Monday, September 22, 2014

Will The Unmasking Of Sonny Reagan Help Alabama Climb Slowly Out Of The Corruption Muck?

Sonny Reagan

A high-profile member of the Alabama Attorney General's Office faces disciplinary action for allegedly leaking information to suspects under investigation by the Lee County grand jury. At first glance, the story might seem like a ho-hummer to many citizens. But we think it has the potential to be one of the most important stories in modern Alabama history, perhaps with national implications. It even could represent a watershed moment, when a state that long has ranked among the top 10 for corruption slowly starts climbing out of the muck.

We will call the story "The Unmasking of Sonny Reagan." It could be historically important because of its potential to unmask some of Alabama's most powerful political figures, bad actors who have brought a virulent strain of conservative corruption to the state over the past 20 years or so.

We are quick to acknowledge that the white elites who control Alabama--attorney Donald Watkins calls them a conservative oligarchy--are a slippery bunch. They are capable of making payoffs or concocting cover ups that limit their damages--or make their problems go away altogether.

That certainly could happen with the case of Henry T. "Sonny" Reagan. But we think it might be hard for key players to wriggle out of this mud hole. For one, the charges against Reagan strongly hint at criminal activity. Two, Reagan is unusually well connected, serving now under Attorney General Luther Strange and previously as chief legal advisor to former GOP Governor Bob Riley.

In both of those roles, Reagan has been point man on efforts to close non-Indian gaming facilities, such as Milton McGregor's VictoryLand in Macon County. That means Reagan likely is deeply knowledgeable about the flow of Indian gaming money--both from Mississippi (thanks largely to Jack Abramoff and the Mississippi Choctaw tribe) and from inside Alabama via the Poarch Creek Indians--that has helped turn Alabama's political landscape into a cesspool.

Given the ugliness that Indian gaming cash has wrought around the country . . . well, you can see how the Reagan story could become national in scope if the deputy AG is forced to answer tough questions under oath.

The Lee County grand jury reportedly is focusing on House Speaker Mike Hubbard (R-Auburn), a longtime Riley ally. The plot thickened last week when court documents showed that Special Prosecutor Matt Hart has stated he expects the case to take down both Hubbard and "the Riley machine."

Ironically, those documents involved Reagan's efforts to avoid testifying before the grand jury. The irony deepens when you consider that one of Reagan's attorneys was Rob Riley, the former governor's son.

How ugly could all of this get? Bill Britt, of Alabama Political Reporter, provides clues with a piece out today titled "Unmasking the Jackals: Inside the AG Conspiracy." Writes Britt:

Last week, Hubbard’s criminal defense attorney J. Mark White tried to insulate his client from the Reagan scandal by saying, “...there has been no communication between the two men [Hubbard and Reagan] in person, by phone, letter, email, carrier pigeon, or smoke signal. For anyone to suggest otherwise would warrant a diagnosis of 'factual deficit disorder.'”

White is juggling like a circus clown attempting to distract everyone away from the main attraction in the center ring. Reagan’s actions are linked to his relationship with former Gov. Bob Riley, not Hubbard. The Reagan affair cuts to the heart of the matter: it is the Riley Machine at work to save itself.

This is family business for this pack of jackals.

Britt makes special note of Rob Riley's presence--and his connections to a man who now stands accused of trying to subvert justice:

The former governor’s son is Reagan’s attorney, which clearly shows a bright-line connection to the Riley Machine. And if the Reagan/Riley connection is not bright enough, the fact that Rob Riley has been Hubbard’s attorney of record since the late 90's should start to illuminate the truth.

So it is that Reagan, owes his career to Gov. Riley.

Hubbard is Riley’s second son and Rob represents them all.

This dark alliance should come as no surprise, but the fact that Rob Riley is the shadow attorney for Hubbard and Reagan, is definitely an unholy Communion.

Acting Attorney General Van Davis announced Friday that Reagan had been placed on administrative leave. In so doing, Davis clearly hinted at the possibility of criminal charges. From Mike Cason of

Davis said he informed Strange on Wednesday that Reagan has had "undisclosed communications with individuals affiliated with people indicted or under investigation by the Lee County Special Grand Jury."

"Reagan also took other action to impede the investigation," Davis said in a statement released by Strange's office.

Where could this be heading on the criminal front? We will examine that question in an upcoming post.


Anonymous said...

It is baffling to me that no one has yet said that possibly Reagan is innocent until proven guilty.
Also, no one wants to talk about how long this Grand Jury has hung on (I believe it is the longest in Alabama history) without so much as a hint at an actual indictment of it's target Mike Hubbard.
Seems to me that Matt Hart thinks desperate times call for desperate measures. Even if that means setting up and throwing a colleague of convenience under the bus.

legalschnauzer said...

For one thing, Reagan hasn't been charged with anything. He's only been placed on administrative leave. I suspect that's one reason there has been no "innocent until proven guilty" reference.

If he is charged with a crime, I doubt that most stories will include the "innocent until proven guilty" language. I think that is a given, one that is well understood by the public. Not sure it needs to be placed in most news stories.

Anonymous said...

But you right your commentary as if it is a fact and he must be the scourge of the south. Just always hate when assumptions are made based on one piece of a very large story.
There is always another side.....

Anonymous said...

You, as well as Bill Britt, wrote as if the leaking of information by Reagan was fact and not supposition.

There is always another side to the story.......

Anonymous said...
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legalschnauzer said...

Britt and I cited the words of Van Davis, who is heading up the investigation and brought information to the AG's attention. That hardly constitutes assumptions of suppositions.

Unknown said...

sorry,anonymous. anyone who uses right,when meaning write,can not be taken seriously.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Here's the cold, hard reality. Milton McGregor's people are no better than the Riley Machine. The Russian Jewish Mafia is powerful in Alabama. That's one reason why no Riley is running for anything this year.

Anonymous said...

To think that Luther will go after Sonny full throttle is a mistake! Sonny knows too much on Luther. Also Luther would be biting the hand that feeds him. Luther is so obsessed with gaining control of the MS Indian millions from Bob Riley, he isn't thinking this through. If he continues on this track with Sonny, Bob Riley will make sure he doesn't get another republic dime. Luther is stupid sometimes. I also hear that many are trying to find more evidence concerning his former associate's, home, really tall son and the reason he dropped the lawsuit against the democrat for doing the same thing he had but the judge was going to make Luther testify. Luther has too many bones rattling in his closet to be going after anyone. He better stand down or he is going to finish his own career in his lust for the MS Indian money.

legalschnauzer said...

The big question: Who did Sonny Reagan talk to, and what did he tell them?

Another big question: Did the person or persons go on to testify before grand jury? Did they lie, based on what Reagan told them?

Anonymous said...

First the guilty verdict and then maybe a trial, Gitmo no though.

That's America since the reality got real.

The Jewish Mafia is America.

Russian, and lots of simply made to order as chosen to do God's work, ask Goldman Sachs.

What is God's work? Depopulation.

Russia was depopulated by Stalin so they're not a target? Well Putin is or, maybe? All game.

One stroke of good luck for the south is white, whites aren't being as depopulated, unless bark too much.

Schnauzer barked up trees that had a few bad predators attack from the big trunk.

Strange world. America was being populated by the Chinese and the Russians and then the shift happened, the Middle East wars out of control and Rove controlling the Southern Agenda.

Global politics drive the USA, and one has to wonder what the global goal is for the Indian or non, gaming money, and there isn't any sum that is not controlled.

e.a.f. said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Russia and their mafia. The U.S.A. has enough crooks of their own who won't welcome outside crooks.

As to Mafia/crooks, etc. have a look north to Canada. Their Prime Minister just signed a 31 yr. trade deal with China which will give China a lot more control over Canadian sovereignty. Why would that concern Americans, well we sit right on your border, that longest undefended border and all that oil/gas is going to China. Now as to crime and China, its just doing ever so well. Now its coming to Canada and there won't be any control over it. That trade agreement with China says Canada can't impose any rules/laws which would impede China's ability to make a profit in Canada. Oh and those companies coming to Canada, aren't just any old companies, as we understand companies. these companies are owned by China and the Red Army of China.

Just try to remember the Chinese "mafia" outnumbers the other "mafias" hand over fist.

Of course what is entertaining is the Americans have 2 Million citizens in jail and China only 1.6 Million. With the difference in population, that leaves a lot of "mafia" types walking around.

The middle east is a long way from North AMerica and those trucks ISIL likes to travel around in, still don't float on water. The war in the middle east is simply another opportunity for the gun runners of America to make more money.