Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Court Ruling Might Force Wealthy Rollins Clan To Allow Light Into Some Dark Financial Corners

Sarah Rollins (right), with her sister,
Emma, and father, Ted
Most states have laws that require a trustee to tell beneficiaries about the existence and provisions of a trust fund at age 18. The wealthy Rollins family, with its primary bases in Georgia and Delaware, doesn't seem to do it that way. But a recent court ruling in an Atlanta lawsuit apparently will force the family to change the way it manages trust accounts--and it might shine light on our reporting of Rollins-related matters here in Alabama.

The Rollinses, the folks behind Orkin Pest Control and other highly profitable enterprises, are one of the nation's wealthiest families. But the clan's patriarchs apparently have a habit of keeping the next generation largely in the dark about trust funds. That sparked a lawsuit in 2010, with four of Gary Rollins' children alleging that their father and his brother, Randall Rollins, had breached their fiduciary duty as trustees. A recent Georgia appellate ruling found that the children's case presented issues that should be determined by a jury.

Randall and Gary Rollins are the heads of Atlanta-based Rollins Inc., the umbrella company for Orkin Pest Control, RPC Inc. (formerly Rollins Energy Services), and other entities. But they now stand accused of essentially raiding trust funds for their own benefit, and a Georgia court has found those claims should go to trial. (The full appellate ruling can be viewed at the end of this post.)

How might this shape the Rollins story in Alabama? The answer to that question remains unclear, but we do know this: Ted Rollins, Randall and Gary's cousin, is CEO of Charlotte-based Campus Crest Communities, a developer of student housing near public universities around the country. Campus Crest has four projects in Alabama, and Ted Rollins played a central role in a divorce case here that resulted in a monstrous cheat job against his ex wife, Birmingham resident Sherry Carroll Rollins, and their two daughters. One of those daughters, 19-year-old Sarah Rollins, apparently has a trust fund about which she knows almost nothing.

Many questions surround Sarah Rollins' trust fund. In what state was it established? What rules govern disbursements to her as beneficiary? Who are the trustees, and have they fulfilled their legal duties to her? But Sherry Rollins has provided information that indicates the trust fund exists--and under the law, Sarah Rollins almost certainly has a right to know about it.

New York Times article in March 2013 states that in almost all states, an 18-year-old is considered an adult who is entitled to know about provisions of a trust fund. Sherry Rollins says her daughter is mostly in the dark about her trust fund--and Ms. Rollins says she has seen signs that Ted Rollins wants to keep it that way.

Randall Rollins
Unless the two sides reach a settlement, a Georgia jury soon will decide if Randall and Gary Rollins managed trust funds to enrich themselves, at the expense of beneficiaries. Given that Ted and Randall Rollins have engaged in at least one joint business venture--a real-estate development company called St. James Capital LLC--a reasonable person might ask: Is Ted Rollins taking a page from his cousin's playbook by keeping Sarah Rollins out of the loop on her trust fund?

What is the genesis of the Rollins trust-fund feud in Atlanta? We wrote about it in an October 26, 2010, post titled "A Wealthy Republican Family Hangs Out Its Dirty Laundry Down South." Here's how Atlanta Business Chronicle reporter Jacques Couret outlined the current issues in a report dated April 1, 2013:

At the heart of the case is a feud over how Gary W. Rollins handles his children’s trusts. Glen Rollins, his brother O. Wayne Rollins II and sisters Ruth Ellen Rollins and Nancy Louise Rollins in August 2010 sued their father, Gary, and uncle, Randall, for their handling of several family trusts. Two days after the children filed their lawsuit, Gary Rollins’ wife of nearly 45 years, Ruth, filed for divorce.

How nasty can these sorts of issues get in a wealthy family? Jacques Couret's report provides a clue:

The siblings filed suit over the trust that had been established for them, and how they stood to be paid under the plan known as the Rollins Perpetual Management Trust.

That lawsuit led to Glen Rollins being fired from his executive positions with Rollins on Sept. 7, 2010. He left Rollins Inc. in April 2011.

Ouch! A son gets booted out of the family firm because he asks questions about funds to which it appears he is legally entitled?

Randall and Gary Rollins have shown signs that they can get vicious when confronted about their actions as trustees. Ted Rollins also has shown signs that he is willing to threaten alarming actions when confronted about Sarah Rollins' trust fund.

How exactly has Ted Rollins behaved under such circumstances? We will answer that question in upcoming posts.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

One investigative reporter as stellar as you in each state.

The pink slips could be confetti in our skies blurring the sun.

And perp walks by all the pests, especially the Rollin cult clan.

Murphy Schnauzer Clan needs a bronze plaque in a very important Alabama park for very important living family.

Anonymous said...

Now you are plowing some fertile ground! Go For It-Give Us The Facts!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Rollins patriarchs enjoy stealing from their young. I guess they call that "sound investment strategy." The rest of us call it "theft."

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Rollins wonders what happened to her money, I bet she will find that daddy took it and "invested" it in Campus Crest Communities.

Anonymous said...

Stealing from your own children--what a charming way to do business.

Anonymous said...

financial pedophiles too, gosh

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 9:07--

You've coined a new term that probably describes this pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I see from the court document that the court found the Rollins children in Atlanta should receive an accounting of what happened with their money. The outcome of that should be quite interesting.

Unknown said...

There was no formal education in the United States of America, for a representative to take into a court of law, matters of conflict resolution and contract. There were those that could, should money be provided, go to Inns of Court in England and learn "common law."

Common Law from England was brought to America and obviously we got our system from the root of that system. But, the U.S. Constitution was a new form of contract that far exceeded what we got from Common Law and the Magna Carta.

Thus, when it is said: Organic U.S. Constitutional Law it means We The People are the law, each and every individual.

Where did the wrong turn get rounded and squared?

The Federal Reserve System before it was the Fed, was another system of how to use humans as slaves in whatever form can be used.

Thus, Carol and Roger Shuler, you went into the system and proved the U.S. Constitution works.

When we work it.

No pun or play on words intended.

The court system has been set up to be about exactly how the courts in old were, those that got to be the Esquires for the King, and so on. It degenerated as the Fed got to use the power of the purse for only the investors in capitalism when it bets to win and lose.

How to reclaim our system of law.

Roger and Carol Shuler have led the way and now every lawyer reading this blog needs to come clean about winging it, basically, reading statutes made up like could have been in the case of the Shulers - and standing as though "good law."

U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights', got it right. Then add the 18 Titles of Consumer Protection, RICO good law AND let the pro se Roger and Carol Shulers teach as can be now, on the www, the new world order alright.

Freedom is not being afraid to embrace the reality of truth.

Rollins' >>ET AL predators, need their children to appear as though they are not.

Thomas Jefferson was not formally schooled in law and one of his primary purposes in learning about property rights was because he was such a HUGE slave owner. His mind of course changed in time as he learned his human side.

Americans, we have been truly duped. We each and every one get to represent our Bill of Rights' and yet we have been, since especially the Vietnam War, driven into the never ending torture chamber of no due process law.

Carol and Roger Shuler demand due process law and the criminal thugs can't believe there are enough Americans now fed up with the Fed and its' agents of human filth.

Thank the Schnauzer Clan? YES!!!

Anonymous said...

This post is filled with useful information, beyond the material about the Rollins family. I didn't know, for example, that a child is entitled to information about a trust at age 18 in most states. Thanks for reporting on this.

Anonymous said...

Financial Pedophiles was coined by the late great artist Donald Wilson.

Original drawings he created, of how it looks - Bush Crime Family: dark, dark, impotent hope, he called them financial pedophiles and the drawings are by a master of many disciplines in the fine arts. He called them also in doing what is being done, clearly it is financial pedophilia that is going on with Rollins and the heinous cult in charge of USA.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like Randall, Gary, and Ted Rollins like the tax advantages of trust funds, but they don't like the "disadvantage" of the child actually receiving the funds.

Anonymous said...

18 is the age when "children" get to be protected in/under contract in the U.S. Constitution as an "individual". That is one of the problems with the contract in the time frame it was executed, children are not actually other than "property."

Why the divorce courts are getting away with taking so many US American children.

Under 18, Guardian Ad Litem needs to get filed for parents to take the right to represent the child in court. Without doing this, the courts use the "law" to enrich the masters of Middle Ages mentality, nasty immoral judges like Feinstein in California, ugly.

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer: I live in Mountain Brook and I seem to remember that Ted Rollins flew Sarah to Monaco supposedly to see the Grand Prix races. I was told that they stayed with Prince Albert, his wife, and a rich tycoon from Belgium? I heard that he put Sarah on a plane to Germany for a few days afterward however, he apparently stayed. Just read your post and wondered if he was cleverly arranging his daughter's finances within the country of Monaco? I also read that one has to put a certain amount of money into the bank there to become a citizen of Monaco. Wonder if old Ted put some money there in Sarah's name? Seems like he would do anything to hide money from the IRS, and his own flesh and blood. I hope this young girl realizes that she is being USED by her own Father. What else is he willing to do to her to control her money? Wasn't he a pedophile in some of your posts? Does that mean his pedophilia extends all the way to financial pedophilia of his own daughter?

Anonymous said...

Is there a lawyer in Alabama who has license to practice law in N.C. , Delaware, Wyoming, and other states? Looks like from everything I have read about Campus Crest that it is set up in Delaware for obvious tax evasion reasons as most corporations are. I wonder if Mrs. Rollins or Sarah Rollins got a Delaware attorney to find records of the trust in Wilmington Delaware as that is where John Rollins, the Rollins boy's father lived. So that would lead us to believe that the records would be in probate there in that county, New Castle county? Just trying to be helpful. Did a lot of legal work back in the 90's as a legal aid. I say the Rollins girl has to step up and take care of her personal matters and to finally have an answer from the Rollins men's club.

Anonymous said...

This is sort of off topic, but Sarah and Emma Rollins sure are pretty girls. And I hear they both are smart and talented. Most fathers would be thrilled to have two daughters like that and would treat them like princesses. But Ted Rollins seems to see them mainly as "stocks" in his "portfolio"--he uses them to boost his own financial and social status. Props to Sherry Rollins for raising these girls under difficult circumstances.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:03--

John Rollins Sr., Ted's father and Sarah's grandfather, apparently set up her trust fund, and my understanding is that his business empire was/is based largely in Delaware. I suspect you are right that the trust was established in Delaware.

Anonymous said...

I am friends with Sarah Rollins. Apparently he is sending her to live in Italy soon. Could the trust fund and her age have anything to do with this move out of the U.S.?

Unknown said...

International law. This is the big hoot and holler about how to be prepared in the time of this raging globalism. Another reason why our US Constitution was-is "suspended."

Where to get educated in international law when we are not educated in our own US Constitution!

I appealed a couple of times in courts for a judge who could hear my case under international law as global credit was, and is, with the Fed, really the issue.

Delaware, now that was an interesting set up - anything appears able to be bought there.

LS, you have been my mentor and what a good master teacher you are. I cannot do the document uploading because I'm too lazy.

You are truly benevolent to do this for all of we people USA.

visit my cover on our own Attorney General and the SOUTHERN news that has been purchased, watch out.


Murphy, Carol, You, and your family of fur balls now, are some of my favorite American hero humans and light spirits.


Anonymous said...

@ 9:55 the GAL's are huge players in court corruption and in the business of stealing children to the highest bidder! Interesting you mention Feinstein's spawn Katherine! You are correct! The apple never fell from the tree in that family! Kathleen knows all about stealing children and corrupt GALs! She's the master even since being revealed as such!

Whats more, GAL's are most of the time the least qualified to speak on behalf of children, over bill the courts with help of course and help hide abuse!

Anonymous said...

I couldnt agree with you more. I think to qualify as a GAL, in Alabama you have to have like 12hrs "instruction" per year. They are supremely unqualified to act in the child's best interest. Plus if you get on their bad side they will screw you in court. Typically they are in bed with the fellow lawyers attempting to squeeze as much money out of the proceedings as possible. Another financial scam that hurts the children in the end. Lawyers getting money that would be better served providing for the children.

Anonymous said...

anons RE GAL and children in the US, the country I believe is actually a center for harvesting 'em, kids.

Sickening. It makes me so sick to face America's true face.

Military industrial, surveillance industrial, medical experimentation and children are definitely endangered from before the womb to the grave.

Feinstein family is like the Pelosi family and all the families in the California Neocon degenerate tribe.

Yoav Shamir has a film, "On Defamation." It is a must watch to see how our children [goyim] not indoctrinated in Israel are not therefore other than an "the" enemy. Our "goy" children in the time of "modern" treated as though they caused the Holohoax.

It is ugly to realize the imaginations of these creatures that have hold of America are filled with loathing for their own humanity.

Doesn't get more Ma Pa Apple Pie American than the Murphy Schnauzer Clan. How dare these degenerate misfits tell us the law is what they say.

How dare the morons pretend we cannot read, write, speak and then we are forced to believe it's just how it is.

Then, we give up all we have and are so they can justify their criminal insanity.

James Greek said...

one of the first few laws Georgia has ever come up with that is fair. If only Court TV was Court TV. You'd be perfect for it.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:28 agreed! Globalist are after our children to rape and disembowel them so that they will spread sick twisted energy for generations but most important so that they will hopefully not multiply and end their own lives. Many who have been kidnapped and or sold to the highest bidder do kill themselves. It is the courts intended outcome in those chosen cases.

jeffrey spruill said...


How can one research the law concerning trusts in the state of Delaware since Uncle Ted is leaving is own daughter-Sarah in the dark about her trust fund while the degenerate raids it.

I assume that's where it was established.

legalschnauzer said...


I don't know for sure, but maybe a Google search of "trust fund law in Delaware" might be a good place to start. Trust funds are a new area of law for me, so my knowledge is limited. Perhaps they have to be registered with a state office? Welcome input from those who are more in the know than I am.