Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's the Story With Our Guy Troy?

You are about to read six words I never thought would appear on Legal Schnauzer:

I feel sorry for Troy King.

King is Alabama's attorney general, and as a gold-plated conservative, he is not one to draw much sympathy in progressive circles.

But three kingpins of Alabama's reptilian Republicans--Governor Bob Riley and U.S. Attorneys Alice Martin and Leura Canary--seem to be ganging up on King.

The situation smells so much of politics that a prominent Alabama journalist is calling for the Eric Holder Justice Department to pay a visit and sort out the mess in Montgomery.

Scott Horton, of Harper's magazine, has a suggestion for the feds should they decide to take a serious look at Alabama:

When they’re finished looking at the mobilization of two U.S. attorneys to deal with an intra-Republican feud, we have some other matters that require their urgent attention: the Siegelman prosecution itself, for instance.

Horton notes that the grand-jury investigation of King seems to be focusing partially on gambling. That's interesting because King has parted ways recently with Riley on gambling-related issues. And, as we've noted several times here at Legal Schnauzer, Riley and his associates are up to their hypocritical necks in conflicts regarding gambling.

Our guess is that Leura Canary is involved only as a smokescreen. Her office in the Middle District of Alabama reportedly has recused itself on matters regarding King, leading Alice Martin and the Northern District to take the lead.

This leads us to believe that the King investigation is all about Martin's career path--or rather lack of one now that Democrats are in charge of the Justice Department, meaning Queen Alice is about to be sent packing.

Regular readers know that we enjoy dabbling in dime-store psychology from time to time, and we can't resist this opportunity to examine the peculiar wiring that exists in Alice Martin's brain.

Our diagnosis of Martin's mindset, and the Troy King investigation, consists of two parts.

One, Martin is a power junkie, who realizes that her supplier--the Republican Party--is out of favor at the moment. Like a heroin addict who doesn't know where his next fix is coming from, Martin is feeling the first signs of withdrawal. She's sensing a little bit of what it's like to be a regular person, one whose job is about to be yanked out from under her--and she doesn't like that feeling. The Troy King investigation, we suspect, is designed to force somebody to appoint Martin to a position that she covets--a judgeship, a political appointment, something that will keep her gargantuan sense of self importance afloat.

The second part of our diagnosis involves the "D" word--desperation. I suspect Martin is a true believer in the Republican snake oil that Karl Rove has been pitching in the Deep South for about 20 years--and to the entire country for the past eight years or so.

Martin--and Bob Riley and Leura Canary, for that matter--probably had no doubt that Rove would usher in a Republican-dominated era that would last 35 years or so. This is what Rove's hero, President William McKinley, did in 1896, and true believers like Martin were counting on Rove to make history repeat itself.

With Republicans dominating far into the future, Martin probably saw herself becoming a federal judge, which is a lifetime appointment with virtually no scrutiny or oversight and . . . by golly, the future looked awfully darned bright.

But Martin and her fellow true believers didn't count on something: They never dreamed that Rove and his Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight--George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld--would be so utterly incompetent at governance that many Americans would recoil in horror. They never dreamed that two wars would go so badly, and the economy would implode to such a degree, that Americans would go running into the arms of a Democrat--a black one at that!

Alice Martin's worldview has been turned upside down, and her future doesn't look so glaringly bright at the moment. My guess is that the wiring in her devious little brain is about to short circuit. And that probably explains her irrational actions, such as a witch hunt against one of her own, Troy King.

King's plight hasn't exactly caused us to shed a tear. But we can't help but feel a hint of sorrow for a guy who seems to be caught in a Triangle of Death formed by three of Alabama's all-time lowlifes.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out


Matt Osborne said...

Oddly enough, King might be a bigger bite than she can chew.

Robby Scott Hill said...

William McKinley's Republican era of Republican Rule came at a very high cost to himself. Somebody shot him before he finished his term in office. Bush just got a pair of shoes thrown at him, but violence is not the answer. What will work is destroying their supply system, The Federal Reserve Bank. Without their hocus pocus paper money, the Republicans are powerless.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Matt Osborne is right. Troy King knows stuff on a lot of people going all the way back to the Guy Hunt Administration when my roommate Attorney Jeffrey Alan Johnson was Hunt's Director of Constituent Affairs. I hope Queen Alice knows that she's about to open up Pandora's Box on a lot of dirty laundry including that whole Jimmy Evans and Jeff Sessions thing.

Back when I was a Republican and worked on his 1998 Secretary of State campaign, I warned Troy about the neocons, but he wouldn't listen. Karl Rove and then Alabama GOP Chairman Wynton Blount told Criminal Appeals Judge Pam Baschab that she couldn't run for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court because Canary and The Business Council had already selected somebody else, namely Harold See. Actually, they outsmarted themselves and Roy Moore beat See. Although I'm not a fan of Roy Moore, Bill Pryor and The Business Council jumped at the chance to remove him from office during the Ten Commandments Saga and replace him with their man, George W. Bush's Skull & Bones buddy Drayton Nabers.

Anonymous said...

It's how it goes with rats too many in a cage - even the mother rat must eat her own. Tragically it has become survival of those who are clearly nothing more than filthy rodents who have bred to the point of extinction.

Success, not survival. The 21st Century teaches us that survival was a beast hunting for safety.

Safety is an issue alright - but, the problem is WE MUST define the "enemy."

First, those who have followed the mantra of drug addiction are imploding. The modern science used to make all these brains of bleeding protoplasm (Canary, et al.???) MONARCH SLAVES??? ... the law of unintended consequences arrived just in the nick of time to thwart all the ROVE, et al. delusions of grandeur.

Steroids have given many of these so-called "leaders of the free world" the faux verve to stand before the world audience and actually behave as though brain cells were charged and working.

Second, the fun is only beginning in the US, with those who are in control finding out that the whole world is not amused with the cowboy junkies who have paedophilia parents to rule them and use them, too, as nothing more than puppets to mass murder for THEM.

Rove, and his HANDLERS, bow to those who pay him oodles of gold to do whatever it is they NEED, to control their planet and "goy."

BUT, the eastern BLOC as the saying goes .... does not agree with the agenda of only those who rule Israel AND who are from the GOD of all "gods" to bring eons of technological control into every human organism as though nothing more than a battery for the "others" who have decided separation is somehow an idea from the universe.

In a word, not.

We must DEMAND that the so-called "leaders" ALL TAKE PSYCHOLOGICAL AND DRUG TESTING, before being allowed to govern.

Rove, et al. are in need of drug tests as well as psychological profile examinations to determine sanity vs. insanity.

Tragically, our entire JUDICIAL/LEGAL SYSTEM is nothing more than portfolios of retirements off the backs of those who are the CASTE SYSTEM OF AMERICA: prisons, drugs, medical science brought to the US by none other than MENGELES, dressed up as health.

We are in trouble and this is the understatement of the 21st Century.

America the drug addict who has gone stark ROVING mad.

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

Biloxi Marx

Anonymous said...


This is a little secret that the "government" and "others" do NOT want us to know!

The saying is: "political reasons should not be used to convene a GRAND JURY!"

Yea, this is a true fact!


My understanding:

The number of people voting, in the COUNTY where the Grand Jury is to be convened, must have a petition signed which includes a huge number of those who voted for the GOVERNOR.

It seems to me that it is time we use this best kept secret to an advantage.

Spread the word.

Biloxi Marx