Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Donald Trump has paid about $30 million to settle child-sex complaints, including a 2012 incident at Albemarle Estate in Charlottesville, Virginia

Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery

Donald Trump has paid roughly $30 million to settle child-sex complaints brought against him since 1989, according to a D.C.-based investigative journalist.

Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), which is a subscription site, describes the settlements in a Jan. 14-15 post titled "Why is Trump so afraid of Cohen's testimony?" From the article:

Donald Trump continues to lash out at his former lawyer and "fixer," Michael Cohen, as the February 7 public testimony by Cohen before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD), draws nearer. Cohen said he wants to "give a full and credible account of the events that have transpired."

While Cohen will avoid certain subjects still under investigation by Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller, he may provide some insight into the types of embarrassing things he "fixed" for Trump, before they ended up in scandalous court trials. This may include Cohen assisting Trump in paying off victims of Trump's sexual assaults over the years.

The cases go way beyond those widely reported in the mainstream press, WMR reports. They also go beyond cases that involve women and adults. They indicate Trump has a disturbing taste for children:

In addition to Stephanie Clifford, aka porn actress "Stormy Daniels," and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, Cohen reportedly helped settle a number of rape cases involving Trump. WMR received a list from a reputable Republican source of these settlement claims, all of which involve male and female minors:

(1) Michael Parker, 10-years old, oral rape, Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL, 1992. Trump paid his parents a $3 million settlement.

(2) Kelly Feuer, 12-years old, $1 million settlement paid in 1989, allegations of forced intercourse, Trump Tower, NY, NY.

(3) Charles Bacon, 11-years old, $3 million, allegations of oral and anal intercourse, 1994, Trump Tower, NY, NY.

(4) Rebecca Conway, 13-years old, intercourse and oral sex. Trump Vineyard Estates, Charlottesville, VA, 2012, $5 million settlement.

(5) Maria Olivera, 12-years old. Her family was paid $16 million to settle allegations of forcible intercourse occurring in Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, FL, 1993.

(6) Kevin Noll, 11-years old, anal rape, Trump Tower, NY, NY. 1998. Settlement details unknown.

Five of the six alleged incidents took place at two of Trump's best-known properties -- Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL. The exception is incident No. 4, which is the most recent (2012) and took place at Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery. Donald and Eric Trump opened the facility as a bed-and-breakfast in May 2015.

Donald Trump
Trump started negotiating to acquire the property after it went into foreclosure in 2011. Trump formally purchased the entire estate in October 2012.

The child-sex settlements might explain Trump's reluctance to disclose his tax returns, WMR reports, and documents indicate our "president" is a deeply disturbed individual:

WMR's GOP source indicated that Trump has refused to release his tax returns because they will reveal the many out-of-court settlements he has paid to silence his assault victims and their families. The list of Trump's child victims came with an interesting reference point that was apparently part of the documentation in the settlement cases. Trump was designated with a psychiatric disorder referenced in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5). The referenced disorder is "Pedophilic Disorder (F65.4)."


  1. funny how nobody wanted to comment about trump perhaps being a pedophile.

    Seems none of this is provable but all is believable.

    1. You do realize that raping a minor is a criminal offense that can't be settled by paying off the victims right?

      Where's the actual evidence, like affidavits and case numbers? Your a joke

    2. Wanna bet? Money talks and keeps things out of court.

    3. Katie Johnson v Donald J. Trump 5:16-cv-00797 google the court transcripts she was 13 his codefendant was Jeffrey Epstein

    4. This the same "victim" that had her case dismissed in California for lack of evidence she even knew either defendant, then had to withdraw her case in New York because she was caught forging an eyewitness affidavit?

      You people look like simpletons when you peddle this garbage knowing all the facts.

    5. A case was filed in New York in 2016. I have a copy of it. Jane Does vs Epstein/Trump. Google it.

  2. It doesn't become a criminal case unless someone reports it or law enforcement witnesses it. I've seen no reports that either of those has taken place. In that gap, money can be offered to make sure the alleged offenses are not reported. Much remains unknown about this story, but it's quite easy to see how money could buy silence.

    1. Not how law enforcement works, you are putting out names and dates of possible serious crimes. If there was any creditable evidence these would be investigated regardless of any victims coming forward. If you have evidence present it to the local authorities, but this is modern day journalism and unfortunately hyperbole and sensationalism has taken the place of facts and decency. Your imagination doesn't count as evidence

    2. When the victim accepts a big settlement he/she is forced to sign a non disclosure agreement, take that in consideration if you know the law.

  3. What I describe is exactly how law enforcement works. It's not my job or place to present evidence to authorities. I'm a journalist, not a criminal investigator. This has been reported at a number of Web sites, especially the Wayne Madsen Report, as noted in the post. How do you think law enforcement is going to prosecute a case without cooperation from victims. Leos can investigate all they want, but without cooperation from victims, there is no criminal case. Prosecutors bring cases to win them, and that's not possible if victims won't speak up.

    1. A journalist? You present no evidence of that either. A prosecutor can compel a victim to testify. A prosecutor can compel someone like you to testify if you have evidence of criminal act without the cooperation of the victim. If you knew anything about how law enforcement works, you would actually know this. What you're doing is not considered journalism at all. It's slander, you know it and anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knows it.

    2. Sorry but it certainly is not slander. If indeed it is defamatory and untrue it would be libel as it is written. Slander is spoken defamation.Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knows that, surely?

  4. In terms of evidence, this post has names, ages, places . . . That's plenty for investigators to go on if they are interested and think they can successfully prosecute a case. By now, statutes of limitations might be a problem.

  5. You seem to know as much about journalism as you do the law, which isn't much. Good luck.

  6. I can say the same thing about you... lol

  7. Amazing how many people would vote for a child-rapist . Again and again. We live in a sick society where groups of well meaning people pass laws to combat trafficking of children , oblivious to it happening right under their nose . Of course, the Israeli child trafficking ring run by Epstein and Maxwell was sponsored all the way to the top office in Israel . I recall Dennis Hastert as speaker of the house and known pedophile who was taped numerous times for almost 10 years, was more valuable to his handlers in office than he was out of office. There has to be deliberate FBI cover-ups for these incidents to go on so long. The guy at Penn State football , the pervert doctors and coaches at major universities--witnesses time after time are silenced in various ways. Instead of refuting these incidents, one expects ethical citizens to lobby this worthless group in Congress to strengthen enforcement and increase penalties when violators are in positions of authority . Jews run a majority of the porn sites on-line and have access to a large demographic of children to be trafficked. I don't see their business being shut down with law enforcement sweeps across all 48 states . We have a judicial system loaded with pedophile judges that needs to be purged clean of these sympathies.

  8. This is from a Justice-Integrity Project (JIP) report re: Katie Johnson and a girl named Maria:

    New information has emerged in the joint Wayne Madsen Report/Justice Integrity Project investigation of the "Maria" case. Maria was temporarily held for ransom in 1993, according to witnesses speaking to police.

    As we previously reported, Katie Johnson alleged in federal lawsuits that Donald Trump and his friend, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, raped her when she was 13 in New York City in 1994. Johnson's alleged also that the two men raped a 12-year old — only identified as "Maria." Our investigation discovered that Maria had been abducted from Waterbury, Connecticut in March 1993 when she was 11.

    Eventually, Maria ended up at "parties" at a midtown Manhattan townhouse owned by Epstein's billionaire friend Les Wexner where underage girls were allegedly sexually assaulted by Trump and Epstein.

    We previously reported (including via the graphic at right showing the mansion and file photos of Trump and Epstein) that Maria's kidnappers were involved in a child trafficking ring that provided abductees to wealthy individuals like Trump and Epstein. Lawyers for Trump and Epstein have sought to deny or otherwise downplay the claims.

    Our new information is that Maria was reported missing by her late mother to the Waterbury Police on March 20, 1993, at 11:30 pm. However, Maria was actually abducted the previous day, March 19, authorities said, creating a gap between the kidnap and the mother's report of it to authorities.

    1. And yet Trump has never been charged by the district attorney that would love nothing better than to put him in prison. Curious as to why all evidence and no conviction. Maybe because it's complete fabrication.

      The so called "victim" in this case made up dates and locations were the defendants were no where near at the time of the so called crimes, hence the the case was thrown out. Doesn't matter what some website publishes. The internet is not a court of law. What happens in a court room and reality is fact. The fact is not theres not one shred of evidence suggesting any of this is true.

    2. He's a pedo always been sick

    3. To Commonsense, Look it up! Victims sued,the case file said they were to be paid no less than $75,000.

  9. More from the JIP report:

    Maria was last seen on March 19 by a young girl in the predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood. The girl said she saw Maria talking to a man who turned out to be a Colombian national known by the nickname of "Papito," which means "little daddy" in English. Later, the man claimed that he once lived in Maria's neighborhood but he was not in Waterbury at the time of the alleged conversation with Maria but was in New York "with his family."

    The Waterbury Police Department missing person report states that Maria was last seen outside of Nash's Pizza, a corner eatery located in the neighborhood where she lived with her mother and step-father.

    We previously reported on the case of Waterbury Mayor Phil Giordano, an aspiring national Republican leader who ran in 2000 for the U.S. Senate against Democratic incumbent Joseph Lieberman, who was concurrently running for vice president.

    Giordano also had GOP vice presidential ambitions. Giordan is shown below at the far right in a 2000 photo with Connecticut Gov. John Rowland (center), who was another Waterbury Republican and future convict (on corruption charges).

    Giordano was arrested in 2001 and charged with the repeated sexual assault of two female minors, ages 8 and 10. Some of the assaults took place in the mayor's office, others occurred in his official car.

    Through a local prostitute with a drug habit, Giordano would arrange trysts with the hooker's daughter and niece on days when the mayor knew they were not in school.

    Maria also experienced high absenteeism from her Chase Elementary School in Waterbury: 49 days in 1992 and 20 days in 1993, up until her abduction in March of that year. At the time of Maria's abduction, Giordano (shown below right in his mugshot) was a state representative.

    As is the case today, Waterbury in 1993 had a major problem with drugs, particularly in the Puerto Rican community.

    The investigation of Maria's abduction was by members of the Waterbury Police Narcotics Unit. We have discovered that detectives with both the Youth Division and Narcotics Unit were interested reports that cash loans for the purchase of drugs involved adult individuals in Maria's circle of relatives and family friends.

  10. That's convenient that the made up witness to a crime would just disappear without a trace and without a surviving family member. She must have made a witness statement that could be used in a court of law if there happens to be collaborative evidence to support it. Let me guess that went missing too?

  11. Here's more from JIP:

    However, Katie Johnson's lawsuits against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, which mentioned Maria as an alleged underage rape victim of both men, have lit a raging fire under what has been a very cold case.

    As one curiosity, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was the lone "no" vote in the U.S. House of Representatives Dec. 19, 2017 on an anti-human trafficking bill that had unanimously passed the Senate in September 2017.

    Gaetz is pictured at left in a 2008 Driving Under the Influence arrest mugshot. He is shown at right in his official photo as member of Congress representing the Walton Beach region in his state's far west Panhandle,

    Gaetz has emerged as the chief congressional critic of Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller (shown at right), who has been alerted to the Katie Johnson-Maria story by anti-trafficking activists.

    To reward Gaetz, Trump has invited the first-term congressman to accompany him on Air Force One to Florida this coming weekend.

  12. From Wayne Madsen Report;

    In 1999, Virginia Roberts was a 15-year old "towel girl" at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida in 1999 when she was approached by a representative of Trump's billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein to become a virtual sex slave for Epstein. Roberts, who now has the married name of Giuffre and is now in her 30s, is suing Epstein's representative, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late publisher and Mossad operative Robert Maxwell, in the U.S. Court in Manhattan. The suit, originally filed on September 21, 2015, alleges that Maxwell’s defamatory statements against Giuffre, a victim of sexual trafficking and abuse while a minor child, had the intent of discrediting and further damaging Giuffre worldwide. Giuffre is now a resident of Colorado.

    U.S. Judge Robert Sweet is scheduled to hear the case on May 15. Giuffre alleges that Ms. Maxwell trained her to give sexual massages to Epstein, sometimes on flights between Epstein's residence in Palm Beach, his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Wexler Mansion in Manhattan.

    The sudden cancellation of a pre-trial conference before Judge Sweet scheduled for May 4 has led to speculation that some form of out-of-court settlement is in the works between Giuffre and Epstein.

    Roberts, known as Jane Doe #3 in previous lawsuits against Epstein, is not part of last year's short-circuited lawsuit brought by "Jane Doe," who is actually Katie Johnson, who alleged that in 1994 Epstein and Trump sexually assaulted her at the age of 13 at Epstein's mansion in Manhattan, which had been given to Epstein by billionaire retailer Les Wexner. That case, originally filed in California and refiled in Manhattan, was dropped just prior to the November 8 election amid reports that Johnson had been physically threatened by Trump supporters. Ms. Roberts Giuffre lived for years in Australia because she also feared retribution. In 2011, the FBI had to send two agents to Sydney to interview the former Mar-a-Lago employee.

    The Johnson case was to have been heard by U.S. Judge Ronnie Abrams in Manhattan. In the Johnson suit, there was corroboration about the assaults from one of Johnson's classmates, identified as "Joan Doe," that the assault took place, along with additional information that a 12-year old girl named "Maria" had been brutally sexually assaulted by Trump and Epstein. Trump allegedly warned Johnson that if she talked to anyone that she would end up missing like Maria and that Johnson's family would be in danger.

    In the Roberts case, the state of Florida agreed to a sweetheart deal with Epstein whereby he served 13-months of an 18-month sentence in a vacant wing of the Palm Beach County Stockade in return for his guilty plea on two state charges of soliciting prostitution and solicitation of prostitution from a minor, in this case 14-year old Jane Doe #1.

  13. Sir it passed the house 388 - 25 with 17 members not voting and in the Senate 97 - 2 with 1 member abstaining, and was signed into law by president Trump. You call yourself a journalist? You can't do basic research.

    Btw Robert Mueller was given basically unlimited investigation authority to investigate Trump his inner circle and had a staff of 18 additional high powered lawyers. If they made no mention of it and didn't persue this obvious farce, then what's the chances there's any truth to it?

  14. Jane Doe #1,Jane Doe #2,Jane Doe #3 you don't really consider yourself a journalist do you? You might as well write for Star magazine about aliens and Elvis sightings. Provide actual proof like eyewitness statements presented in a court of law. An actual eyewitness thats come forward and wants to testify. Your problem is you can't. Your trying to equate slander with fact and hoping your readers won't ask about or notice very obvious deficiencies in your so called "journalism"

    I can accurately sume up your every response with the common and simplistic phrase

    "Dude trust me"

  15. Pseudonyms commonly are used in court cases for a variety of reasons -- where names aren't known at the time of filing, where juveniles are involved. where harassment is considered likely, to protect privacy interests, etc.

    Anyone with a clue about the law should know this has nothing to do with journalism or legitimacy of the legal case. That you resort to such "straw man" argument suggests to me you have nothing useful to contribute to this discussion.

    As for journalism, I've cited the sources of my material -- both in the post and comments. You might not agree with the conclusions of those sources, but I doubt you can attack their professionalism or credentials. I've yet to see a citation to a source from you, so your lectures about journalism are worth maybe a warm cup of spit -- if that.

  16. So you want your readers to just trust you despite not having any legal evidence, no eyewitness statements and the only so called victims are anonymous or mysteriousy disappeared without any indication they ever existed at all. Post a picture of the missing person poster for the so-called Maria.

    You cite partisan websites that can't provide this evidence either. Technically they can reference your article as source the same way you do for their website. You provide absolutely nothing of substance at all. That's not journalism, it's smear and hyperbole and to be honest you're terrible at that too.

    It's funny that you of all people would accuse anyone of using "straw man" arguments. I've stayed on topic while you've went on tangents about Matt Gaetz.

    A warm cup of spit would be a big leap for you. I'm not pretending to be a journalist, you are.

  17. Oh, I get it now. Any news outlet that doesn't fit your Trumpist view of the world, is "partisan" and not worthy of citation. I guess that makes the NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc., "partisan." Wayne Madsen is a former Naval intelligence officer who has written numerous books and broke the Dennis Hastert child-molestation story about nine years before the mainstream prress picked up on it, leading to Hastert's indictment. Andrew Kreig is an author, lecturer, journalist, and lawyer. But hey, they are "partisan" in Trump World.

    As for citing to other news outlets, Associated Press (the No. 1 wire service in the world) builds many of its stories off the original reporting of other news sites (newspapers, magazines, broadcast, etc.) How do I know? It comes from being a professional journalist for more than 30 years. But 'm sorry if I'm not Trumpie enough to suit you. You loons are really easy to figure out. Feel free to go back to your orange shrine. No more soup for you.

  18. The actual WMR (subscription) article link is:

    The passionately interested can pay $7 to subscribe.

  19. If Trump has nothing to hide, why is he trying so hard to keep documents from the January 6 Commission?

  20. There are many more "grown" women that have made complaints about him. These articles are true.

  21. IMO the story about the child rapes and settlements is true. Trump is the Lawsuit King, never shrinking from going to court. Yet he hasn't sued this reporter or publication for defamation re: extremely damaging information. Why not? Discovery, baby. It's the last thing Trump wants if all this is true.