Monday, September 22, 2008

Plot Thickens in Mississippi Senate Race

Evidence continues to mount that the Bush Justice Department plans to issue an indictment that is timed to influence the tight Mississippi U.S. Senate race between Democrat Ronnie Musgrove and Republican Roger Wicker.

The Augusta (GA) Chronicle reported on Sunday that former Georgia legislator Robin Williams helped set up a meeting between Georgia businessman Robert Moultrie and Musgrove, who was governor of Mississippi at the time.

That information, reporter Johnny Edwards writes, might explain why Williams and fellow legislator-turned-prisoner Charles Walker recently were moved from a federal facility in Estill, South Carolina, to a county jail near Oxford, Mississippi.

Moultrie is among three Georgia businessmen who entered guilty pleas in the Mississippi Beef Processors case. Musgrove faces no charges at the moment and has denied wrongdoing in the Beef Processors case.

But sources have told Legal Schnauzer that the move of Williams and Walker under a federal writ probably is tied to a possible indictment against Musgrove.

Polls show Musgrove running neck and neck with Wicker for Trent Lott's old seat. A Musgrove win would mark the first time Mississippi has sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 25 years.

An indictment against Musgrove, which could come between now and the November 4 election, probably would secure a victory for Wicker. It also would raise questions about a number of criminal investigations by the Bush DOJ that appear to be politically time and motivated.

Most prominent among those cases is the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

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Anonymous said...

As a former family friend and supporter of Mr. Musgrove, I promise you he is guilty as hell. Musgrove was once an honorable man. I'm from his hometown. Some contractors in his hometown were awarded contracts on the failed beef plant. These people also happened to be big contributors to his campaign.