Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mismanagement Continues at UAB, With 245 Jobs Eliminated

No sooner had we put up our previous post, about the mysterious whereabouts of UAB's "lost" administrator, than word came that the UAB Health System is eliminating 245 jobs.

The "lost" administrator was former Health System CEO David Hoidal, who after saying he was stepping down to care for aging parents in South Dakota, wound up at a hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Last time we checked, that's a long way from South Dakota.

Hoidal's successor, Will Ferniany, announced earlier today that the Health System is eliminating 245 jobs. That comes on the heels of a productivity study that Ferniany had initiated.

Taken together, these stories continue two ongoing themes at UAB, my former employer:

* A Culture of Deceit--We have outlined a growing list of deceitful and unlawful practices at UAB. The truth about David Hoidal's whereabouts is just the latest addition. When Hoidal left, UAB issued an official statement, saying he was going to South Dakota to care for aging parents. So what is he doing in the Middle East? UAB's statement now appears to have been a lie. Why is the university lying about what transpired with its former Health System CEO?

* Gross Mismanagement and Corruption--From research fraud to multiple HR-related lawsuits to numerous missteps in its men's basketball program, UAB is awash in mismanagement and corruption under President Carol Garrison and her Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. How long before Birmingham residents wake up and realize that one of their greatest assets is being run into the ground by incompetent "leaders"?


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» 06/01/2009 19:03 | DUBAI
Signs of a new financial storm for September coming from Dubai and Saudi Arabia | Maurizio d'Orlando

Dubai calls on the Rothschild bank for help, perhaps out of desperation. In Saudi Arabia a Saad Group company defaults. US, European and Asian banks are struggling. The end of Ramadan in September might mark the start of an economic depression worse than that of the 1930s.

[]Milan (AsiaNews) – Rothschild’s Dubai office has been retained by Dubai’s Department of Finance for advice on the US$ 10 billion financial support fund (FSF) the emirate raised on the bond markets.

Nakheel, the property development arm of Dubai World, was the first to benefit, but is likely to be the last of its kind because funds will be handed out on the basis of two criteria: urgency and strategic importance.

In fact government-related corporations deemed essential for the long-term development of Dubai’s economy will be eligible for FSFs. They include firms involved in infrastructure, transportation (ex. the Metro and Maktoum airport projects), aviation, ports, shipping and tourism. Banking might be included and the Rothschild guidelines might be flexible with regard to real estate.

This said Rothschild is not getting directly involved but will act through commercial banks in which it has equity or has connections with, like JP Morgan and other ones. Moreover, through the same commercial banks, Rothschild has a say, and a powerful one, over the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY).

By law the latter plays a key role in the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and thus has a crucial role in making key decisions about interest rates and the US money supply.

Through the FRBNY Rothschild is in a privileged position to influence US monetary policy and shaping US monetary supply, crucially important since the US dollar remains the main reserve currency in the world.

Dubai’s choice is also part of a ongoing dispute between the Saudis and the Emirates over the location of the single central bank of the Gulf States and what direction to give it.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), especially Abu Dhabi, has recently put the breaks on the whole thing, and on the short run no solution seems to be in sight.

The Saudis are considered too close to the United States and thus indirectly to Israel. Gulf States, especially the UAE, favour a Euro-Asian axis that runs from China to Russia that includes Germany, a relationship best illustrated by Opel’s sale to the Austro-Canadian Magna group, which stands in for the Russian state bank Sberbank.

The Rothschild family has have been closely associated with the Zionist Movement. The 1917 Balfour Declaration was in fact addressed to Lord Rothschild in which the British government committed itself to the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.

By choosing this banking group, Dubai is distancing itself from the other emirates, perhaps out of desperation.

But the Saudis too are facing their own serious problems. The Saad Group, which is linked to The International Banking Corp (TIBC) and the Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi & Brothers Co, is in difficulty.

continued at ...


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A tale of two war criminals: Bush and Clinton do Toronto

by Krystalline Kraus


"... War crimes in World Court

The latest rumour regarding actually holding Bush and his administration accountable for war crimes comes from Spain, where Harper’s reports [14] that the Spanish press El País and Público state, “the Spanish national security court has opened a criminal probe focusing on Bush Administration lawyers who pioneered the descent into torture at the prison in Guantánamo.”

This could be the first step of bringing the Commander and Chief himself before an international court if the lawyers claim they were just following orders."

With any luck at all we can take all 50 states and create the citizens' access to a grand jury AND all get on the same page to expose 911, AND get really free for the first time in any of our lives who can read, write and speak American!