Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alabama Woman Is Unlawfully Imprisoned Because Of An Alleged Debt From Her Divorce Case

Bonnie Cahalane (Knox) Wyatt

A central Alabama woman remains in the Chilton County Jail over an alleged debt connected to her divorce settlement, even though her incarceration clearly is contrary to state law.

Bonnie Cahalane (Knox) Wyatt has been in jail since July 26, closing in on four months, and apparently will remain behind bars for the Thanksgiving holiday. That's under orders from Chilton County Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds, who presided over the Wyatt v. Wyatt divorce case that was settled in May 2011.

Reynolds' order, however, presents a problem: It is against the law. That is perhaps most evident in a case styled Dolberry v. Dolberry, 920 So. 2d 573 (Ala. Civ. App., 2005).

The finding in Dolberry confirms what we have suspected for some time about the Bonnie Wyatt case: (1) She is being incarcerated as punishment for a political or social reason that has nothing to do with her divorce from Harold Jay Wyatt; (2) The ACLU,  the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and any other appropriate organization or agency needs to pay an immediate visit to Clanton, Alabama.

That a citizen could be unlawfully jailed--on the orders of one judge. who obviously is incompetent, corrupt or both--is an outrage that should not be tolerated.

Reynolds ordered Bonnie Wyatt's arrest after she failed to pay a $165,000 debt that was incorporated into her divorce settlement with Harold Wyatt. Upon payment, Mr. Wyatt was to satisfy a debt on the marital residence and convey his interest in the home to Ms. Wyatt.

We have noted in previous posts that the settlement agreement was dubious on numerous grounds--the court record shows a one-page, hand-written document that appears to be neither formal nor final; it came from a mediation session,  but it's unclear if it was based on any testimony or documentation; Ms. Wyatt claims that information was withheld from her during the mediation process.

Even if the settlement agreement was legitimate, the fallout from it is not. Reynolds ordered Ms. Wyatt's arrest when she failed to pay the $165,000 in the prescribed time. And that, by law, cannot be done.

We already have one Alabama citizen who is a political prisoner; I'm talking, of course, about former Governor Don Siegelman, who currently resides in a federal prison at Oakdale, Louisiana--even though his convictions were based on unlawful jury instructions, and the key bribery charge was brought almost one full year past the five-year statute of limitations. But now we have a woman who is being held in what amounts to a debtor's prison, even though that clearly is unlawful? Will this finally alert someone in position of authority that Alabama's "justice system"--both state and federal--is broken beyond repair.

In some ways, the Bonnie Wyatt story might be an even bigger outrage than the Siegelman saga--and that is saying something. Siegelman was a veteran office holder who obviously made powerful enemies from winning elections as a Democrat in an increasingly Republican state; Siegelman was targeted for utterly bogus reasons, but he had the resources and support to put up a powerful defense. And the Siegelman case at least involved a jury verdict, even though it was flawed because of unlawful instructions from an ethically compromised trial-court judge.

Meanwhile, court records show that Bonnie Wyatt is a mother of four who simply tried to extricate herself from a marriage that was a mistake pretty much from the outset; she and Harold Wyatt lived together as husband and wife for only about 10 months, so it's hard to see how she came to owe him $165,000. It's even harder to understand how Judge Sibley Reynolds--with no statutory or case law to support it, and no jury to bless it--could order Ms. Wyatt to jail.

It's not as if the controlling law is complicated. Sec. 20 of the Alabama Constitution (1901) plainly states that "no person shall be imprisoned for debt." A search through case law reveals one exception to that general rule, but it does not apply to Bonnie Wyatt's situation. That means she has been unlawfully jailed for almost four months . . . and counting.

By the way, this is not a "matter of first impression." The key case law dates to 1968--and it is based, in part, on a case that dates to 1888. A veteran Alabama judge can't get law right when it's been in place for almost 125 years? Good grief.

Scores of cases over that time period could spell it out for Judge Reynolds. But Dolberry v. Dolberry does a splendid job, and it's only seven years old. A third grader could find it, and grasp it, with a simple Google search.

What were the facts in Dolberry? Except for the dollar amount and the gender of the spouse to be incarcerated, they were almost identical to those in Wyatt. The husband in Dolberry was to pay the wife $15,000 for her equity in the marital home. When the husband failed to pay, the trial court found him in contempt of the divorce judgment and ordered him jailed on weekends until he "purges himself of this contempt order."

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals reversed, citing a case styled Ex Parte Thompson, 210 So. 2d 808 (Ala., 1968). Thompson, in turn, cites Murray v. Murray, 4 So. 239 (Ala., 1888). The key finding in Thompson:

Because the payments were not for the sustenance and support of his former wife, (Sec.) 20, Ala. Const. 1901, applied, and Thompson could not be imprisoned for the failure to pay a debt.

That gets to the exception we mentioned earlier that applies to marriage-related debt in Alabama--and I believe in all other states, as well. An award of alimony goes to sustenance and support, meaning it can be coerced by a contempt citation. But, per Dolberry, "a property settlement upon dissolution of a marriage" is considered a "debt ex contractu." The court explains:

This ordinary money obligation is not attended with any of those peculiar equitable considerations which attach to alimony. Therefore, the debt created by the agreement of the parties hereto is within the ambit of Section 20, supra, and is not subject to enforcement by contempt proceedings.

Bottom line? You can be held in contempt and jailed for failure to pay alimony. You cannot be held in contempt and jailed for failure to pay a property settlement.

So why is Bonnie Wyatt in jail, and what should be done about the damages she has sustained? What should be done to ensure that other Alabama citizens do not experience similar court-sanctioned abuse?

We will address those questions in an upcoming post.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...



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Karen said...

This is mind blowing. Thanks for your research on this, LS.

legalschnauzer said...

Actually, I have to give credit to a reader for the research on this story. I always appreciate my readers, but especially on this post.

TLR said...

This is one of the most disturbing things I've read in a long time. A woman spends four months in jail, and for what? Some public outrage is needed here.

Anonymous said...

Where's the MSM?

Curious George said...

Makes me embarrassed to live in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Sibley Reynolds has been a horrible judge for a long time. Don't know that he has gone this far before. But he's baaaaaad.

Anonymous said...

WTF, I thought Southerners were supposed to treat their women folk well.

Anonymous said...

I was informed by a knowledgeable attorney that Sibley Reynolds is the most investigated judge in Alabama. Further, Sue Bell Cobb had an ongoing investigation into him when she left office.

One more thing: Sibley was in South Dakota a couple of weeks ago with the DA, Randall Houston, and some attorneys that "practice" in his court. They were bird huntin' and fixin' cases.

jeffrey spruill said...

Good luck if the ACLU or the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division intercedes on Ms. Wyatt's behalf.

Both of those organizations know the truth about the Congressional investigation concerning Erik Prince & decided to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING:

(I guess the sale of Frank Batten Jr's Weather Channel was sufficient. I mean I'm only a U.S. citizen.)

May 12,2006

Dear Mr. Spruill:
Thank you for contacting me to express your concems about Harley Lappin. I appreciate you apprising me of your views on this issue.

Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as this issue comes before me. please feel free to contact me in the future on other issues which may be of concem to you.

Robert C. "Bobby''Scott
Member of Congress

Anonymous said...

Chilton County, Alabama, is in the United States, right?

This doesn't sound like something that is supposed to happen in the United States.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 11:08--

A hunting trip involving Alabama judges and lawyers who practice in front of him? Imagine that.

Wonder who paid for that? Could any "ex parte communication" have been innvolved? Did dollars change in hands, one favor for another?

What a cesspool

Anonymous said...

copied you on an email LS, May God Bless YOUR FAMILY forever and ever, you are a journalist in the U.S. who goes down in history, no doubt about this truth!

Anonymous said...

I don't know that any money changed hands, but it wouldn't surprise me. I can guarantee you that ex parte communications took place. Hell, I've witnessed them in Sibley's courtroom, so it's a logical conclusion.

I can tell you this: Randall Houston is the only one that did not fly. He had to drive the guns to South Dakota. The rest of the criminals went by plane.

legalschnauzer said...

Probably private plane(s)? Don't know if major airlines have a lot of routes to SD, unless maybe you fly into Twin Cities and rent vehicles to drive. Either way, that's expensive.

Anonymous said...

RE:Anon 11:08, Reynolds may have been in South Dakota on a Continuing Education trip. Isn't Patricia Warner in exile there?

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone who has had a bad experience in domestic relations court to contact you so they may get some exposure. I do not of any other way to expose the atrocities that these "black-robed gods" have bestowed upon us. I would like to see more reporting on domestic relations.

Anonymous said...


legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 1:50--

I've left multiple messages with Ms. Wyatt's attorney, Amy Naylor of Clanton, and no response yet. My guess is that the lawyer is intimidated into doing the right thing by the kind of organized crime ring that controls too many Alabama courthouses. It happens in Chilton, Autauga, Elmore, Shelby, Jefferson . . . the list goes on and on. And our federal courthouses are just as bad. BTW, I'm not overstating it when I say this involves "organized crime." The is exactly the kind of conspiracy-driven, unlawful behavior that is described in RICO.

The big question now: Why is Ms. Wyatt in jail? It clearly has nothing to do with her divorce from Harold Wyatt. That's all a ruse; she's being punished for some other reason.

It's difficult to sue a judge, but Ms. Wyatt, if she ever gets out of jail, should have a massive civil-rights claim against the people responsible for this--lawyers, sheriff, etc. If Reynolds can be shown to have participated in a conspiracy that goes beyond his duties as judge, he might be vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Wyatt has not researched her counsel properly. Chip Cleveland is Sibley's big buddy, but he'll screw a client and fix a case in a heartbeat.

I feel sorry for her, but she needs to smarten up about who she hires. The lawyers that regularly appear in Reynold's kangaroo court have access to him and know he will fix their cases so that they make money.

There is no ethics in that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody needs to email Gloria Allred the famous woman lawyer that will deflate the judges balls and her ex husbands balls for this injustice.

Anonymous said...

I live in Jefferson County, but have heard so much negative publicity about Sibley Reynolds. A while back, I encountered a Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney named Misty Reynolds. When I asked her if she was related to Sibley, she was very quick in responding with a resounding "No!" By the look on her face, I suppose that she was aware of his reputation, also.

Anonymous said...

@AnonymousNovember 15, 2012 3:28 PM:
The problem is that almost all the attorneys know and cover for each other. So even the young attorneys that may want to do the right thing realize that it's career suicide to go against the establishment. It's a perfect money making racket for the attorneys and judges, what can you do? Complain? Then your labeled a disgruntled litigant...sour grapes. These people believe that they are smarter than everyone else and that they are above the law. Guess what, they have been doing this for years and are very good at it. Someone makes too much trouble for them...discredit them, jail them, ruin them financially. They have the connections to make your life miserable.

Kudos to Roger for continuing to shed light of the incredibly corrupt Alabama judicial system.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 8:44--

Excellent points across the board. I think Bonnie Wyatt is in jail because she, probably without even realizing it, made trouble for someone in the legal/political/business hierarchy in the Chilton Co. area (and I wouldn't rule out Shelby Co.; that's where her original divorce case started). My research indicates she is in jail because she knows something, or someone thinks she knows something, that could be harmful to the cartel.

Ms. Wyatt's incarceration clearly has nothing to do with Harold Wyatt or her divorce from him. That's a straw man, a red herring, or whatever the proper slang term is.

jeffrey spruill said...

Anon@8:44 AM

This organized crime of the courts is everywhere & very,very lucrative.

Anonymous said...

Why no story today?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 3:11--

I don't always post on Friday because it tends to be a somewhat slow readership day. I probably have a Friday post more often than not, but just didn't do one today. Household chores have been calling my name in recent days, so been tending to those.

Anonymous said...

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What is happening to the people in the U.S. known as "consumers?"

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In America the drug problem has not been cured despite the War On Drugs. The "W Terror War," began in Afghanistan, drug capitol of earth? Hillary Clinton and OBAMA, et al, are on their way to "Cambodia," and the IndoChina path away from the Middle East's drug-terror war?

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Robby Scott Hill said...

Be sure your employer and friends aren't spooks. Someone thinking I knew something was definitely the start of all my troubles. The CIA & other groups have all too often outsmarted themselves by getting way too paranoid and screwing over so many people for nothing that their victims started talking to each other and looking into things they would have cared about otherwise. I don't think anybody cared about the fact that Petraeus was getting some on the side. I think some people got screwed by his people & he did nothing to stop it. The small people are fighting back.

Anonymous said...

LS you almost always post on Friday, or at least you've actually posted on Friday as a standard.

This particular idea is clearly setting a standard in Alabama.

Alabama Woman, Bonnie Wyatt, may be the standard to set for the order of injustice to change the new world America into 'Palestine,' and Americans can just accept the injustice because the "justices" retire "High On The Hog," in how this system is one zillion percent unconstitutional.

Same RACKET behavior: women, children, elderly, pregnant women, and any innocent 'victim' CAN BE AND IS, a commodity of consumerism, to prove the evil is all powerful.

legalschnauzer said...


It's interesting that you raise this point. On my situation with UAB, I long have suspected one reason for my termination was that someone thought I had something stored on my work computer, and they needed me out of there in order to go over my computer with a fine-tooth comb. If that was part of their mindset, they were disappointed because I didn't have anything unusual stored on my work computer, and I wasn't doing anything improper with my work computer. Of course, a big component of my termination, I'm convinced, is my reporting on the Riley crowd, as it pertained to the Siegelman case, the HealthSouth lawsuit, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Dr. Phil but heard a portion his interview on the Today Show and it got my attention.
He's written a book titled, "Life Code." Copied a few lines but also providing a link to a video clip. "I wrote this book because I think we live in a different world than our mamas told us about and I wrote this book because I want to tell people how the world really works, not how it should work. but how it really works. People have currency. and they look for the things that really light them up. I think that's what motivates them. "You have to see what their currency is.
Back stabbers, abusers, imposters, takers, exploiters and reckless people and they're in all of our lives. Sitting next to one at home, co-workers, people you deal with in your life that are willing to step up and take what's yours if you don't recognize who they are. and I put in this book a secret playbook of how these people do what they do. Then I talked about what you need to do. You need a secret playbook, as well."
You write in the book about a time you think you were kind of to use a phrase screwed over by an associate.
"I didn't think I was. I got embezzled by someone who came to me knowing my currency because they groom you like a pedophile grooms a child. They came and said -- talked about family values and church and god and all that kind of stuff and got next to me and got next to my money and pretty soon they were out the door with hundreds of thousands of dollars and left my family absolutely in ruins financially."
But you don't think these people are everywhere? or do you? that's a cynical look of the world.
"They're not everywhere, but they're out there and they're not coming into your life, they're already there. You just need to be able to spot them and that's why I wrote this book."
As I said, no big fan of Dr. Phil but at least from what he states in this clip I have a feeling many LS readers would sure have loved to know how to spot these people or we most likely wouldn't have found ourselves here reading this blog. Now someone read this book please and report back how we go about making our own secret playbook to kneecap these creeps. And Robby I disagree that the little people are fighting back. Can't come up with the perfect term for these new fighters. Maybe honest, maybe honorable.. but not little. Little men/women sure feels like a good fit for some of the creeps showcased here though.

Anonymous said...

Haha.. small is even a better word for them.

Anonymous said...

LS, they, them, follow and watch.

You got fired, from UAB, in the 'standard operating procedure' for this 'time' ~ because you "were not with 'W'," ET AL. Remember the dictate, W was our new 'standard.' Obama has simply kept the same standards and, in fact, he may be a worse drug addict than W ~rumor is he was at the mercy of the CIA, to do what he has been able to get away with as a true 'shadow-spook PUPPET!'

You were followed, watched, and punished ~~an example, just as Bonnie Alabama Woman.

The courts are our new model of "police state." Where do we actually have any rights?

Criminal Class .01% are investors in global NATO. ALL THE JUDICIAL RETIRE 'ON' NATO STOCK.

America is being groomed and the drones, as well as whatever gets to be in the green recycling of 'human commodities,' IS ongoing.

The punishment to the criminal class .01%? "Digital Dust."

Robby, Betray US was evidently on the list of "misspoke."

Betray US "talked out of school," and "loose lips sink ships."

People are sacrificed because the standard is to be etched in a fabric of sick society as though 'reality' ~~and the evildoers [Rove ET AL] are to be the new leaders of the U.S., and / or the same ilk as the forever vile evil GOP, are to be the 'dictators' of the U.S.

Revolution? Providence!

"... Ray McGovern is a retired CIA officer (1963 – 1990), turned activist and political critic. He’s also a valued Progressive Radio News Hour guest.

.. In April 2011, he wrote about “Petraeus at CIA – Can He Tell the Truth?” He said Obama picking him as CIA director “raise(d) troubling questions.”

.. “What if CIA analysts assess(ed)” his Iraq and Afghanistan performance as failure? Would he accept or punish “critical analysis?”

.. “The Petraeus appointment also suggests that the President places little value on getting the straight scoop on these key war-related issues.”

.. “If he did want the kind of intelligence analysis that, at times, could challenge the military, why is he giving the CIA job to a general with a huge incentive to gild the lily regarding the ‘progress’ made under his command?”

.. McGovern compared Petraeus to the “ghost of Westmoreland Past.” His Southeast Asia record included “deliberate distortion and dishonesty.” Intelligence analysts proved it.

.. Progress he touted was failure. Petraeus appears to be Westmoreland redux. Lots of evidence confirms it. Now he’s gone. Expect lots more said about him. It remains to be seen how much dirty linen will be aired.

.. Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Anonymous said...

Family of Alabama Woman, demand full and complete PROOF that she has not been an "experimental commodity," for the "Judicial's Retirement Portfolios." After all, the PEST CONTROL CHEMICAL CORPORATIONS in the south are indeed dovetailed into the BLOB ~~

"... There came a brief period of time when I felt overwhelmed by some of the revelations related to the human-subject tests, and was not sure if I had the fortitude to continue this project. I felt physically ill as I read about how radioactive oatmeal was fed to institutionalized children (and moreover, sponsored by Quaker Oats); stolen cadavers including infants; radioactive injections into ill and/or pregnant patients without their consent or knowledge, etc. The blatant and cavalier targeting of vulnerable populations by some of the nation’s top scientists and physicians, backed by the U.S. military, was a chilling and gross violation of human rights.

.. In this way, educated, moral, and ethical individuals below the top decision makers (who bear much of the legacy and responsibility here), were induced to contribute to unethical, harmful, and/or criminal actions in which they might never ordinarily play a part, given full knowledge of the project. As well, the general public and the targeted vulnerable populations were also disengaged from critical analysis through social autism, which was also induced through the use of the mechanisms described in this study.


"... Dr. Martino-Taylor’s 838-page dissertation, who spent years tracking down files, is comprised mostly of declassified Army documents, obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests, and is available online, placed there perhaps as a personal security measure. Her revelations are unique in that they contend that a radioactive substance was added to the ZnCdS. The Army admits that it added a fluorescent substance but whether or not it was radioactive remains classified.

.. The documents reveal in part that the Army placed chemical sprayers on [MY EMPHASIS ADDED] SCHOOL and PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECT ROOFTOPS, in parks and on station wagon roofs, spraying as they drove. One St. Louis resident remembered playing baseball in the summer “when a squadron of green Army planes flew close to the ground and dropped a powdery substance. She went inside, washed it off her face and arms, then went back out to play.” City residents were falsely told that the Army was testing smoke screens to shield cities from a Russian nuclear attack.

Robby Scott Hill said...

What is going on Riverside, Alabama? Larry Ward, the Municipal Judge in Harpersville that Hub Harrington went after is their judge too. Heard the police are making bogus traffic stops while other city officials are making out with the wives of the guys being stopped.

Anonymous said...

Attorneys helping their fellow attorneys get elected, nothing illegal about it. It just smells to me...

Ms Wyatt, its all just part of a game. A money making and family destroying game. We are all just pawns.

Anonymous said...

If you look up Bonnie Knox divorce papers you will see she got 1 and a half million from that divorce plus child support and 50,000.00 every 3 months so why does she not have any of that money? If they were only together 10 months then why would she think she should get a house? I'm so confused as to why she is broke now... I have a great idea everyone on this page should get together and get her out of jail for Christmas.... I know you guy's can do it.... Thanks

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 4:27--

I've looked up Bonnie Knox's divorce papers, and I think you are off target on a few things. The marriage where they were only together for 10 months was to Harold Wyatt, and the house belonged to her in the first place. That has nothing to do with the divorce from Bobby Knox. You are correct about the money that Bobby Knox was ordered to pay, but I don't know whether Ms. Wyatt still has that money or not. I do know that her house burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances, and the insurer apparently refused to pay anywhere near full value. I'm also told that Ms. Wyatt helped out a family member who was under financial duress, and that might explain where some of her money went. None of this, however, has anything to do with why she is in jail. No one in Alabama can be incarcerated for failure to pay a property-related debt from dissolution of a marriage. The law is very clear, and that tells me Ms. Wyatt is being punished because of someone's personal agenda. It has nothing to do with the law. Sibley Reynolds, unfortunately, is a hideously corrupt judge, and it's time folks in central Alabama kicked him out on his rear end.

Anonymous said...

They go pheasant hunting every year in fall. Done this forever. There is family history there

Anonymous said...

The money she received from her divorce is irrelevant. A million dollars will go quick! You seem a little green with envy. This lady will stay in jail until a higher power comes down and rains on this parade.