Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Is Karl Rove Planning to Visit the Backwoods of Alabama?

Enterprise, Alabama

Karl Rove will visit Alabama to give a speech in August. Nothing surprising about that. Rove made his national name in Alabama by joining with Bill Canary and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to essentially buy state-court seats for "pro business" judges.

Rove visits our fair state regularly, usually in one of the prime population centers--Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, or Huntsville. In August, however, the former White House strategist and current Fox News and Wall Street Journal contributor will visit a relative backwater. The location of Rove's upcoming speech should raise eyebrows for anyone who has followed the Don Siegelman case.

"An Evening With Karl Rove" will be August 18 at the civic center in Enterprise, Alabama. Sounds enticing, doesn't it? The evening begins with a reception at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30, followed by remarks from Rove. For those who can't wait, ticket information is available at (334) 494-2427 and RSVPs must be received by August 8.

Enterprise, to be sure, is a bit off the beaten path. A town of about 26,000 hardy souls, it is in Coffee County in southeast Alabama, just above the Florida line.

Why would one of the biggest names in Republican politics pay a visit to such an out-of-the-way place? Perhaps we should note that the event is sponsored by the Coffee County Republican Committee and follow up with these questions: Who used to be Coffee County's representative on the GOP's executive committee? Who used to be the elected district attorney for Coffee County before moving on to greener pastures during the George W. Bush administration?

The answer to both of those questions is Mark Fuller, now chief U.S. judge for the Middle District of Alabama. Fuller has served in that position since Bush appointed him in 2002--while Rove served as chief White House adviser.

And for what is Mark Fuller best known? Why, he was the judge who handled the case against former Democratic governor Don Siegelman, perhaps the most notorious political prosecution in American history. According to the sworn testimony of Alabama whistleblower and attorney Jill Simpson, that case was driven by GOP political operatives in Alabama, with assistance from Rove in Washington, D.C.

Why, exactly, is Karl Rove coming to Enterprise, Alabama? The answer is not clear at the moment. But to a reasonable observer, it looks like payback to a corrupt federal judge who helped make sure that Republicans would take over the governor's office for the foreseeable future.


David said...

Terry Everret used to live in Enterprise and was the editor of the local paper. He is beleived to be related to Judge Mark Everett Fuller. just how they are related is not clear. It seems that their parents grew up in the same little town in neighboring Houston County. Mark Fuller did serve as Terry Everett's Campaign Manager. Everett is believed to have been mixed up with Milton McGregor in the seventies in a weapons scandal at Ft. Rucker, where mcgregor was a supply clerk in the warehouse ehere the theftd occured, that also involved Ross Aviation that was controlled by Judge Fullers' father and his law partners. After the scandal broke Ross became Doss Aviation. These same lawyers also are believed to have been the attorneys for a nearly broked McGregor went into the Greyhound racing business and later in to bingo. Nearly destitute means he lived off of collected quaters out of PacMan machines in several South Alabama towns. Said machines had been financed for him by Paul Bryant of Greentrack fame. McGregor is cuurntly being trid in the same federaql courthouse where Fuller now sits as federal judge and the very address he used as President of Doss Aviation two years before he was appoints to the bench.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't ol turd blossom have a house somewhere in the panhandle? Seagrove I thought? So from there to Enterprise and back wouldn't be much of a drive would it?

legalschnauzer said...

You are correct, Anon. That would be a short drive, assuming TB still lives in that part of north Florida.

jeffrey spruill said...

It's a certainty that a visit from Rove is filled with "hidden messages." For example, Dubya's Friday-October,28,2005 visit to Norfolk,Va..
Witness tampering charges were dropped-Monday-October31,2005 by the Norfolk U.S. Attorney's Office. They were brought against the Bush/Rove/Cheney attorney-David Bouchard's client:

Witness-tampering charge dropped against ex-principal

Published: November 2, 2005

Story excerpt: NORFOLK

NORFOLK - The U.S. Attorney's Office has dropped a charge of witness tampering against Pamela Hoffler-Riddick, the former Norfolk school principal convicted last month in a related money laundering case.
Hoffler-Riddick, 44, was scheduled to stand trial Tuesday on the witness tampering charge. She was accused of trying to influence the testimony of two witnesses in the money laundering case through e-mails she sent to ...
It's probably still Karl Rove's Justice Department!

David said...

Here is the link to the story about Rove's house at Rosemary Beach, FL. This story was written by Larisa Alexandrovna. Does anyone know what has happened to her?

Max Shelby said...

LA is with HuffPo these days I think.
I'm not surprised that Rove has chosen the Wiregrass region for his 'visit.'
That part of Alabama has been in control of the Dixie Mafia for years. It still is.

Enterprise has always been the hub where they audit the books and keep it straight between competing groups. It was also the place to put together murky smuggling relationships, Good old Ollie North personally autographed his picture for my dad long before that "kiss my ass speech", to Congress. Barry Seal and Ollie loved to hang out in the Wiregrass area, they were brazen as hell about it, after all, they were above the law."--John Caylor

Robby Scott Hill said...

Unlike Colonel Oliver North, Barry Seal grew tired of going along to get along with George H.W. Bush. Two decades after Seal flew the men who killed John F. Kennedy out of Dallas, Texas, Barry Seal had a change of heart & decided to testify against The Enterprise:

"On 19th February, 1986, Barry Seal returned to his Salvation Army hostel at 6.00 p.m. As he parked his white Cadillac he was approached by a man carrying a machine-gun. Two quick bursts hit Seal's head and body."