Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Robert E. Tingle Jr., co-founder of Hoover-based accounting firm, appears at notorious extramarital-affairs Web site

Robert Tingle Jr.
The managing member of an accounting firm in Hoover appears on the Alabama list of paying customers for the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs Web site.

Robert E. Tingle Jr. co-founded the Truitt Tingle Paramore and Argent firm in 1990. The firm's office is on Stadium Trace Parkway in Hoover. Tingle is married to Melanie N. Tingle, and the couple lives in Shelby County. They have two daughters. From Robert Tingle's bio at the firm Web site:

Robby co-founded the firm in 1990. As the managing member, he oversees business and personal tax management for clients. Robby also manages software implementation and instruction. He has deep expertise working with clients in several industries, particularly car dealerships and auto parts suppliers, veterinarians, manufacturing companies, closely-held businesses, and other professional services companies.

Truitt Tingle markets itself as a firm that clients can count on as a "friend":

Our mission is to earn clients for life by offering sound, proactive financial guidance, focusing on solutions that will help you manage and grow your operation. Equally important to us is building lasting relationships with our clients that reach beyond professional ties. We care deeply about you and your success.

Perhaps Mr. Tingle, via his activities on Ashley Madison, has taken that "friendly" notion a bit too far. Here is more about his background:

Robby earned his bachelor of science in business administration from Auburn University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants. Robby is active in his church, including service on the church finance committee. He is married with two daughters. In his free time, he enjoys travel and golf.

According to her Facebook page, Melanie Tingle has a B.A. in English from UAB and an M.A. in secondary education from the University of Montevallo. and she has taught at Thompson Middle School for 12 years. From her bio at Alabaster City Schools Web site:

Melanie Tingle
I have been married for twenty-eight years to Robby Tingle. I also have two grown daughters and a son-in-law. In addition, I have a quirky, old dog named Nikki. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, and cooking.

We sought comment from Robert Tingle for this post, but he has not responded to our queries.


Article with links to 1-20 in Ashley Madison series

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(22) Craig Lowell, attorney, Wiggins Childs, Birmingham (1/26/17)

(23) Thomas Mancuso, tax attorney, Montgomery, AL (2/16/17)

(24) Nicholas Arciniegas, attorney, Washington, D.C. (2/21/17)

(25) Griffin McGahey, vice president, High Cotton USA, Birmingham (3/16/17)

(26) Matthew Couch, attorney, Cabaniss Johnson, Birmingham (3/23/17)

(27) Dr. Keron Vickers, chiropractor, Birmingham (4/4/17)

(28) D. Paterson Cope, president, wealth management, Birmingham (4/20/17)

(29) Shawn Baker, developer, Blackwater Resources, Birmingham (4/24/17)

(30) David Deusner, attorney/forensics, Control Risks, Birmingham/Washington, D.C. (4/26/17)

(31) David J. Harrison, attorney, Geneva, AL (6/8/17)

(32) Michael Mullis, managing partner, Kelley and Mullis, Birmingham (4/12/17)

(33) David Healy, attorney, Ozark, MO (6/15/17)

(34) Tom Layfield, executive director of ALRBA, Montgonery, AL (6/19/17)

(35) Thomas T. Lamberth Jr., mortgage banker, BBVA Compass, Birmingham (6/20/17)

(36) Ron Ten Berge, exec. partner, Frontenac Private Equity, Chicago/Birmingham (6/28/17)

(37) Andy Schroeder, president, South Central Steel, Harpersville, AL (7/12/17)

(38) Richard Barsness, CEO, Incredible Pizza Co., Springfield, MO. (8/3/17)


Anonymous said...

He didn't want a woman for an affair. He just wanted to check their books.

Anonymous said...

Give this poor guy a break. Accounting firms are so rife with boredom that he deserves some titillation.

Anonymous said...

Another Alabama account. When - if ever - are you going to move on to other states? Which ones?

legalschnauzer said...

@3:56 --

I've written about several accounts from Missouri. You can scroll to the bottom of this post and see all the posts I've done. They are from Alabama and Missouri, the two states where I have lived and followed the corporate and professional worlds.

Anonymous said...

Why leave Alabama? We're having so much outing these fine conservative Christian businessmen. Go get 'em, Schnauzer. Grrrrr!!

Anonymous said...

Alas, he was looking for that special "tingle".

Anonymous said...

I have a genuine question, not meant as a shill for AM.

When does this reporting stop? As a journalistic matter, when does a news story lose its newsworthiness? These stories all seem very repetitive: wealthy guy with a big-time job fucks up by paying for Ashley Madison. I would be interested in why you think this is a story still, more than two years after the hack. It's not like this dude is newsworthy, and the more general point about managerial people being on the list has been really made. After 40 posts, we get it -- why keep going?

Again, I don't mean to be the AM apologist here. I don't have a problem with the reporting, other than it seems to be a stale story by now.

legalschnauzer said...

@4:09 --

Yes, you've asked a genuine question, and I will give a genuine answer. This story, in my view, is the opposite of stale. It touches on all kinds of issues re: technology, corporate and professional worlds, family life, management, class, race, religion, trust, power . . . the list goes on.

I define a stale story as one that has been covered by the press to the maximum degree, from all angles, to where there is nothing left to add. Here, the overall press has ignored the angle of the story that I cover -- and it's the most important angle in my view. I don't know when the reporting will end, but I have no plans to discontinue it any time soon. If you knew the scope of these files and the prominent people who are on them, you would see that I've barely scratched the surface.

Another angle to this story is the sheer volume of people who got sucked into this. A mere 40 posts doesn't begin to illustrate the vastness of this story.

Anonymous said...

LS, have the Ashley Madison bots come out of the closet yet to bitch and moan about this post?

legalschnauzer said...

@5:00 --

Oh, yeah, at least one of them appeared roughly 1 hour after the post went up. It's almost like someone has a job at AM, or a paid assignment from AM, to keep track of Legal Schnauzer and then try to spread disinformation about our work. That, apparently, is how much our reporting gets up their collective ass. And if that's what they are doing, they are going to have to pay someone a lot -- for a long time -- because I'm not going away, and neither is this story.

All of that is why the commenter can't provide his or her identification, location, and affiliation -- although I know, in general, the location. The evidence suggests we are dealing with paid shills -- or automated bots (or both) -- and that provides more signs that Ashley Madison is a truly corrupt and pathetic organization.

Anonymous said...

So you aren't going to run comments from the whiners? Wish you would. I must admit I get a kick out of them, a guilty pleasure.

legalschnauzer said...

@5:14 --

I appreciate the request, and I get a perverse kick out of their whining, too. But I don't plan to run this garbage they are sending. They can't critique my reporting, so they resort to insults and foul language -- much as a fifth grader might. I've given them more of a platform than they deserve, but I don't want to litter my blog with their garbage.

They are throwing out all kinds of "facts" that I can't verify because they hide behind the shield of anonymity in order to disguise the fact they are paid shills. I'm not in the business of promulgating disinformation campaigns. We are one of the top-rated law blogs in North America because we deal in accurate reporting and lucid analysis.

The comments they send are the rhetorical version of spitballs. They need to start their own blogs and fill it up with that junk. Of course, their audience probably would amount to three cockroaches in Toronto. No one is interested in what they say or do, so that's why they try to hitch a ride on my audience. Not happening anymore. My readers deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr. Tingle was looking for some assets that were outstanding.

Anonymous said...

The comment by @3:56 translates as, "Oh, crap, I'm on the Alabama list and want to make sure LS moves on to other states as quickly as possible!" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the longtime mayor used this firm?

Anonymous said...


have you ever considered that you have some people posting on certain types of posts to 'lure' you into thinking which posts are more popular?

for instance with some few exceptions i notice your posts about your family dont create much discussion (post of your nephew is an exception) while posts about garrison, sessions, a.m., pryor, .... generate a whole lot of comments.

is it possible your family is commenting on these articles to keep your attention elsewhere and turned away from them?

along those same lines.....what were you working on back when they have to tried to have you stuffed away with the state? were you close to exposing something? your article about their finances while seeking public funds hits a little close to home for me and some situations we had with my sister-n-law.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps in his bio, he needs to change:

"In his free time, he enjoys travel and golf."

In his free time, he enjoys travel, golf, and lurking around AM.

Phenix City, AL

Anonymous said...

"If you knew the scope of these files" - what does that mean? Your posts are pretty plain-vanilla, narrow scope.

I'm on the East coast. You ever going to move beyond Missouri and Alabama? I can only imagine this data would be a gold mine for reporting in DC and Northern Virginia if you get what I'm saying.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:53 --

By scope, I mean the number of people who signed up for AM. Plus, you have the account data for each person, plus the background information about work, family, etc. -- and that comes from sources other than AM.

I don't remember the exact numbers, but just Alabama and Missouri probably involve 5,000 to 8,000 people. And I'm told states like Florida and Texas and California involve huge numbers. I've written 40 posts out of several thousand possibilities, so I've only begun on Alabama and Missouri.

I'm not opposed to looking at other states, but I probably would have to hire help. You wouldn't believe the amount of work that goes into each of those "plain vanilla" posts. Those things don't just jump on the page. Each word requires digging, it all starts from scratch.

That's a big reason the mainstream press hasn't touched this subject -- it's a lot of work, more than they care to do.

legalschnauzer said...

@8:22 --

You raise several interesting questions. It certainly is possible that some people comment, with the goal of turning me away from, or toward, a certain subject. Not sure how effective that would be. I don't make posting decisions based on the number of comments I think a post will generate. But that doesn't keep someone from thinking my decision-making is influenced by number of comments. It's obvious someone persistently is trying to keep me away from the Ashley Madison subject.

As for my family and a one-time "friend," I know they were adamantly opposed to me continuing the blog here in Missouri. I also know that my mother -- when we were discussing the blog -- said, "Oh, Roger, you shouldn't have named names." That tells me she knows why Carol and I have been abused in Alabama, and she knows (at least in general) who is behind it. I suspect others in or around my family know specifics about who is behind it, which means they are partaking in a civil conspiracy, which might be a criminal conspiracy. This all points to connections between Alabama and Missouri, and they probably go through my own family, which (unfortunately) includes a lawyer.

When they tried to have me stuffed away, I was working on a lot of things. But a big thing was the Robert Bentley "Luv Guv" story, which I broke about that time. You can go back to fall 2015 and see how my reporting on that dovetailed with my brothers' attempts to have Carol and me declared wards of the state.

Also, I'm pretty sure the Jessica Garrison lawsuit against me, which involved Luther Strange, was hitting high gear about that time. I would have to check the exact time frame, but I know the Garrison case -- where she and Strange benefited from my incarceration and the wrongful foreclosure on our house, forcing us out of Alabama -- is an extremely big factor in the abuse we've experienced. Keep this in mind: The Garrison/Strange tentacles stretch to Jeff Sessions, Bill Pryor, Bob and Rob Riley, Karl Rove -- all sorts of unsavory characters.

e.a.f. said...

Another public service announcement brought to you by L.S. Now Tingle's clients will know he lacks good judgement and his sexual partners will know that also. Some may even want to get checked by their doctor.

Anonymous said...

"7:11" here from the other night (I think I'll make that my new nickname on here)...

Referencing @8:22's comment: It's funny... always a psychological cat-and-mouse game with some of these "geniuses" who comment on these stories. To steal a line from a Star Trek Voyager episode: "Do they know... that you know... that they know? It's the best kind of puzzle." ;-)

Also, it's nice to see e.a.f. back in action! Carry on, LS!

Anonymous said...

Have no issue with the reporting, but why her pic on the post thumbnail instead of his? He was the client.

legalschnauzer said...

@10:42 --

Are you talking about the post itself? It has his pic at the top, front and center. You might be talking about the Facebook thumbnail. For some reason, Facebook slipped her photo in there, and I'm not aware of any way to change that. I wanted his pic there, but if your post has more than 1 pic, Facebook will arbitrarily pick one, and I don't know that it can be changed. If anyone knows how to pick the photo you want on a Facebook thumbnail, please let me know. At one time, I was able to do that, but it no longer seems to work or I haven't figured out the new technique.

Anonymous said...

Yep. My inquiry was to the Facebook thumbnail where her pic was displayed instead of his.