Monday, March 25, 2013

Recent Letter Proves That Even AG Luther Strange Knows His Lawsuit Against Poarch Creeks Is A Sham

Luther Strange
A letter written earlier this year proves that even Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange knows his lawsuit to stop electronic bingo at Poarch Creek Indian facilities is a charade.

According to a new report from Bob Martin of the Montgomery Independent, Strange wrote to lawyers for VictoryLand owner Milton McGregor just before raiding and closing the facility last month. Here, in part, is what Strange said:

"You likely are aware of the situation with regard to Class 2 gambling on Indian land. Federal law governs those facilities, and I do not have jurisdiction to enforce federal or state laws against them."

So what gives? Strange announced his lawsuit against the Poarch Creeks on February 19, the same day he executed a search warrant at VictoryLand, seizing gambling machines, money, and other equipment. Both moves came only a few days after Strange had acknowledged in writing that he had no legal standing to take action against the Poarch Creeks.

Is Luther Strange a liar of mythical proportions? Is he so ethically compromised that he no longer cares if the public can figure out his transparent games? Is he so lacking in a conscience that he happily wastes taxpayer dollars on a legal case that he knows has zero merit? If he has no conscience, is Luther Strange a sociopath?

A reasonable Alabamian might have decided that the answer to all four questions is yes. As for Bob Martin, he provides important background, plus his own insights about what really is driving the attorney general. First, Martin tells us what prompted Strange's letter:

This correspondence was written to McGregor’s attorney Joe Espy after Espy asked him to file a declaratory judgment action against VictoryLand so the matter could be settled once and for all in court, and not force VictoryLand to close until a court ruled the bingo machines there were illegal.

Martin then comes to a logical conclusion about Strange's motives:

Several questions arise from Strange’s actions. If Strange now deems the Poarch Creek machines illegal, how has he suddenly gained jurisdiction over the Indian casino equipment? And why didn’t Strange seize the Poarch Creek machines when he filed suit against them? The answer seems obvious. The Poarch casinos, as I reported two months ago, made a $100,000 campaign donation to Strange in 2010 and the suit is a sham, obviously filed in an attempt to dupe the public.

Is it as simple as that? Has Luther Strange been bought and sold like a common streetwalker? Multiple experts, to be sure, are baffled by the AG's actions. Reports Martin:

“I’ve just never seen anything like this,” said Nelson Rose, author of “Gambling and the Law” and an expert witness who has testified on behalf of pro-gambling interests before. “It’s a public embarrassment for a state official to be doing this. I mean, he doesn’t have any lawyers who know anything about federal law, gaming law, Indian law or any combination thereof,” Rose told The Birmingham News.

G. William Rice, a professor with Tulsa University’s Native American Law Center, told the News that, generally speaking, states have no authority to intervene on Indian lands. “States simply have no jurisdiction over Indian Country,” he said. “I’m afraid that the attorney general’s lawsuit is on very tenuous grounds.”

Translation: These experts seem to suggest that Alabama's chief law-enforcement officer is losing it, to the point that he has become a "public embarrassment." But I suspect Luther Strange is not a loon; he's a man under duress.

Consider a recent column by Alabama political commentator Steve Flowers. He hints that Strange and his staunch political ally, former Governor Bob Riley, are seriously compromised. From Flowers article, dated March 21:

Indeed the closing of VictoryLand created quite a bonanza for the Alabama Creek Indian casinos. For the fourth year in a row they have experienced record setting growth. According to the Indian Gaming Industry Report released two weeks ago by Casino City Press, revenue for Alabama’s Indian casinos grew by over 26% in 2011. The report says Alabama leads the nation in revenue growth for Indian gambling. All of this is a direct result of the continuous havoc being played on the private constitutionally granted casinos by Bob Riley and now Luther Strange.

Have Riley and Strange been wreaking havoc simply because they have been bought off by Indian gaming interests, including the Poarch Creeks in Alabama and the Choctaws in Mississippi? Flowers notes that public records show Riley received more than $400,000 from Indian casinos for his 2002 gubernatorial campaign.

I suspect, however, that the peculiar actions from Riley and Strange go beyond dollars and cents. GOP felon Jack Abramoff admitted in his 2011 book that he funneled some $20 million into Alabama to help Riley beat Democrat Don Siegelman in 2002. That means Riley was the beneficiary of a widespread criminal enterprise, one that never has fully been unearthed.

A number of prominent journalists, including Scott Horton of Harper's, have reported that Congress and prosecutors pursued only a fraction of the criminal wrongdoing in the Abramoff affair. Does that mean  Indian gaming interests have plenty of damning material to hold over the heads of Bob Riley and his associates, including Luther Strange? Could this information, if made public, be strong enough to put members of Team Riley in federal prison for years? Does that explain why Riley and Strange are quick to do the bidding of their Indian benefactors?

The answer to all of those questions, I suspect, is yes.

My guess is that dollars and cents, in part, are driving Riley and Strange. But so, in all likelihood, is blackmail.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Now further concentration on the Luther upside down smile and his spirit that matches.

Porn Pom

Anonymous said...

Luther is a liar of monumental proportions. Her lies to his wife every day of his life. He lies about his now-school age illegitimite son (who mainstream media - for some strange reason - never ask about even though it is an open secret in Montgomery).

The out-of-wedlock son IS an issue. Luther has gone to extreme lengths to make arrangements for the mother of his child (jobs, payoffs - large ones - from camnpaign funds, etc.) and he broke up a marraige. This deserves scrutiny from

Anonymous said...

How long will Alabamians--and Americans in general--fall for the Republican con game? "Oh, we believe in lean, small government, and we are careful with your tax dollars," GOP says. And dimwits actually believe it.

Raymond said...

Didn't Luther come from Bradley Arant law firm? Is this typical of the "legal ethics" that come with a background in that firm?

Anonymous said...

Yep the Witt Families are all American, alright:

Half, Dim, Nit are in this together and call themselves the GOP.

Inbred the so called Republicans and then there are the Democrats, which of course dress up liberally and paste lipstick on their pigs, too.

Gone insane, America, and making Hollywood movies to kill some more of the others so we can think life is special.

Great study link for you, LS, and all readers of curiosity about what "money" the GOP is actually "owners" of.

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Anonymous said...

Bradley Arant is now defending Del Marsh in the Switcheroo case. Big shocker there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lawyers are liars. They got sold the lie and so they aggressively push to get the return on the money they spent to get the liars' jobs.

Where are the "lawyers" in protecting the people in this time of "globalization?"

In the color of law, making printed pages to read and be proud of knowing how to.

The system is broken and when there are so called professionals that work a broken system, just because they can lie and bilk it, then there is only one last flush.

Anonymous said...

We now know what "kemosabe" means. It means "future customer at my casino."

Anonymous said...

If Luther knows he doesn't have jurisdiction over PCI, is it safe to assume he also knows the machines at VictoryLand are legal? Is he lying to the public on both issues?

legalschnauzer said...

"Lawyers are liars. They got sold the lie and so they aggressively push to get the return on the money they spent to get the liars' jobs."

No truer words ever have been written.

MyLittleDemon said...

How many actual crimes are being ignored while Luther Strange uses resources from the AG's office to pursue this sham lawsuit and his sham seizure of VL's equipment?

Anonymous said...

Here's a peek at Luther Strange's Day Planner:

6 AM: get up, shower, get combover just perfect so I'll look good for Bob Riley.
7 AM: tell wife I'll be "working late" heh heh
8 AM: order raid on Victoryland
8:15: tell Poarch Creeks I just raided Victoryland
8:16 get check from "RSLC" (heh heh)
9 AM: have secretary go to Toys R Us to get a birthday present for illegitimate son so his mother won't demand even more money or more jobs
9:15 AM: remember to get mistress's ex-husband a new toy to keep HIM quiet to - write check to BMW dealership . . . .goodbye PCI money . . .oops . . .I mean "RSLC" money . ..

Anonymous said...

loving the funny comments today, we can indeed humiliate the vermin, when we take their actions and make words to tell the real story.

liars' loans were sharks on a frenzy to feed the top criminals.

first loan shark was Rothschild, his master stroke was he "loaned out troops," so to speak, to both sides of a revolution.

Rothschild constructed the system we are now imprisoned to-IN:

credit-debt fraud.

Lawyers for almost the whole tribe, are his best agents, paid to lie, cheat, steal, and pay him the lion's share to dress up and act like "civilized," too.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 8:40--

I just spewed orange juice across the kitchen. Mucho LOLs! (heh heh)

Anonymous said...


I think you might be onto something about blackmail. Karl Rove Republicans have been known to effectively use blackmail/extortion for years. Wouldn't it be poetic justice if the tribes were turning the tables on them?

Anonymous said...

One Rudolf Hess, addressing a legal convention in Germany in the 1930s: "All justice is political."

Anonymous said...

Big Luther has a new fave song:

Anonymous said...

And now, for the really big questions:

What does Luther's Head Aide think about all of this? Has she debriefed him yet? Has she found hard evidence that will stand up in court?

Anonymous said...


Oh my God, what should we do, in the event it's true:

energy = vibrations and we can actually take the power here and use the force to change the world.

Laughing out loud and rocking torso.

Thank you so much for the healing.

A thought about lawyers ...

most, in the good to great categories, are political prisoners in the U.S. Or, broke and not practicing the "law." --Living just like the rest of humans who choose not to use our own people to prove how much of a criminal class can build, up-into a "higher" fraudulent culture. The so called "elite" are of a non-civilized breeding, in reality, by way of cultivating an evil empire.

The money root problem sooner or later has to get fixed.

Luther Strange has bred?

Dear, see why the money must get outed, the offspring has already been a programmed victim to hate the liars in charge.

Get even or get enlightened.

Luther Strange lives up to the name in how the behavior was attracted to the "liars'" law, then to the power of federally pounding into the brains of southerners, how it is for the crackers' victims whipping in C~XXI, to get in shape for THEIR NWO!

Anonymous said...

Jack Abramoff is like a cancer who never has been eradicated from our body politic. I agree that this current sham is an outgrowth of what "Casino Jack" set in motion.

Anonymous said...

Check out the AIDE'S FB page. Many pics of her with AG, one hugging even with wifey looking on.
Guess it may be time to take those down now that the cat is out of the bag!

Anonymous said...

excellent, "Casino Jack" !

What about contacting:

Glen Browder served as a U.S. Congressman, Alabama Secretary of State, and Alabama State Legislator. A moderate Democrat, he was one of the founders of the Congressional Blue Dog Coalition. He earned his B.A. in history from Presbyterian College (SC) and a Ph.D in political science from Emory University (GA). He now serves as Professor Emeritus of American Democracy at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. He also was Distinguished Visiting Professor of National Security Affairs at Naval Postgraduate School in California for ten years and served a brief stint as Visiting Fellow at Harvard University. His recent books are Stealth Reconstruction and The South’s New Racial Politics; he also is the author of The Future of American Democracy. Additional information about Browder is available in Geni Certain's Professor-Politician: The Biography of Alabama Congressman Glen Browder (

Anonymous said...

How are we suppose to trust this Lerch? John Gotti was more trustworthy than this goon! Who is responsible for firing this guy? Waiting until next election will take too long.

jeffrey spruill said...

The psychopath is a person who has an anti-social personality disorder, which seeps with aggressive, perverted, criminal intent with immoral behaviour, that lack of empathy and remorse.


I think that definition is much more appropriate for Riley & Strange

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Gov Bentley doing something to Strange for pulling this charades?
If they have all this information why aren't they exposing it ($100,000 from the Poach Creek) and relieving Strange of his duties? I don't know why the people of Alabama keep voting these crooks in. It just amazes me.

Unknown said...

his cheeks and his entire mouth, filled with marbles or rocks

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 6:17--

You raise a powerful question, and citizens should be flooding Bentley's office with demands for him to act. When Bob Riley was governor, the AL Supreme Court issued a ruling that the governor is the supreme law-enforcement officer of the state. That ruling was BS, designed specifically for Riley by our corrupt high court. But if it's good for Riley, it's good for Bentley--and it means Bentley can trump Strange at any point, if he has the guts to do something

jeffrey spruill said...

Is Ralph Reed pulling a head fake talking "Biological Parents Are The Best" when he's one of the major culprits in helping "Big Luther" twist himself in all kinds of legal & illegal acrobatics?

Anonymous said...

I just made my call to the Governor's office.

(334) 242-7100 or fax a letter to (334) 353-0004

The AG can and should be stopped by Bentley. The loss of jobs, the excessive expenses of bogus law suits and illegal raids on legal businesses, the loss of state & local taxes and mostly the corruption of our state government is horrendous.

Anonymous said...

Strange sociopath-sycophant-sicko- psychopath
Luther, seeking-finding, people’s desperate-suffering-pleasurable,
madmen, illusory powers, deluding multitudes

Porn Pom

e.a.f. said...

Luther Strange did what he did, even if it contravened the games rules, because he could. it is that simple. No one has stopped him. It has worked for him and those who benefited. Not much is going to stop Luther Strange from doing what he wants unless he is removed from office.

We in British Columbia, Canada have a somewhat similar situation. Everyone wonders how did the provincial government get away with it? Simple, they did what they wanted, circled the wagons, and just who is going to force them to undo what they did. People have to wait until the next election.

Politicans world wide do what they want to benefit themselves, their political parties, adn their friends and benefactors. Not much will change in the future unless citizens educate themselves about what goes on around them in politics.

Usually these politicians manage to "injure" only a small group of people. The rest stand by and watch. it is not until the majority have been injured that we see change. Main stream media don't really help bring a lot of these issues to the fore. That remains to be done by bloggers.

It is hopefull the state will clean up its act, but I'm not holding my breath. A country can not truly be the home of the free and the brave until every one is free and the brave assert themselves to ensure others remain free from the evil deeds of politicians.