Monday, February 9, 2009

We're Bummed About the Grammys

We're in a bit of a snit today here at Legal Schnauzer because the Eagles almost got shut out at the Grammy Awards last night.

Long Road Out of Eden, the Eagles' first full studio release in 28 years, clearly was the best album of 2008--even though it was released in November 2007. The Eagles were nominated in four categories, but they won only one Grammy--Best Instrumental Performance for "I Dreamed There Was No War."

What's with these Grammy people? And why don't they consult me before handing out their awards?

The Eagles also were nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, best Pop Performance by a Duo or a Group with Vocals (for "Waiting in the Weeds"), and Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals (for the title track, "Long Road Out of Eden").

Those Grammys went to Duffy, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon, respectively.

At the risk of sounding like a crusty old f--t, who in the heck are Duffy, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon? Have they ever been to the Hotel California? Do they know that "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave?"

I didn't think so.

You hear Eagles classics from the 1970s all the time on the radio. But the band's new stuff, which stacks up well with the classic material, doesn't seem to make it to the FM dial.

So we thought we would share a few tunes from the album that should have swept the Grammy Awards. Heck, even Mrs. Schnauzer thinks Long Road Out of Eden is terrific, and her musical tastes can be, ummm, "interesting"--after all, she's the proud owner, and I guess I am too, of the complete Village People collection.

Anyway, here is a clip of the instrumental number, "I Dreamed There Was No War," written by Glenn Frey.

Here is a clip of the title track. It's almost 10 minutes long, but it's probably the best song that will be written about our current international entanglements.

Here is a live performance of "Waiting in the Weeds," which includes some of Don Henley's best lyrics ever--and that's saying something.

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Road trip!!!

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