Thursday, June 20, 2019

Missouri GOP lawyer Douglas L. Healy refers to his son as a "bastard child in Poplar Bluff," but he then threatens to take the boy, age 4, from the only parent he's known after failing to pay child support for 3 years

Doug Healy
A prominent Republican lawyer in Missouri, who has a biological son in Butler County, refers to the boy in an email as a "bastard child," and -- despite making no attempt to see the boy (now 4 years old) and paying zero child support for three years -- has threatened to take the child from his mother.

Douglas L. Healy, the proprietor of Healy Law Offices LLC -- which has locations in Springfield and Jefferson City, Missouri, and Little Rock, Arkansas -- even refers to himself as "the unwilling sperm donor . . ., not the dad." Almost in the same breath, Healy threatens to "do whatever it takes to gain sole custody."

In a 2014 email, Healy refers to his "girlfriend and soon to be wife," be we can find no public records that indicate he is married. Did the girlfriend vanish? That's not clear, but she was a major part of Healy's communication with DeAnna Kelley, his son's mother, who refused Healy's request to have an abortion and is raising the child on her own in Poplar Bluff, MO.

What are Healy's feelings toward his own son -- and he has acknowledged in court documents that the child is his? They are somewhat short of loving, downright nasty perhaps. From the 2014 email  (which is embedded at the end of this post):

As terrible as your decision has been, and as uncomfortable as your decision making has made me, I have respected you and your decision and not said anything to you or any third person to date aside from my girlfriend. I wish you would offer me the same courtesy and respect. You seem happy by this pregnancy; it makes me sick at my stomach to think about having a bastard child in Poplar Bluff when I'm finally with the person I was meant to be with. I'm not leaving her for you. Period. If I could change one thing in my life right now, it would be that we never went past texting in July. I really can't imagine anything worse at the moment than what is happening. Your plan on how to handle this is making a bad spot in life much worse. I don't want to be associated with your decision in any manner.

Healy's reference to July appears to mark the time frame when he invited Kelley to his home in Ozark, MO, and they wound up having sex, which produced a pregnancy. Less than one month later, Healy was writing to Kelley about having found his "soon to be wife." He didn't know about his girlfriend in July? Kelley states that she had no idea Healy was involved with a serious girlfriend when he invited her to his home But in August 2014, Healy seemed to be obsessed with this "future spouse," who he neglected to mention one month earlier. From the email:

You seem to be insisting that I have a relationship with both you and the child. I have been very clear that is not going to happen. I have also been clear that I am not starting a family here, and also maintaining one in Poplar Bluff. You have ignored my advice and wishes, and now seemingly want to guilty me into supporting your bad decisions. Your disrespect and disregard for me is harming my relationship with my girlfriend, and soon to be wife. She reads all of your texts, and is convinced that the only reason you are keeping this pregnancy is in a hope of having a relationship with me; she sees you as a selfish person intent on destroying the happiness we have, and in embarrassing me publicly, and as a threat to her. I understand her feelings, and I wish you would consider her in your decisions as well. . . . You told me you would not terminate or put the child up for adoption, and I didn't tell you that I felt that you were foolish for not considering these alternatives; I listened  and respected your decisions. I expected you to do the same when you said you would leave me alone and respect my anonymity and not involve me. I was clear that I wanted nothing to do with being a part-time father when I was preparing to start my own family; a single person should not raise a child, it simply isn't a proper environment.

Healy seems to have no sense of obligation toward his son or the child's mother -- and his decision to skip out on three years of child-support payments appears to reflect that ; he has been making court-ordered child-support payments for roughly the past year:

If you do choose to go down the path you have started, then I'm asking you, for the second time, to never contact me again, and to never mention my name to the child. I'm assuming at this point that you simply wanted a baby. Good for you; I feel no obligation or guilt since that is your decision, and clearly not mine. There is no other rational decision for your decision. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the unwilling sperm donor, but I'm not the dad. There is a big difference. There was no love involved in its conception, just two consenting adults, and that was just a big mistake in and of itself. Why you wouldn't let a couple truly in love raise it is simply beyond my grasp. 

With that, Healy's tone turns ugly, threatening, and vindictive:

If you do continue to seek my involvement, in any manner, either by telling other people that I am the father, through the courts, or through attempts to contact me directly, I will do whatever it takes to gain sole custody. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you never see it again, and me and my wife will raise it without it ever knowing it wasn't ours. It make take a year or two, but I will ultimately get sole custody and have your rights terminated. That would be best for the child, as we would raise it in a traditional home, where it would be loved and would never know what happened. You would not be involved in any manner. I would rather not do this, but I will if you insist on my involvement going forward.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: This Dude doesn't want anything to do with the child, but he's threatening to take sole custody. Makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

Boy, this guy makes men look horrible. What an ass hat.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Healy has a "bastard child," but he wants full custody to threaten and harass the mother? What a class act this guy is.

Anonymous said...

That threatening stuff is ugly and uncalled for. This guy needs a good spanking.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Healy has a "bastard child," who does that make a bastard?

Anonymous said...

God, what a whiny little boy this guy is. He needs to change his name to Doug Whiner.

legalschnauzer said...

Reminds me of the classic Doug and Wendy Whiner sketches on SNL:

Anonymous said...

Classic example of how ugly child-custody cases can get.

ineedthat12 said...

I feel so sorry for that child.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Schnauzer for reporting on this outrageous story. I'm a white male, and an attorney, and I am so angry after reading this news story that I can barely see straight. First, if Healy failed to provide child support for 3 years, why was he not prosecuted in Missouri for criminal nonsupport? Under Missouri law, a parent (legal or merely biological) has a statutory duty to provide child support, and may be criminally prosecuted for failing to provide any child support during any six-month period. Secondly, I (and no doubt many Schnauzer readers) am repulsed by Healy's repeated statements that the woman bearing his child made a "terrible" and "bad" and "foolish" and irrational decision to have the child. Third, it's difficult to imagine more outrageous behavior than a man who fathers a child and then specifically refers to the child as a "bastard". Shame on you, Mr. Healy. Fourth, law-enforcement and legal authorities, including the Missouri Bar's Disciplinary Committee, need to carefully review Mr. Healy's communications with his child's mother in order to determine whether Healy has made improper, extortionate, or criminal threats. Healy threatens to do "whatever it takes to gain sole custody" and also stated that "I will do whatever it takes to make sure you never see it [the child] again." The best spin you can put on these obvious threats is that Healy, acting as a bully-lawyer, is threatening to do whatever it takes, within the legal system, to make sure the mother never sees her child again. However, this interpretation makes little sense, given how unlikely it would be that a court would terminate the mother's parental rights when she's the one protecting the child's life and Healy's the one trying to do everything he can to have the child killed in the mother's womb. At this point, it would be more reasonable to interpret Healy's words literally -- meaning that Healy's threat that he will do "whatever it takes" to prevent the mother from ever again seeing the child also conveys the message that Healy might resort to violence. A reasonable interpretation of Healy's threats leaves the option of violence up in the air . . . where it lurks and never goes away. Tragically, there are many, many stories in which a parent has killed a child or children for the avowed purpose of ensuring that the other parent never sees the child again. And, for revenge. For example, years ago, up in Kansas City, a mother was angry with her ex-husband and wanted to get the ultimate revenge; so, she took their children to a Motel 6 and killed those children, later explaining that she did it to make sure the father never saw his children again. As concerns Mr. Healy, here's what needs to happen now: the mother of Healy's child, or some attorney who has reviewed the emails and evidence in this case, should file a bar complaint with the Missouri Bar Disciplinary Committee on the grounds that Healy may be psychologically unfit to practice law; and, that Healy clearly appears to lack the "moral turpitude" necessary to hold a Missouri law license. Healy does not appear psychologically or morally fit to practice law and, thus, should not be allowed to represent other persons in important legal matters. There is no statute of limitations on bar complaints. A Missouri prosecutor's office should also carefully consider criminal charges against Healy for criminal nonsupport and/or criminal terroristic threat. Finally, we should pray for this mother and child, including a prayer that Mr. Healy redeem and rehabilitate himself from being the heartless, vicious, and self-absorbed person that he has shown himself to be.

Anonymous said...

This part near the end of Healy's screed is my favorite:

"That would be best for the child, as we would raise it in a traditional home, where it would be loved and would never know what happened."

Yep, I've called him a bastard child and said I want nothing to do with him, but by God, I will raise him with love in a traditional home.

e.a.f. said...

He went to school and university and never heard about birth control? if this was a one night stand the idiot ought to have used a condom. omg having sex with a stranger and not using a condom, the guy is an idiot. there is no need to be involved in raising the child. millions of children don't have the father's involved and are wonderful human beings. he just has to pay child support. that is the law. what this idiot objects to is having to pay child support. to avoid it, he is threatening to take away the chid. omg, oh isn't that black mail.

Men who act like that and then do take custody of a child, from time to time beat the child to death, trying to rid it of the sins of the mother lets hope no judge gives this monster custody of the child. this guy is simply a greedy piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Who is the real basturd?

I have a strong opinion!