Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Republicans Will Steal You Blind in Alabama

Shelby County, where I live, is the fastest-growing county in Alabama, so you might think it would be governed with some level of dignity and respect for the law. But you would be wrong.

Republicans who dominate the county, just south of Birmingham, run it like a third-world banana republic. I've known that for about nine years. Now one of my fellow citizens, Gary Franklin of Montevallo, seems to be learning the same thing.

Franklin has filed a lawsuit challenging the way Shelby County sells property for unpaid taxes. Richard Rosenthal, an attorney for Franklin, says the county has been improperly holding funds that belong to thousands of people who had their property sold in the past 13 years.

Sounds like this could turn into a class action. Reports The Birmingham News:

The suit seeks to represent anyone who falls in that category. It names Tax Commissioner Don Armstrong and Finance Director Butch Burbage as defendants in their official capacities.

The suit also seeks to have the court declare unconstitutional the way the county uses a state law that allows bidders to pay more money than the taxes owed on properties . . . .

"The county is holding onto taxpayers' money that they're not entitled to," Rosenthal said. "They ought to be giving it back to the individual taxpayers."

This all might sound familiar to longtime readers of Legal Schnauzer. We spent a lot of time last spring writing about Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry and his efforts to conduct a bogus sheriff's auction of our house. This involved a couple of legal instruments called a writ of execution and notice of levy, both of which have to be handled a certain way under the law.

We showed that the bozos of Shelby County butchered the process from start to finish. But that did not stop them from conducting a fraudulent sheriff's sale of our house, which we caught live and in color on tape.

The result is that we have an unlawful sheriff's deed, which is similar to a lien, sitting on our property. It cannot be there, by law, but it is there because Shelby County is run by a pack of glorified thieves.

Maybe Gary Franklin and his lawyers will show the public what kind of shysters really run Shelby County.


Robby Scott Hill said...

Roger, that's a textbook kickback scheme if I ever saw one. Even when a home and/or land is sold to pay lawsuit judgments, the excess funds from the sale after the judgment is paid are supposed to be refunded to the land owner.

The FBI just successfully prosecuted the former Sheriff of Okaloosa County Florida for a similar scheme. The Sheriff was giving Christmas bonuses to his employees, but the next year, he would say it was a mistaken overpayment of salary and then he asked for the money back as a donation to a tax exempt charity that of course he operated.

The Navy did that to me a few years ago. They deducted income tax from my check every month but at the end of the year did not report it to The IRS on my W2s. I filed a complaint and FBI eventually shut down the Navy's whole accounting operation at Pensacola, Florida. Interestingly, Tony McClain and Company at The Alabama State Bar used that incident against me to reject my bar application. I guess one of their guys worked for The Navy and got into trouble. Of course, I'm sure like Bill Swatek, he is still licensed to practice law in Alabama. It's all who you know.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for the insight, Rob. Sounds like this kind of thing happens more than most of us would ever dream.

Anonymous said...

The RULE OF LAW is what made America GREAT. But, it was THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW which was ... (past tense) WHAT held America on a pedestal for the masses on planet earth.

PLUNDERING for the "Masters of the Universe" (see Robin de Ruiter), has destroyed the Rule of Law and the Spirit, too. Any sane person can discern this and even the fools know it's depopulation, the planet planning running the whole big bang show on earth for the ushering in of THEIR, THEM EVERYWHERE ... 2012 "Reign for thousands of years more."

Did you not see OBAMA'S demand to have the Christian symbol covered in his recent speech for the Jesuits?

America is still awakening from the cosmic reality enema that something is dreadfully wrong.

But, until the cult idea is dealt with, the darkness is to continue.

We do not believe that such a thing can happen in the 21st Century and that the "leaders of the free world" could be such monsters.

Study Henry Makow, PhD., however, be prepared as any good "scout" could, should, would!

Maybe by 2010, and more of the pandemics which can be traced to the same formula of who do we cheat 'em and how as well as eugenics to make it easier for the rulers to control their 'herds' on the planet they own ...

Maybe Americans are going to realize that our country is run by a cult and these freaks laugh and laugh because they know the "conspiracy" is just too horrific to be "true."

"Darkness Darkness Be My Pillow?"

No, let us shine the light back into the Rule and Spirit of the Law.


LS, call Douglas Beloof at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon (I'll pay for the call) AND do a legal expose on this fine art which the American consumer can and must, purchase for our brand of freedom to return.

Best, Biloxi

Robby Scott Hill said...

You're welcome Roger.

They sent me the bill for the money they lost and said The Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, could not be held responsible for the mistakes of his employees. That was back in 2003, long before Abu Ghraib and the torture scandal. They hired a private law firm in Houston, Texas to collect the debt and it's got tons of ties to The Bush Family. It was just a racket to make money for lawyers who were Bush supporters at the expense of our Sailors and Marines. I'm glad you reminded me about that. I'm going to do a blog on it and post all the documents.