser being punished I just don't understand.