Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Intrigue in the Siegelman Case

I don't know John Caylor of Insider Magazine, but he comes up with some of the darnedest stories I've seen on corruption in Alabama and north Florida.

His latest, in the form of a letter to Don Siegelman's daughter, Dana, is a must read if you have been following the Department of Justice (DOJ) scandal.

The entire letter is intriguing. But it becomes particularly alarming near the end when Caylor states that he has information indicating that Dana Jill Simpson, who wrote the famed affidavit claiming the Siegelman prosecution was a political hit, might be in danger.

Caylor earlier wrote about U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller and his ties to drug running in south Alabama. Fuller, of course, was the judge in the Siegelman case.

Many of you might have the same initial reaction that I do upon reading some of Caylor's work--it seems to far out there to possibly be creditable.

But thinking about what I've personally witnessed from Republican higher-ups in the Alabama judicial system, I am slow to write off Caylor's work. I'm not sure there is a level so low that some GOPers won't stoop to it, particularly when they fear their grip on power might be endangered.

With that in mind, I will continue to follow Caylor's Web site closely.


Anonymous said...

Roger, give me a break. You cannot, having read the stories you linked, actually believe this guy.

Anonymous said...

I know John Caylor personally and without fail he has predicted recent events that have now become history. He is no fool, he knows where to find information and is a tenacious bulldog when it comes to finding out the truth. Thanks to people like John perhaps some sense will be made of this madness.