Friday, November 14, 2008

Schnauzer Hits the Radio . . . And More

Adam Zagorin's article in Time magazine about revelations from a new whistleblower in the Don Siegelman case has been reverberating around the country today.

My voice will be added to the mix when I discuss the story on the Peter B. Collins Show at 7:30 CST tonight. You can check out the broadcast by going here and clicking on "Listen Live."

I was fortunate to be on Peter B's show back in July, not long after my unlawful termination from UAB, which came largely because I blogged about the Siegelman case. Peter is a sharp guy and an excellent interviewer, so I look forward to a return visit tonight.

More news on the Siegelman front:

* The Time article now includes links to the e-mail documents in question. You can check out those documents here. The link to the full story is here.

* I cross posted my piece today at Daily Kos, and it easily attracted more attention than anything else I've put up at DK. It became one of today's recommended diaries and drew more than 200 comments. I think that's an indication of the public's interest in justice issues in general--and the Siegelman case, in particular. I hope members of Congress, and the Obama administration-to-be, are paying attention. You can check out the Kos post, along with all of the comments, here.

* Larisa Alexandrovna of at-Largely calls today's story "the final nail" in the Bush Administration's coffin. Just to make sure, let's hope more nails are coming.

* TPM Muckraker has reaction on today's developments from Siegelman himself. It sounds like the former governor struggled to keep his composure while talking about the blatant unlawfulness revealed in the Tamarah Grimes documents. Siegelman says this amounts to "outrageous criminal conduct" and is "more frightening than anything that has come before." Compelling stuff.

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